Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here is another tag

I don’t like tags as a matter of fact because I am not a real writer like Mathew who can make us smile with every word he writes or like mindinside who can write a poem about anything under the sky as easily as you breathe.

I dislike them because they tagged me knowing that I don’t enjoy tags.

But then you see… I like them more than I dislike them, because I enjoy what they write.
So here, I am thanking them instead...not with a very happy face .LOL

Remembering the past is a joy for many. The glimpses of scenes of our childhood from the age of five, are some thing all cherish.
To some it brings in sad memories too

It goes a long way back when a baby boy was born at home, as was the custom and privilege of the rich and the powerful; with Doctors present all around him.
His mom refused all attempts to conduct a surgery when it was late, and he was out late for a day and a half.

Yes, that was a story of a hearsay.
What you need is about my childhood in my words.

Let me remember what I miss, what I missed and what I disliked those times.
Writing it by adding numbers or by priority doesn’t seem to work with me. So here it is :

What I miss

The long walks I used to do in the woods, with my mom’s strong hands clasping around my fingers, where as; she sings with her actions, to the river & plants around her.

The time I spend on her lap while she sits in the rocking chair in the verandah with flower shrubs smiling at me.

My grandma who taught me how to milk a cow with bare hands and I was delighted beyond words, when she told me to drink it direct, as it is hygienic with out a touch.

The lone mongoose that seemed to shun company but always promptly arrived at my window to eat the bread crumbs and boiled egg I kept there, and before leaving… shitting all over my window panes. Haha !
But I also killed it accidentally on a fine Sunday morning, while I sat on my chair in the portico…sitting right on top of my dear friend.
I got up in an instant, but it was too late. I couldn’t save him.

The tender mussels my mom used to make everyday when I was small.

My mom’s maid when she was small, and when she was my only companion (though she is alive, I don’t miss her now)

My dear friend Henry (he died in the bush war) who became husband to my mom’s maid.
He taught to me how to kill with bare hands in case I am cornered, taught me how to hunt and how to skin animals with bare hands and who made me an expert with African blow gun. He even taught me how to make one with wild reeds.

I miss, Igasususi mellow, an African fish curry, which is an all time Nigerian fish delicacy, taken along with Gary; the Nigerian national food made from Cassava (tapioca)

What I disliked

The loneliness I had in those times when I was protected against abduction… as I was allowed very very few friends

Though I liked to cry when I feel neglected, as a child, I disliked seeing someone else crying and I continue this as of today.

I hated the way black children were treated …even now.
I hated the colour of my skin when I realized that I am not dark skinned like my Mum.

I dislike the people who treat blacks like a piece of shit, after looting and enjoying their wealth and enslaving them with muscle power.
I felt that they even erased the history of the black people and I still feel this way.

I hated to go back to boarding school after the vacations, seeing my mom’s eyes full.

Is all I want to remember!
Is all I like to remember!


Mindinside said...

I have not read this yet but before I do i'd like to say thank you,
for taking up the tag and for sharing

and for the beautiful flowers

Anonymous said...

what bootiful memories of your mom & grandma. thanks for sharing {{jac}} glad you're back with us :)

jac said...


So you will read and comment ?

My pleasure.

jac said...


Delighted to be here with you.

Mindinside said...

yeah i read and enjoyed and felt the sorrow at the same time.
You have an advanturous, interesting past to share.
I will tag you more again!

Anonymous said...

jac..thanx a lot for takin up the tag..and generous humbled!!

I can sense a very adventurous childhood..somethin straight from the wild and adventurous Africa.. you have blended the intimidating environs you lived through in the tag and cant help but appreciating the rigours you had gone through..

Just like you said it surely makes me disgruntled seeing the way Blacks are still treated in the supposedly non-racial world!!

thanks for sharing the memories!!!

Sarah said...

racism is there in every corner of the world!!! you don't have to be black or brown to see the ugly side of it.. As long as there are humans on earth, so long you will find each trying to look down on the other..
I would like to have the recipe for the fish curry,..

Keshi said...

I miss my gran too :(


jac said...


Not again for God's sake !

jac said...


I have not exaggerated about you. It is my pleasure reading your witty lines and having a smile at your account.

And every one claim that the world is non racial.
Thanks for the solidarity.

jac said...


It is a delight to know that I am not alone in the fight against racism. You are absolutely right in every word you wrote.

"Waiting for a chance to look down on others, hiding their ugly sides" Truly said...

The good old story of the 'Cherthala Manthan' who hides his huge 'Manthu'(elephantiasis) in a dugout-hole in the sand and continues to tease the passing half manthan's

I am trying to get you a recipe.

jac said...


Who doesnot ???


Seema said...

Some memories u can neva forget and one of them are childhood bits that get engrained into our souls..always to remember, they really stay with us! Nice to know yr memories..
Everything apart..racism was always or then..n will always be

jac said...


I do agree.

How sad about this racism !!

Thanks for the solidarity.

zzz-writer said...

your post reminds me of the lines from a a very popular ghazal (a style of singing) by jagjit singh: the poet is missing his childhood while nostalgically remembering the small, seemingly unimportant things which are of great relevance to a child. and he says that "you may take away all my wealth and name, as also my youth; but do give back my chilhood (when i enjoyed the)monsoons and the toy paper boat that i would play with in the rain waters."

Anonymous said...

Very powerful words and memories my cousin. Unfortunately racism is alive and kicking in all corners of the world today. I do believe that most people are good, but I think there will always be a few people who will never release their hate.

samuru999 said...

