Friday, December 08, 2006


For seema...the young talent with hopes

hope… immortal, perpetual you say
blue skies, erasing your loneliness away
new avenues alluring, conjuring, seducing you to sway

beware the stubborn clouds,
beware them hopes, hidden shrouds

the 'lil' magic that leads you with a colourful spray
your fallen soul may never get enough time to pray
beware…before they turn your happiness ashtray


Jay said...

Perpetual hope would be nice. Very nice. But is it possible?

Mindinside said...

Beatifuly fluent lovely lines here.
Thanks and Good Luck to Seema

Seema said...

Waww...awesome...I take a bow !!!!

Thanks and this is something I will really cherish...

Yeah an i still strongly believe in is immortal n perpetual(its only sometime that we go off it..but we always get back to the hope factor..human beings after all!)...u truly got me Jac...

N yeah happiness can turn ashtray once..twice but never always...there's a silver lining there...its ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!

Many thanks for thinking of me at your dedication !

Take care...

jac said...


Every one has a different outlook on hope. Mine is here in black and white.

Many people confuse it with dreams which altogether are a very different matter.
I believe that perpetual or otherwise, hope is a mirage that misleads. Quote 'me'only.LOL

But by musing loud or expressing it as a comment, I do not intend to hurt or discourage any.

Welcome back and thanks, jay!

jac said...


Aren't you being modest ?

It is one of my weaknessess...I am easily flattered, in fact I like it.


Mindinside said...

Not being modest
i say my mind

jac said...


Now ! You too being modest ?

You have a noble heart that cheered me so many times in this blog. I do enjoy your poems too.

Well ! I wonder if you are meaning about hopes or dreams...not very easily identifiable.
But I do agree that you made your point and envy your optimism and spirit.

I know that my poems are old fashioned and lacks finesse of modernity, but there again, I too made my point in my own humble way.

Once again all the best and more and more poems from you.

jac said...


When you say mind it means your mind.
What about your mind`inside ?

Thanks for clarifying.

Seema said...

Hey Jac absolutely no modesty on this one...its a sincere naturally have a lovely flow in yr words (iam a hardcore scorpio for that matter..always sincere opinions..good or bad its just what i feel) that was a compliment!

Well, dreams and you said, there is a thin line..but yes both of these come to us...all we need to do is work towards making them happen..and its but natural to encounter failures sometimes, but for me Ive always looked at failures as a step stones to getting better the next time around....

Jac - well each one has their own style and i believe it is unique...nothing lacks finnese or modernity...its simply unique and that makes each one SPECIAL !

Always need your wishes and yeah is the optimism in u getting better;)

samuru999 said...

Beautiful Jac!
Love it!

I have a lighthearted one...


My hope springs up
in spite of blows
higher after every

Down the road of
life it goes
bounding like
a rubber


samuru999 said...

I shall visit Seema later!
I'm off to work!


jac said...


Points noted


jac said...

uphill steep
as it
roll !

downhill sloped
lone, can you
stop a
ball ?

starry nights said...

Lovely lines Jac.sometimes hope is all one has.

Anonymous said...


lovely words..

jac said...


I have to agree, but it is a make believe.


jac said...



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

beautiful photo and words! thank you so much for visiting my blog -- now I see more great work to read. :) I'm going to add you to my links so I won't forget to come back!

Anonymous said...

clouds are lovely :)

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.
So pleased with your visit and I have added you too.

I would be returning to read more from your blog soon.

Thanks again

jac said...


True, and it is so beautiful like a herd of white and grey sheep

GEL said...

Waves hello ~~~~ I found you! :)(Saw your comments on Andrew's blog and margie's)
I moved my blog and accidentally lost much material like my linklist.

This is musical and uplifting.
It's so nice to be visiting you again.
(I can't remember if you knew me as SilvermOOn or gel or both, but I'm only using gel now; it became too confusing for both names.)

samuru999 said...

Hi jac
Hope your day has been wonderful!
I love this music!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment...nice flower and poem! ;;)

jac said...


Of course, I remember you well... lost touch for a while.
I know you in all your names.LOL
Nice to see you here again.

Will be around your blog soon.


jac said...


Nice to see you again.

You like the music ?? It is Lyra.


jac said...


Thanks for the comment. Come again.

meetu said...

hello jac. no wonders u keep brightening up ppl's moments which they wd always cherish.

seema u r really fortunate if jac gets down to pen for someone. wish u luck .loads of it.

jac said...


You are like a supersonic jet.
Comes in breaking the sound barrier, shower me with flattery and gone with the wind, till your next entry with a bang.

But the fact remains that the deafening entry of yours, I like so much...and I wait for it.

Sad, that I don't have you here much.

Thanks for the sweet words.

Keshi said...

yeah Seema's poems r divine!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jac..
Long time, since I dropped in.. Have been sort of drowning in work..
Read all your posts.. Thanks for introducing me to Seema`s poems..
Jac, I read blogs through google reader.. it`s easier for me that way.. Would you mind exporting feeds for your blog.?

With Best Regards,

Seema said...

Jac...Feeling really priveleged and wanted to convey mah heartfelt thanx to one and all who spent their time on the clouds...
Jac am indeed delighted !

jac said...


meaning, that mine are not ?? LOL

Doesn't matter, as long as that I see that symbol, your unique lotus flower here.

Thanks on her behalf.

jac said...


Thanks for the visit.

Check out your mail.

jac said...


It is my turn to be modust now

Anonymous said...

Lovely beautiful lines !!!

Hope is so different for different people.

All the Best to Seema. And to you too !!

jac said...


It is true that hope is different from people to people.

Thanks for that wishes.

hellbunny said...

I know there are things i wish with all my heart i could have.But even though i know i will never have it doesnt stop me hoping and dreaming that io could be wrong

jac said...

I wish you all the best. LOL

After all, it is free .