Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fast as a dart

Days and months pass on… so crazy…so fast
with bullet like speed, as it goes on a feast

dreams aren’t swift, so I gave up all dreams
so harsh this life that I just gave up all whims

slow down I cry… Can't you slow down this cart ?
faster and swifter it leaps like a dart
so mean the driver; a devil from the start
heedless, he drives like a butcher at heart


Loveena said...

I actually got here first!?

Anyways, here's the message I'm leaving all my blogger friends with,

I've not stopped blogging. But am making my blog private. Am including only the friends I've made so far in my new blog. Which will be in Blogger Beta and word press. Well, for the momment you will find me here:

Left you all a beautiful song for the momment :)

You will love it, Jac. See you. Send me your gmail id please, to add you in my blog.

jac said...

I dunno what to say.
Been listening the song. I just ask you to take care.

Thank you for considering me as your friend.

Anonymous said...

life cant be that harsh, can it jac?

the painting was by renoir..a french painter..impressionist sone of my favorite paintings..a portrait of two sisters..

jac said...

Some ones coffee may not be my coffee... but yes, it is too harsh.

That was lovely painting. Now as I know who has done it, I need to to have a second look at it. Thanks for the information.

Do you paint ?

Mindinside said...

You can grab a piece of sky
but before you try
You gotta love someone

samuru999 said...

Hi Jac
I love this song!
And...your comment on my post was so very really touched my heart!
Thank you Jac!
May life be kind to you....always!


Anonymous said...

no, i dont paint other than childish splashes :)

Anonymous said...

Sent you the invite - You should've got it by now - Simply accept. Since you alreay are in blogger I dont think you need a gmail id :)

jac said...

Grabbing a piece of sky is a myth, as the sky itself as we see, is an optical illusion generated by reflections of light on water particles.

Yes, I can always try…

With my extreme sensitive nature, I don't think any one would dare to make a pass at me. LOL

Thanks for the advice

Anonymous said...

nice song, thanks jac :)

Keshi said...


oh and I love BLUE NIGHT!


meetu said...

no jac its the same . but u cn have another one

Seema said...

"Sing, as if no one can hear you. Dance, as if no one is watching. Love, as though you have never been hurt. Live, as though heaven is on earth."...can this serve as a lill inspiration..n yeah its worth a try n all the is beautiful..try n share those touf moments !
This music is awesome...for me it is mesmerising ! loved it

jac said...


Yes, the song seeems good but it is not the best. I am happy that you like it.

What I wrote in your comment made sense, is it not ?


jac said...

mystic rose

Some of the best paintings of the world's best artists were not intended to be masterpieces.
But eventually they became...


jac said...


Yes I have done my part. But they wont allow me to comment with out an account. So I had to sign in.


jac said...


It is all yours.

jac said...



more to come...

jac said...


Thanks. Check your mail.

jac said...


sure it is worth a try but some one offered me a piece of sky, and if I let the sky go, you know what happens ??? one will be able to write a poem about sky.

That advice was so soothing, seema !

Thanks for that.

You like that music ? ;)

Seema said...

Well Jac here's wot i feel abt the sky...
Thru this slow walk,
Like a spiritual light that leads from within,
There must be a different sky of love n inspiration in store,
Blue n azuring sky, where lonliness begins to drift…
Newer avenues when a heart finds its soul !

N Yeah i LOVED this music...i am a great fan of good is something that neva fails me!

Anonymous said...

Ah, U R the Dummy1 :) LOL, funny name to come up with!!! Hmmm... catch u later :)

adi said...

i must be going bonkers!!!

jac said...


sista! Are you talking about dreams ? I said there, that I gave up dreams.

Loved those words of imagination which I clearly understand !!

You will more nicer music, check it out.

jac said...




jac said...


sirf karvatein badalti hai raat bhar
usse neend aati hi kahan hai

hai na ?

hellbunny said...

Sometimes i think Jac you need to be bold and try and grab what you want in life.True you may not get itBut if you have a dream you should keep trying to fulfill it.

jac said...


That was one of the best advices...let me keep thinking on that line.

But, no dreams please… I gave it up.

Thanks for that lovely advice june.

Bougie Black Boy said...

very nice website. glad I came across it.

Dotm said...

