Thursday, December 14, 2006

Finale...animal brain (Part 2)

For a few days after hearing the news of the break out, the cheetahs were in my mind and then came my vacation again, and I was gone for a month.
I have received my orders to look after the Training programmes for a new batch of trainees and I had to stay in Khartoum for another 4 weeks and I was gone again for my vacation… along went all the thoughts of those cheetahs.
I returned to my field location only in November, that is, last month.
Again I was busy with the new trainees and another batch of existing trainees.

I saw that my official mail box is almost full and I had no time to empty the stuff for the next two weeks. But when the mail box started giving alert warning about no more mails, I decided to sit and sort out the mail and delete some of them or to send it to public achieve.
It was a hell of a job as I have no time to check the contents of the letter except the senders name to guess if it was important. I was half way doing the deleting when I saw an unfamiliar name Jon Kingly.
I don’t know any Jon kingly, so I was about to send it to the bin when it suddenly occurred to me that the name of the care taker of the unity garden and recreation facilities. I checked the sender location.
Bam!!! The mail was from unity
I stopped my cursor before I clicked delete. He had no special relation with me warranting a mail to me. I checked the date and found that it is 16 days old and I also saw another mail too from him, which was 10 days old .So I clicked open the second mail:

I am not sure if you will receive this mail as this is second mail that I am sending you
I tried to phone you many times and it kept on ringing. I knew that you were in Khartoum for some time and came to know that you will be in the field soon.
Please contact ASAP

I checked his official telephone number from the company directory. Now it was my turn to wait for his mercy.
No answer.
Again I tried and no one picked the receiver
I got him on the phone finally in the evening.
I was busy to the neck, so I was crisp.
“Jon ! what is this ASAP ?”
“Hi jac, you becoming crazy with work ?”
“Yes Jon, sort of busy. Tell me if I can be of any help to you”
He started laughing first, then stopped to tell me
“I want to show you something jac.”
“Can u tell me what it is?”
“No” He cut the phone.
I was angry. I am angry when some one closes the phone with out a bye. I was restless and I had no time to play games with him, so I called him again
“Jon, come on, man ! You can tell me what it is ? “
his curt answer.
“Is it very important …can you hold it for two days “

“For me it is not very important but for you…as far I know, is more important than your dear life” he was slow in answering but he was chuckling.

I was perplexed and prayed to God to give me strength not to get angry with the old man.
Well, instead of getting angry. I was relieved as he cut the phone again

I called Ali, my favorite driver and gave my key for the Toyota pick up, for checking it up so that I can leave early morning itself.
I was restless through out the evening, not knowing what it could be that he wants to show me. I didn’t sleep well.
I was ready only at 9 AM, after the morning meeting and roaster duties, sending drivers on different training locations with the trainees. I checked my bag for the usual things, by driving license, camera and two large bottles of water that I always carry for the shepherd boys.

The sun was already up and hot when I started. I tried to focus my attention on driving on the treacherous road, rather than on Jon.
It took me one and half hours of steady driving through the partly wooded road, stopping twice for taking pictures of white storks with scissor shaped beaks, locally called as 'lak-lak’ due to the ‘lak-lak’ sound it makes with their beaks while swimming in the pools

I went direct to the estate office where Jon has his office.
He was talking with some one on the phone when I knocked and entered. He dropped the phone and got up to greet me with a hearty smile. He seemed to ignore my annoyed face and shook hands beaming from ear to ear.
“Do you plan to leave immediately jac ?” His smile started to irritate me.
I controlled my anger with a long breath, counted seven and exhaled, now I smiled at Jon and found those twinkles of excitement in his eyes.

“Jac ! I know that you are trying to control your anger at me. I am going to show you something that will make you smile.” I was not impressed.
He took my hand and we exited through the back door of his office which is shortcut to the park. My shoulder was paining with weight of the bag and its contents.

Suddenly the thought stuck me !!
He knows my love to animals and birds; his smile was still wide and mischievous.
He must have some thing there in the park or in the cage… he must have got something in my absence.
A wounded antelope ??
An injured monkey ?
Nearer to the cage in the park, my nose sensed it...there was slight stench of a zoo.
But I never expected this.

I was spellbound ! !
I was overwhelmed with joy ! !
I could see Jon laughing with his eyes !!

Two cute babies who screeched when ever I came near the cage.
The Mama looked only once at me and then totally ignored me.

I took John’s hand and looked at his eyes. He was laughing all over.
“Jac, you happy now ?” he was about to dance with me, African style.
I just stood looking at them with awe.
Seeing my questioning eyes, Jon lead me to the cement chairs in the shade and explained.

“Its is the same one, jac” he said
I was astonished and I started looking in the cage again for the male.
“He is not there, buddy. He decided to stay out but he is around”
And he continued the rest of the tale.

