Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My trainees pose for snap in front of R T C, Khartoum.

For the last three months I was not involved with field training in my organization.

Instead, I was politely asked to do a special job.
Though a training assignment, it was a partly desk job, organizing training and co-ordination of lectures to a batch of twenty trainees from a different oil company, where their organization doesn’t have any training facility.

Our company has obliged them by sparing me for the group… well ! for a price of course !

Though I didn’t get any monitory benefits out of it, I was allowed to have with supreme facilities for my food and accommodation at Hotel Le Meridian; not that I am very comfortable with it.

As the training progressed, where all of the trainees being Sudanese fresh graduates, I developed a wonderful rapport with each of them. Though it lasted only a month, I know most of their family memebers.

It was actually the Holy month of Ramadan. I was astonished when every day at the time of breaking their fast, they fought each other to give me a grand dinner at their homes.

But all these two months and even during my vacation for almost a month, I was faced with medical problems with one of my legs that developed slight calcium deposit. It was so painful that I had to be under medical care and that deprived me from enjoying a few days in one of the most beautiful hill stations.

After two long months now, I am again at my desk at the field training facility, which I come realize lately, that I missed so very dearly.
I was even practically out of touch with my backyard and the nature around me while I was on my vacation due to my leg being painful.

I am sharing two pictures of my group of trainees at Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

Khartoum is a very old city where you have the famous twin rivers, Blue Nile and White Nile that joins at a place called Omdurman.

Omdurman is historically famous for the great Battle of Omdurman.



Nan said...

Sorry to hear about your leg. I hope that it is all better now.

jac said...


I have two legs. LOL


samuru999 said...

Hi jac
I enjoyed that post!
Always so nice to know more about what goes on in the lives of our blogger friends...very nice picture too!

How very nice that you developed such a
wonderful rapport with all those men.

**It was actually the Holy month of Ramadan.I was astonished when every day at the time of breaking their fast, they fought each other to give me a grand dinner at their homes.**

How touching that is Jac...but, it does not surprise me...

It must have been quite difficult with
the painful it all better now?
I do hope so...and you are able to enjoy your backyard, and all the beauty of nature!

Today, here in Colorado...nature has blessed us with a winter wonderland!
I do love the snow...but, would appreciate it all the more...if I did not have to be out shoveling my
driveway and sidewalk so much!
It is also too cold....Brrrrrr!

Take care my friend!
Hoping life is treating you kindly today!


samuru999 said...

Oh, I forget to tell you that I like the music!
Thanks Jac!


kat said...

Is your leg better now? Has the pain gone? It is a shame it prevented you from getting out and about.

jac said...


I thank you for the concern you have shown.

Yes it is still painful but then I have to tell you that I have one more leg and it has become too friendly to compensate the drawback of the other one.

I was faced with real snow only a number of times. To tell you the truth I don’t like cold much. I even try to find a reason to switch off the A/C in the room in the middle of the night, symptoms of an African tropical animal.

I am surprised that you like the music !!!

Thanks for the lovely comments

jac said...

The pain is not completely gone. I am actually walking with a slight limp.

BTW : If you happen to see a limping man during one of your adventurous voyages who peers at you, it may be me. LOL

Keshi said...

**I was astonished when every day at the time of breaking their fast, they fought each other to give me a grand dinner at their homes.

how humble and generous r these ppl. So nice!

So r u in that pic too?


jac said...


Yes they are so humble and simple.

Me ?

La la la la la la la la la !
Means "no" in Arabic too.

How is the music ?


Barbara said...

I hope your leg is better soon. Thanks for your support over at my blog. I've been getting healthier by the minute. I've posted f to J today.

jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.

I have almost given up my jogging, my treadmill at home is rusting and my walking too is now restricted.

As I have one good leg, it will take care until my lazy leg is normal.

I am sure that your leg will be normal when you complete the Z.


Anonymous said...

What do you train people on?? I wonder.. ;)))

Hey.. Wats happened to your leg? Dont act like an old man!! Go shake a leg and speak to ur flowers.. I am sure you'll feel like the poet that you are..



Anonymous said...