You did such a wonderful job on this tag!
Touching and also hearbreaking too!
Thank you for sharing these memories!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow! A true window to your soul. I'm sorry that you hate tags, but I'm so glad you went along with this one! You have a beautiful soul.

MoodsAndColors said...

Well, Mom it is Jac. I miss her so much.
I dont know why I am saying this...but these are the first words and some tears that came to me after reading your post.
Haven't been here for a long time. But its always wonderful to read your posts whenever it is.

Anonymous said...

childhood memories, reminded me of my own :) grandparents are always the ones we cherish the most i think and ofcourse, mothers too!

btw, which song is this thats playing? i odnt think ive ever heard it before.

SierraBella said...

Hi Jac, wanted to drop by and say hello.
Interesting memories you've written about, some bad and some good.

jac said...


You are a great admirer of Jagjit alone or you like Chithra too?
It happens that I am very fond of their duets and I am not out of touch.

You are absolutely right that some things, which are looked up on as childhood crazes remain embedded in our minds however old we become. :)

You too remember the fancy of hand made, tiny paper boats that rush out thorough the streams and the joy we get, when we watch the speed coming down suddenly when it reaches a bigger stream ?

jac said...

My cousin!
I agree that most of them are really good and I don’t think that all are racists, but you see it works like terrorism.
People are forced to keep quite due to the serious impact of reacting in public… and those few people, just thrive on it.
Some do it in public and the others hide it under a fine camouflage.

Thanks for the solidarity.

jac said...


That was so nice a comment. I am happy to know that you are kind and good natured to share my memories.


jac said...


I dont really hate tags but I dislike to do it. To bring up things from the memory is a hard job for me and it is time consuming.
To refuse a tag is like offending some one.
But I liked this very much.

Thank you, tiesha.

jac said...


If I knew that my tag would make your eyes wet, I would have refrained from doing it.
I already wrote there, that tears are my weakness. I can't see some one sad.

I missed you here and there too.

Thanks for coming all the way.

jac said...

mustic rose

True, it takes time for us to realise the greatness of them. Grandparents are pearls with maturity.

The song is from the group “M_L_T_R_ Blue night”.
It is not a very latest song, but I like it a lot, because of the lyrics and rhythm.

jac said...


My plesasure to be your guest. Miss your lines and pics there too.

I am always reaching there to say hello.

Come often, will you ?

Anonymous said...


That was straight from your heart... More pure than the milk you drank directly from the cow..



jac said...


Happy that you got my point. Never liked silence :)

Thanks for the comment, delighted !!!

Dotm said...

Your milking the cow brought back memories of how my Husband used to say he wanted a farm with 100 cows to milk. One day while visiting my bros home-he was working late, cow needed milking, s-I-L started out with the pail. I had her give it to my Hubby to do the milking. S-I-L and I never laughed so hard. Hubby tried so hard, couldn`t get a drop. Even after I showed him how, he was so nervous the cow felt his nervousness and wouldn`t release her milk. I ended up milking the cow and he never again wanted his farm with 100 cows to milk. My Dad owned a cow and one time he worked late, bro was peddling papers, Mother kept saying that poor cow, got tired of hearing both my Mother and the bellowing of the cow, so thats when I learned to milk a cow which surprised my Mother.
Enjoyed reading about part of your childhood days. Nothing better than the love of a parent for their child. Holding hands, listening to her sing, precious memories to keep.
I also hate predjudise. So many innoscent people getting hurt over stupidness. What makes one person ,regardless of race or color, think they are ever better than any other person? People should only be judged by their own actions, not by their race, color or religion. You speak of the color of your skin- I worry about those who have one dark colored parent and one white so they look like they simply have a beautiful dark tan. Where do they feel they fit in as they grow up. I worry because some people can be sooo cruel. I love one such little 2 yr old girl and pray that life is kind to her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac,

Everyone loves their own childhood..! Everyone is nostalgic about it. And yet there are certain things unique about every person`s childhood, which is special to them You brought that out wonderfully.. The Black people, in this case. The imprints they have left on your young mind is remarkable.!

Enjoyed reading this..
I tried to read your blog, through google reader, but it looks like you don`t provide feeds. So I finally found your site and came in here, and thankfully due to that could listen to this glorious song as well.

See you around, Jac,

With Best Regards,

jac said...


Such lovely narration from your past dot. I loved every word you wrote here about the milking the cow. Hahaha

Yes, racism exists and the main problem now is that you cant recoganize it easily. It now pours out like a gorilla warfare from unknown locations at unexpected times.

Thanks for the solidarity, dot.

jac said...


Thanks all the way and I hope you will visit again not through a reader, as I will give you more nicer music every time you visit me.

Thanks again.

hellbunny said...

Such beautiful memories you have.

Chaotic Serenity said...

Such beautiful memories and such heartache! You have such an interesting life and I love reading about it. You have such a beautiful soul.

jac said...


You are really serious ????


jac said...


Thanks for that comment.

yes, and you see my soul through the window.

Thank yoou, chao !

Wanderer said...

Quite remarkable,
liked the way you wrote the tag.

reminds me of years bygone,

'tending cows with wouned legs ,
Drinking milk straight from the cows udder
the lill calf that kicked me off the ground ...'

still brings a smile on my face

jac said...


I am smiling for two reasons.

One is the mention of drinking milk straight from the udder from the mama cow, the second for diplomatically omitting a comment from my latest naughty joke. LOL

Thank you buddy for visiting me, after a long break.

Wanderer said...


zzz-writer said...

oh i thought you do not follow hindi..but it turns out that you do :)
memories do exactly what they are meant to- they hang on...
on other note do you wish we were given a choice to be selective about them...remeber all the nice ones and trash the bad ones????