Thursday, March 29, 2007


The phone rang a number of times and I did not take it.
It was Tuesday and it was reports day. All reports should be sent to head office before the meeting time on Wednesday morning.

Meetings are about people discussing about something they don’t know. Some of them never visited us. But they know everything because my reports in figures and percentages are on their table. They are well prepared to present as if all work is done by them.
I don’t mind it or else I won’t be working here. I get my salary and a laugh too because if there is any doubt in the figures, they come running for my help.

So you see, I allowed the phone to ring for a few minutes and it stopped.
Now I smiled. Somebody got tired of calling me.

The phone started to ring again; I allowed it to ring twice and I took it this time and listened, to get an idea of the caller
I kept silent so that I can hear from the other end.

"Hello", An elderly voice. Suddenly I knew who it is. Abed, the old man from the far away station. I call him the weather man.
I felt a tinge of guilt seeping in me. I knew that he was about to retire in a few months as his extension is about to expire.

"Hi Abed" I replied

"hi teacher, you hiding ? Why cant to pick up the phone, he is the only one who refuse to accept that I am a trainer and calls me a teacher"
He always says that it is all same to him. It is theoritically right too.

I explained to Abed the reason for not taking the phone telling him about the reports and he was not fully convinced.
"Teacher I called you two or three times the previous s day but none picked up the phone."

"I was in field training, Abed "

"I have something to show you teacher "

"OMG ! "I said aloud.

I thought, not now… with all the reports pending!!

"You want to see something or not" he was aggressive now.
"Or have you lost your love for nature so easily in one year" he quipped.

I can’t let this man feel disappointed, I thought myself.

“When” I asked him

"Tomorrow morning" he said smiling broadly

"Time?" I asked

"You want to see something; you come to Abed at seven " I wanted to wring his neck .

"Hey ! I have the meetings and briefings for the trainees" my appeal.

"Oh ! come on teacher, they don’t die if you don’t brief them for one day"

"Ok Abed" I accepted and I put down the phone

I finished my report and told my trainees to be inside the class room for a special briefing. There was wonder in their eyes about the evening briefing.
I explained that I will not be here in the morning for briefing and assigned their training tasks, a day early.

Late in the evening I wondered what Abed wanted to show me. But I had no clue whatever.

In the morning I checked the pickup to make sure that I will not be stranded in the road.

Abed was ready in the door and he gave me directions to go east, we went through the narrow road in the slush area where only the dry grass was visible.
He told me to turn right from the creek and I saw a lone tree among the dry fields like a statue.
I thought first that the tree was covered with snow.
But that was impossible!!
We don’t have snow ever here.

He told me to stop the pickup five hundred metres away from the tree.
We got out and I still thought that the tree was covered in snow.

Now going closer, I found that it was not snow that was on the tree but hundreds and hundreds of birds in white and a few blacks too. The marshy cranes were roosting in the tree. There was no other tree anywhere near by.
I was mesmerised by the sight …a tree fully covered with marshy African cranes.

I motioned to Abed that I wanted to picture the sight.
He stopped me and told that they may fly away, if I pointed the camera.
He asked me to enjoy the sight and we can go with out taking a picture. I agreed and I watched the sight for about half hour.

I was disappointed that I can’t picture it, and it showed in my face while we were about to return to the car. He looked at my face and abruptly said

"Teacher, do you want to take a pic " I know now that I have won.

"Yes" I said with hope

"Ok try to do it slowly with not giving them any alarm. If they are alarmed most of them will fly away but you will find some of them still there" he advised

I opened the camera case and slowly raised the camera and prayed "Holy Mary Mother of God...
I did not finish the prayer but shockingly I heard the flap flap… up them go…
They got scared and flew away…hundreds of black & white cranes, flying in unison.

But I waited and looked through the few finder and saw that quite a number of them were still sitting there refusing to fly away.

And I clicked this picture.

I am sorry my readers. This is all I can share today.

When I turned to Abed with a big grin, I saw that he was grinning from ear to ear with an “I told you in the beginning” face.
Those of my readers who don't recall Abed and for new readers this is Abed here.
He is unique in all he does.

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Keshi said...

wow what a pic! So it's great u answered the phone ha :)


Rose said...

Aaaaaaaaaah!!!! Totall awe-inspiring!!!!! :)))))

Is Abed the same person who showed you the baby leopards??

And Abed is not the only one who calls you a teacher.. Muallim.. Patti Muallim.. ;D


mathew said...

u got lucky man..someone who is eager to please u.

damn lucky that u picked up the phone!! :-)

sophie said...

oh how sweet Abed...
i m nostalgic about my college n students now

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

very sweet post and picture.

how are you lately? Jac.

alex said...


Lovely picture. :)

You live in an amazing place. :)

Jac said...


Or it would have been a great loss.

Jac said...

Didn't you check the link ? He is the one that predicted rain to me, looking at the birds movement.

That was not leopard silly !
It was cheetahs and the caretaker was Jon Kingly.

kalyanikku chattambitharam koodunnundu !!

Entha vilichathu ? patti saar enno ?

Seema said...

Waww..that was a true heavenly pic of the birds!!!

