Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ma Salama (Good bye)

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Over the mountain mist, I saw, their fleet
flapping their wings apart, I saw, their flight

studding the sky so blue, I saw they flew
the birds with feathers supple & soft, they glide

I stood laughing in awe, a statue but more than alive
to see this beauty, you know, I needn’t pay, a duty

my poems sad, but see, my cheeks rosy in smile
this is for you, who said before, my poems are sad


Anonymous said...

c-o-o-l pic and poem...glad to know you're feeling better...have a safe vacation...take care and hurry back please! hehehe...
umm...i can tell you like celine dion ;))

Anonymous said...

Moods are as temporary as the wind that blows and stays not.

Who says your poems are sad?

What a nice shining smile.. do keep smiling today and tomorrow and always:)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Keshi said...

o no u cant go Jac :*(


Seema said...

Jac...nice to see the rains did good !
The birds...the flight...natural freedom...tingling music n a vacation...all sealed with a smile ....a lovely transformation from yesterday!!!
Wish you lotsa happiness n lovely times...all for a great come back !
Take care n enjoi to the fullest !

Rose said...

Ma Salama, My freind... Till I find you again..



Rose said...

Oh ya.. And dont be away for too long.. Im beginning to get addicted to you..



Walker said...

Got to ask sometimes, do the birds fky away or does the world spin away from them.

Sad no, real yes.

b o o said...

come back soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac
Have a wonderful vacation!

magiceye said...

beautifully versed

Janice Thomson said...

Beautiful Jac...simply beautiful
Have a wonderful shall be missed.

Nan said...

Come back soon my friend.

alex said...


Which birds are these?

Chaotic Serenity said...

Beautiful picture and poem. Take care friend and come back soon.

david santos said...

(Belo trabalho. Parabéns.)
Very good work. Congratulations.
(Teu trabalho é fantanstico.)
You work is fantastic!
Thanks for you work, have a good weekend.

zzz-writer said...

nice pic and oh what a cute poem :)

Anali said...

So beautiful! The picture and poem!

Kai C. said...

simly gorgeous

Jac said...


I am now better, thanks !
My vacation is on.

I see that you are also taking a break probably a vacation. Let me know what is happening during the vacation.

You like that song ? You should.

Jac said...

Yes, I am better now. The temporary mood downwords has stabilized...the wind getting normalised.

Oh come on, I know that some of my poems are sad, but I have already stated that the blog reflects my moods too...or else you may never know what my soul is.

Thank you for the compliments and I will do my best to keep that smile.
Take care you too.
Thanks again for the concern until I am back with more for you.

Jac said...


Thank you, andrew.

Jac said...

Oh no, I have to, keshi.

Jac said...

Thanks for the concern and the efforts to keep me cheered.

My plesure to say thank you, seema.

You too take care and keep writing and I will be reading it.

Mriganayanii said...

Hi Jac,
i'm in kerala - and i think i'm being fed so much that i'm always sleeping :))
but i have one or two stories i plan to post here. Soon. :)

this is a beautiful song - can you tell me which one? It's a woman singing 'goodbye, mother' (just in case you change the song)

Jac said...


You are addicted to me ???
Is that what you tell every one ?

Just another 3 weeks more and I will be with the meantime let me read something in your blog. It is hightime that you write a nice poem.
Won't you ?

Jac said...

I think that the world is spinning away from them.

You have a very valid point there. Thanks for the visit and comment.

Jac said...

Sure... after 28 days. Thanks.

Rose said...

Everyone? Whom do you mean by "everyone"?? ;D

And abt the poem.. Hmmmmm... What do I write abt??

Hey! Wher r u vacationing this time?


Margie said...

Enjoy your vacation jac!
Beautiful poem and picture!
Take care, enjoy each and every moment!


Jac said...

M&C @ ann

I am so glad that you are here to read every post of mine anjali.

Thank you so much.

Jac said...


Thank you so much for being here to read my lines.

Jac said...


That was a lot of flattery about my posts.
I am not a poet or a good photographer. It is just my simple expressions, as I don't intend to hide my moods.

Thank you so much, janice.

Jac said...

Sure... in 28 days.

Thanks and take care of your tummy.

Jac said...

That was a flock of migratory Geese.

Southern Sudan is one of their favorite stop over in Africa.

Jac said...


Thank you for the visit and carry on with your new music lessions.

Will see you in 28 days.
Take care of yourself...I know that you are smiling now.

Jac said...


I now regret that I was not able to grasp your wonderful language though I once had the opportunity.

Thank you my friend, and have a nice week end too

Jac said...


Thank you dear. I remember you now from your comments in my previous posts.

You were misssing for some time. Thank you for remembering me and coming back.

Will visit you after the vacation.

Jac said...


Thank you Cousin.

You are my cousin and my charming guest too.

Jac said...

kai c

Thank you Princess.

Jac said...

Welcome back here during your vacation in kerala as you call it as an eating holiday. LOL

Thank you for finding time to visit me.