Dreams are good when they hold what you wish to accomplish in life, for without dreams you might never look ahead and ever even try to accomplish anything in your life. But, I never use dreams when looking for happiness in love as Dreams aren`t enough to bring smiles and enjoyment, that requires more than Dreams, it requires another person to help fullfill it. Dreams alone can leave one feeling empty inside, no feeling those strong arms hugging, those strong shoulders to lean your head on, no smiling face to light up your life, noone creeping up behind you to suddenly put their arms around you, well, you get the idea. But I have seen some who have found true love a second time around, so know it is possible even if my heart questions it. Only time will tell.

samuru999 said...

Hi again jac
Thanxxxx for the visits today!
You are a gem!


jac said...

bougie black boy

Welcome to the window to my soul and many thanks for your appreciation.

I have also seen how you express a truth in your blog.

Welcome again and hope that we see more of each other through our writing.

Thank you for the visit.

jac said...


That was wise and considerate words and I truely agree. So nice of you to come and write that graceful ideas.

Aside from dreams, we do have have a life of reality...and as you wrote, only time will tell.

Thanks, dot !

jac said...


Welcome back again.

I had a gem coming to my blogs regularly, who seemed to appear from thin air once in a while, and wrote comments and now seems disappeared.

Are you the same one ? LOL

Thanks, margie !

Seema said...

Jac..look forward to more of lovely music from yr end !

Well on dreams this is my take -
Sometimes there are those dark alleys of life..seem like dungeons n the end of everything, no more dreams n imaginations..but is just a matter of time n getting out of it…there's a lill ray of hope..that transforms slowly n steadily…hope weaves dreams, n at the end of day we are all humans..we come back…hopes n dreams will take u thru too..i sincerely believe !

jac said...


Optimism and pessimism are part of human behavior.
If we aim at the stars and if we reach only at the moon, we actually become sad, though we made an achievement.

My draw back is that I aim at the stars and… etc… etc

Hats off to your optimistic, persistent logic and words, who knows …I may even get converted. LOL

Thanks for being here a number of times… appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Like a bolt of light blinding you when you least expect it but life still goes one step at a time :)

Seema said...

Spot on…Optimism n pessimism are a part of human behaviour…BUT we can always try n mould ourselves such that Optimism gets on the heavier side!

Well…its not a simply great to aim the stars only u need to make sure that each time you get the better out of there you go getting better than the best!

LOLzzz n it feels great even if I manage to get OPTIMISM on for anyone whom I come across during mah walk on this planet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac..hope this poem is just work of fiction..not inspired real life..took fe minutes to figure out the essence..nice one.

P.S too much work these days.cant blog often like before..and btw going italy for christmas..partly excited abt that!!:-P

jac said...


Yes, it is true my a bolt of light when you least expect it. LOL

But life has to go on, and one always prays about the flash of lightening to be within the horizon of memories, just like the farmers who pray for the rain, before the seeds and buds are withered.
Thanks buddy!

jac said...


I was wondering where you were ? Nice knowing that you are having a gr8 time.

Well! It is reflections of my mind in those lines at that time but I agree that it is neither cheerful nor an inspiring one.

To tell you the truth, when I read so many nice and cheerful comments from many...I feel now that I should not have posted it.

Some even feel that I have posted it to induce sympathy...which is the last thing I want as a reward.

Christmas in Italy ???
OMG ! Wonderful place !!!

When you speak about Italy...I rememeber my dear friend Antonio Zasso who worked with me in Nigeria.
I have a story about him which I remembered suddenly that needs to be shared.
Thanks for reminding me about Italy and Zasso, as I will be writing a post about him soon.

Can I join you, mat ?

'un allegro va in tondo'

jac said...


Well ! Well ! You don't give up ? Do you ?

I have to congradulate you on your young spirit and outlook on life.

I am really flattered with that detemined effort to cheer me up and I am smiling now.

Thank you seema, thank you agin.

It is my pleasure to have you at this window to my soul.

samuru999 said...

Hi jac
In answer to your question...
I cannot tell a lie
I did come by
just to say.. "hi" LOL!

Hope you are having a wonderful day Jac!


jac said...


This is answer to you. say 'hi' 'hi' in return with plasure, margie !


Wanderer said...

I liked your butter fly which says ' Don't touch me!! ' when u point the mouse at it......

got to go ... my cart is just revving up for the day ... :)

The butcher honking the horn with a nasty toothless grin his face...

jac said...


LMAO.... It also says 'welcome' the moment you open my blog, if you happen to place your curser on its entry point on top left of the page.

Well, go with the revving cart by all means but how do you know that the butcher is toothless ???????

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

It was so nice reading these soulful lines, Jac..

Keep Writing..

With Best Regards,

jac said...

sreejith unni

My pleasure to have this comment.

i will thanks.