Jac - Nokku next time (thanx to Abed) when you have such lucky visions, Swargasthaaanaya Pithaave...pinne oru Hail Mary um koodi aayikolu... kannaadachu full paranjhu kazhinatte camera thodaavoluuu...aareyum odikaandu praartichu oru click adichaa mathyyyyy...birds parakillaaa...orappaaa LOL

Jac said...


Yes, it was chance.

ya, am damn lucky too to own a laptop, stolen and smuggled out from Humburg !LOL

Jac said...


ya, sometimes our mind goes nostalgic just by ruminating about the past.

Bygones be bygones…
there is some one here, ardently trying to cheer me. Let me pass the flame to you. Cheer up and smile.

I was forced to take up this position due to my unknown talent, unknown to me of course. But now I know how lucky I am.

Jac said...

After a long gap, you are here.

I was in your blog once or twice to see how you were.

I am fine, ginger ! But a bit busy due to the daily posts.

With my company server creating obstacles in my posting pics and music by introducing new vicious firewalls, I get no time to relax.

Other than that, I am fine.

Jac said...


Thanks, I am amazing creature too :)

magiceye said...


Jac said...


Thanks for the giving me the exquisite trick to keep birds inactivating them from flying.

Eee trick nerathe paranju thannillallo !

Next time nokkam, avasanam mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa(ente pizha! enta pizha! ente valia pizha!) chollendi varumo ?

Orappaano ?

Janice Thomson said...

What a sight that must have been Jac. What beautiful birds with their long sleek necks. What kind of tree is that?

There is a saying: "Take time to smell the roses." How wonderful you took that time.

Anonymous said...

Truly fantastic. More so your passion. Its truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Oops! It's me MoodsAndColors.

Jac said...


Me ??

Jac said...

I have not seen so many birds in a small tree like that. It was a sight my soul will never forget.

They call it the Feeble Oak. It may have another name in English.
It is not a very strong tree so it is used only as firewood.

Next year in the same season, I will find a way to take a picture of all the birds.

Jac said...


That was a lot of compliments. Thanks m&s

You are @ann today ?
Is there a problem for signing in my blog ?

I agree that it is my passion and I love it.

gautami tripathy said...

I posted a comment here before this. Blogger ate it up, I suppose.

Thanks for letting me know about Abed. Great picture.

And I want to know why is the date Nov 29, 2007?

Jac said...

It happened to me too. Blogger seems to have very big appetite for comments.

Did you try Abed's link ?

I don't have any idea why the date was that way, anyway I have corrected.

Thanks for the observation.

Walker said...

A tree filled with life in the midst of nothing.
It lookslike a tree that could only grow in heaven.

Jac said...

What I didn't write here in my post, you have said it in your comment, buddy !

Precisely it looked like heaven to me !


kat said...

Thanks for taking the picture and for sharing it.

Jay said...

THat is a sight I might never have seen in my whole life had I not seen it here.

Jac said...

The pleasure is mine too when I am able to make you see exactly as I saw it here.

Thank you so muuch for letting me know that.

Jac said...


I know that, and that is why I share it with you.

Do I get anything out of it ??

Yes, I a smiling when I read this.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Wow, that photo is amazing!

Seema said...

huhhh Jac athu chodichaaal..enodu paranjattanoe poyathu clikaaan !!! alel paranju vittene the trick before you managed to get them all off !!! Thank God for that one hail Mary that you managed this one for us ! LOL

ayooeee oraapaanu mea maxima culpa chollalsss only swargarsthanaaya pithaave ;)

aaah pinne kurishu varacholu tto avasanam..ini paranju tannila nu venda !

Anonymous said...

That is one of the advantages of taking the job over there; you can view such sights and explore the wild lovely nature that we can't.

Rose said...

Patti Trainer..


Jac said...

Who taught you the trick to make people smile with out inhibitions ?

Thanks for the beautifully demonstrated 'prarthana' narrations.

Nanni !!!
Well...nanni veno panam veno ?
Amen !

Jac said...

I know that very much and that is one of the reasons I keep on refusing offers for a change of job.

I may miss the nature and wilderness elsewhere.


Jac said...


Surprised me too !!

Jac said...



Veinda ketto....marankeri ! thallukolli !

thanne kanan kollatha oru cherukkenekondu kettichu vidum, ketto !!!!

Seema said...

Jac I am flattered actually..

Okies now the answers -
That's something that comes naturally….I was born with ;) I think.. LOL…but I have to teach this one, n that too, Train the Trainer! Amen !
Nanni, Panam onnum venda, all outdated…
There's something that's priceless... a cheer n a smile is all I value…That's all that counts for me !

Mystic Rose said...

very well written!! enjoyed the way the story unfolded..nice to have such an experience..:)

Jac said...

Amen ! todays cheer and smile are yours.

Mathiyo ?

Jac said...


Thank you !

Dot`sThoughts said...

I can sure understand Abed wanting to share such a sight with a good friend. I am glad a lot of the birds stayed so you could get the picture.

Jac said...

Yes he is a very nice friend who likes nature, like I do.

Ya, I had some of them, thank God.

Anali said...

You are awesome Jac! People are always telling you the best things! Didn't this happen before with another photo? The lion or tiger who had a baby?

Jac said...

'cause I not only love creatures, nature and seasons but also people... who ever they are.