What do you train people on?? I wonder.. ;)))

Hey.. Wats happened to your leg? Dont act like an old man!! Go shake a leg and speak to ur flowers.. I am sure you'll feel like the poet that you are..



jac said...

I do teach Petroleum production
Engineering to fresh Sudanese graduates who are recruited by our company.

In oil field language I am known as a trainer 'as' in dog trainer. LOL

I will be ok as long as I have the other leg intact.

Thanks for the ardent advise.

Neers said...

so true, music has no frontiers! heyyyi had students from khartoum!!! :)

Chaotic Serenity said...

I'm sorry to hear about your leg. I really hope it gets better soon!

Thanks for the links and pictures! I loved looking at them and reading about the area.

jac said...


Long time no see.

Studying what?? There are plenty of them studying in India. Real nice people they are.

Are you able to listen to the music now a days ?

jac said...


I wrote about the legs not to make people concerned about but just as a matter of status.

I am sure that it would better soon. Thanks.

Delighted to know that you liked the links and the pics.

Anonymous said...

Jac..good insight..intersting to hear about the kind of work you do..coz there are not many people who really get to interact so many people..and who get to share the kind off rapport you seem to enjoy with these guys..

neways hope you recover well soon!!!


يكون وقت جيد

Anonymous said...

thanks for the music!

sounds like you have quite a satisfying job which you enjoy! It must be fulfilling...

I love Munich said...

JAC ... so great to know you're back blogging!!! Great post ... very interesting to read!!
How are you? I did leave Germany three days ago ... read my last posts!


Mindinside said...

Thank God you have two legs
Hope you get well soon

Omg..wot a provoking music!

Keshi said...

huh? :)

Music is nice!

Seema said...

Heyyy they music is rockinggg...i played it in the officeee..everyone had a lovely music break...thanks to ya...enjoyed..had nevaaa heard it before !!! too good...

Hope the other leg ...the one that was troubling you is feeling much better now!

You had a good n interesting assignment i must say...teaching fresh graduates is really interactive !

jac said...

Yes, that’s what I do for a living and I love it.

Used to work in the oilfield for production, but the company that I worked at that time, did realize my talent though I was not aware of it myself. In fact I laughed it off and they had to force me to change my attitude. A lot of water has passed and now I don’t regret. I now know that I am graced with a talent.

For me, now… it is not just a profession.

Still you didn’t answer if I can join you for Christmas in Italy.
All the best and thanks.

jac said...

mystic rose
Nice to know that you like the music, in fact It is one of yours.

Yes, I do love my job very much and it pays well too. LOL


jac said...


Oh ! As if, I am the only one that has two legs. LOL

I know that the music is rhythmic and very peppy... but provoking too ??


jac said...


Your music too is.


jac said...


I know that the music is fact the band itself is called that.

It is the Bombay Rockers with Sexy Mama.

Leg situation is same but I expect some improvement by this weekend.

I like my profession and it is really interactive, specially the centre being in the city of Khartoum. In fact many of them are from Khartoum.

Thank you for the visit and the comment

jac said...

i love munich

Welcome to the window.

You are 1 month and 16 days late to know that I am back 8-}
Or did you go away too. LOL

I read you blog before replying here. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jac !

been a while,i say.

I enjoyed the post. Not to mention the song too :)


jac said...


I couldn't believe when your comment popped up and said 'mriganayani'. Almost an year since you left.

Happy :) to have you back and thanks for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

Hey,,, was not able to visit your blog earlier. Yet to go thru the posts besides recent ones. How is your leg now? I can imagine what your other leg would be thinking at that time ;)

Nice music.

Thanks for coming to my both blogs. keep doing that. :)

Humour and last laugh said...

That is interesting for your Asian friends. have you read Paul Theraux books? what you think of them if you have?

jac said...


welcome to you. My leg seems slow to recover, but it will eventually.

Keep coming and I will too.

You like the music ?..... then you wait for more !!


jac said...

humour and lastlaugh

No I haven't read Paul, but I will try to now.


hellbunny said...

I just read about the area on that wilkpedia link you have up.It sounds an interesting place.I like the music you have up also .Makes me feel i should be dancing around in a veil in a harem.

jac said...


OMG ! You dancing around in veil ???