The song is by Celine Dion singing "Good bye is the saddest word"

Jac said...


Don't get get nasty at me for that word 'everyone', kalayaneeeee !

Write about anything you feel and let people read it. Let your talent be in black and white.

The venue of my vacation is top secret because I am a very very VIP, you know? LOL

Thanks for the second time.

Jac said...


Thank you margie!
Missed you here

Seeya in 28 days

Jac said...

Came back to say that you write for your 'kalla punialan'


Anonymous said...

Sure it is

Jac said...


Dotm said...

Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Will be looking forward to hearing all about it when you come back.
Hope you meet a lot of interesting people.

Shahrzad said...

hi dear friend,

A nice piece. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Wish you the best.


david santos said...

22 de abril, día de la tierra. Quién no la respeta, no respeta la humanidad.
22 of April, day of the land. Who does not respect it, does not respect the humanity.

22 d'avril, jour de la terre. Qui ne la respecte pas, ne respecte pas l'humanité.
22 نيسان يوم الارض. فمن لا يحترم ومن لا يحترم الانسانيه.
22 von April, Tag des Landes. Wer es nicht respektiert, respektiert nicht die Menschlichkeit
22日,一天的土地. 谁不尊重,不尊重人性. 4月の22、土地の日。
4月の22、土地の日。 それを尊重しないかだれが、人間性を尊重しない。
22 апреля - День земли. Кто не уважает его, не уважать человечество.
22 de Abril, dia da terra, quem não a respeita, não respeita a humanidade
22 της ημέραης Απριλίου, του εδάφους, που δεν το σέβονται, δεν σέβονται το Ανθρωπότητα
David Santos

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Jac, beautiful poem, beautiful picture, beautiful music.
I enjoyed it.

che said...

i like the rosy cheeks part.

Sapna Anu B. George said...

Allow me to weep,cry and laugh
side by side with you,far away,
might find a similar fated soul
with footsteps so typical,
comforts so alike,a good friend.

Shruti said...

First time here, but like to visit again..
Nice expression..
Take care...

b o o said...

back yet? miss u.

zzz-writer said...

so u back?
thanks for remembering me. well i was not 'missing' but off the blog circuit. in a way still am, not too regular with my visits, but keep coming back to few of them -like yours :)
hope you had a good time
so what did you get for me??? :D

mystic rose said...

beautiful images!

ur poems may be sad but they are lovely.

hugs! come back soon.

Monicaatje said...

That was a very beautiful poem Jac.
U r so talented :)

I've been trying to YM u but IDK if it doesn't work or u'r not around or smth...

Hope to ttys!!

Take care!!

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

what a beautiful poem ihear so oo.............. far thanks.visit my blog

starry nights said...

Jac..I cannot see your other blog.I think it is by invitation only, can i ask to be invited.pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

Jay said...

I think the vast majority of poems are sad. They're just built that way.

Rose said...

HEY!!!!!! I dont have access to ur "Other Blog" as well..




alex said...



Anonymous said...

sending smiles and good wishes your way

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

beautiful poem. I especially love the last part.
have a lovely weekend.

Jac said...


When and if I am back :)

In the mean time, you take care.

Jac said...

Welcome to my window.

Thank you for reciprocating my visit and the adrent compliment.

Jac said...

Thank you for the second visit.

Jac said...


That was alot of compliments.
Thank you.

Jac said...


I like it too :))
Thanks for the visit.

Jac said...


your name means dreams and your blog too contains a lot of dreams.

Thank you so much for following me in my silly lines, word by word.

Welcome my friend, to the window to my soul.

If you feel comfortable here and if you dont think think I am silly, do visit here again.

Jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

Thank you for the compliments and visit.

Jac said...

Not yet !

You know I will be there when I am.

Sapna Anu B. George said...

thanks for taking time to read my verses. thanks.

Jac said...

Not yet but soon.

You will have to keep checking what I have for you but I assure you that I will be there.

Jac said...


Not yet.

Thank you for the solidarity.

Jac said...


How can I say thanks to one of my oldest readers. May be a mere thanks is not apt, so here, take by hugs for keeping me in your memory.


Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.
Thank you raghu for the comment.

Jac said...


The other blog is now empty. It is yours if you wana look at an empty blog.

Jac said...


Thank you jay for the comment. I have been trying to tell that all along for some time.

Jac said...

You have no time now to look at my other blog.

Do you still want to ??

Jac said...


If you call it by that name, yes.

Jac said...

Smile is a medicine... and it is contagious if I may quote your words.

Thanks for the smile.

Jac said...


Thank you another time.

Jac said...

I don't know anyother way to read a verse... do you ?

Monicaatje said...

Hugs are welcome anytime!!
Thanx a lot.

And u know, I always keep u in my mind, I'm just darn messy with my time :P

Hugs for u also!!
Hope to be reading u soon ;)

Jac said...

Yes, I do meet many and I even write about some of them here.

Jac said...

Hugs to you too !