Almost two months after the escape, they lost hope of their return. So the cage was cleaned and the topsoil was replaced and it was abandoned for good but no one cared to lock it.
Just after a series of rains, one fine morning, the gardener who opens the gate of the park saw a moment in the cage and looked.
The female cheetah was peacefully sleeping inside the cage and the male cheetah was lazing out side the cage.
When the he saw the gardener, he got up slowly, looked once at the sleeping one and walked off to the woods beyond.
She was pregnent with a large abdomen now and was nearer to deliver.

On the fifth day morning the they were born.
Two cuties, a male and a female.

He comes once in while at dusk and watch from far but never intends to come near the cage.
The cage now is never locked.
Every one knows that when the kitties are ready, all three will join him in the woods beyond.

Now tell me if they have brains ????

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starry nights said...

This is such a beautiful finale to the story.Those cubs look so cute and cuddly.Animals certainly have brains.I was excited like this when the bob cats had their babies in my back the pics you have more stories to tell?

jac said...


I have a story a day...full of adventure, love, happiness and tears.

As I mentioned here many times, if God allows me to ask just a blessing, I will just ask the power to stop the time.

I just need the time.

samuru999 said...

Hi Jac
Your finale to the story...
Made my day!

Thank you!


samuru999 said...

I forget to ask you...
How big was the smile on your face
when Jon said...
Jac, are you happy now?


Keshi said...

HEVIA is it? WOW ty.

What a great story Jac!

U know wut my fav animal is? Deer :)


Anonymous said...

oh chooo chweeet!! and cuute.

wish i cud hold them.

Anonymous said...

hugs to u too jac, for these pics. :)

jac said...


Thanks Margie !

My smile ??
As big as an African elephant and as beautiful as a African chimpanzee's.

...and I wanted to kiss him.LOL

Anonymous said...

i always love your pictures of wildlife; afican in particular.

jac said...

Thanks for the compliment.

I know that you will like Hevia, a mystic... sort of earthen sounds.
He delights me some times, when I happen to relax with a headphone turned at low volume.

Your music also always is lively.

jac said...


You can hold them, they were afraid initally but later felt like kittens.

Actually I was afraid of the Mom.

Thanks and hugs to you too


jac said...


But you are not here to see, when ever I post it.

I have many that I have never posted.


Monica said...

Mr. Jac! I want to say in my own way Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hannukkah and Happy Holidays! I'm sure I've missed one or two but hopefully I got mine and yours in that mix. :)

I left you a special Christmas wish on my post. :)

Take care of you.

Michelle said...

What an incredible story!

I am struck most by the mother's love for her children. Any mother would understand the willingness to trade a bit of freedom for the safety of her children.

Thank you.

jac said...


I just had been there. You probably have seen my comment.

Well, I didn't complain about the misses. LOL

It seems to be true about the mix, but the difference only in the mix ratio :))


jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

True I can undersatnd that statement, as moms are moms anywhere.

Thanks for the visit.

Mindinside said...

What an interesting real story and how cute the babies are.
Yes it seems animals have brains of their own even sometimes very smarter than us :)

Be safe and smile wherever you are and

MerrY Christmas >:D<

Dotm said...

I have been waiting to see if my feelings were correct. I had the feeling that when they returned, the story would end with the birth of a little one, but two!!!, I never thought of that. Such cute faces. Seems we always want to pick the little ones up and hug them- even when it is a wild animal.

jac said...


Aren't they cute ?

You liked the story ? Yes, they are smarter and straighter than us.
Thanks and...

Cherrys Merry Christmas to you too !!

jac said...


You guessed it right.

Yes, they are cute and I am off to visit them today.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! They are so ADORABLLLLE!! All I wana do is take them into my arms and smother them with kisses!!! :))))

But it does feel sad that they had to find shelter in a cage.. :(((


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Really interesting story! Your photos have made them even better.

Anonymous said...

such a nice thing to hear & a lovely part two to your story :)

Anonymous said...

Jac!!!!!!! I love this story! Oh, it's so wonderful. You must have been so happy when you saw them. My eyes all filled up with tears as I was reading.

jac said...


hmmmmmm.You like them so much ? LOL

But the cage is open and the mom in her knows when in it is time to go. It is about a temporary safety.

This is summer time and grass is dry. She knows that the shepherds will light it suddenly.
A Mom's brain works that way.

jac said...


Thanks for the compliment.

jac said...


You made my day with that comment.

jac said...


Delighted !!

lime said...

thanks for stopping by my place earlier. you are certainly welcome any time. i just read this two part story and it's quite amazing. what magnificent creatures!

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul. Pleased to hear that you like it.

They are graceful and elegant. My camera is not good enough to justify their looks.

Thanks for coming. Trust that you come again.

Seema said...

Waw...i simply loved this homecoming with LOVE !!! the cute lill babies...well all i could see in this is LOVE EXISTS...even animals feel it! Its a great emotion !

PS - Really late here since I was travelling...But nonetheless never missed it..

The photographs just tempt...the two little ones are simply adorable...thanx for sharing this beautiful piece JAC !
MUsic - awesome bit !

Chaotic Serenity said...

What beautiful creatures! I loved this story!

Anonymous said...

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