Friday, March 30, 2007

A dual

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Over wine or woman ?

Oh ! No. They don't drink wine.


Over food or women ?


sophie said...

oh wow...wat a scene...

Jac said...


They were making a very odd sound during the fight that resembled a ferocious storm that surprised me.

It was nothing like any animal sound. so I had to lower the camera to look around to see where the sound is from, surprisingly finding that it was coming from these calm looking creatures.

I had no voice recorder.

...and both male.


Seema said...

Lovely spotted ones !
Whose got stronger that what the show was about???
Did they have any calmer lady spotted dears as audience by any chance :)

Envy... you get to see all of these in their natural habitat !

Anonymous said...

umm...i think the dotted deers are just playing...testing each others see animals do that every now and then...umm not unless theyre fighting for a whining woman deer? hehehe...
better be cute huh...for putting the deer lives at stake? ;)):p

Jac said...


Yea, there, beyond the arena was a bunch of female dotted ones watching the show which makes the show Chivalrous.
You can spot their tails getting straighter as the fight goes on, which indicates that the fight is serious.

Thanks, seema !

kat said...

It's got to be a women.

Jac said...


They were not playing, silly !!

You don't have any idea about the characters of animals. When they play you can know it from indications visually and by the sounds they produce from their mouth.
See the tails, which normally are slack becomes straight when they are serious and they make vicious windy awesome sound when they fight.

The whining woman deers are watching from a distance, hehe

alex said...


Do deers befriend humans?

I noticed their tail after you wrote about. So many things which i don't see.

Jac said...


Yes, they are.
See my spelling of woman both times.

They are fighting for women...more than one female.

The clear case of polygamy. LOL

Jac said...

Plenty !!
A photo on your way to your mail box soon, to prove it, which was taken from India two years back.

I notice those small things to know if they are really serious, and ofcourse the sounds they produce from the mouth, which is nothing comparable.

MoodsAndColors said...

Hey Jac
Fight for woman...they resemble us. Once they get the woman...they won't know what to do with her... Do they resemble us, this way, too?

I have made it a daily practice to visit you. And you have kept up the promise. Thanks.

Yesterday this comment page was acting weird...thats why cdn't leave my link.

Jac said...

Yes, they do exactly the same way...fight and kill too.

Nice concept you have about men.LOL

Well, it defers from man to man as far as my small mind goes.

Thank you so much for coming here everyday.

...and when I was trying to comment in yours, it acted the same weird way...may be infectious ??? I got it posted the third time.

Thanks again.

MoodsAndColors said...

Hey Jac
Regarding was just a general observation...exceptions of course are always there.

Well the word verification makes the commenting difficult sometimes.

Will visit you tom for a new long.

Jac said...

The Pleasure is mine !!!

gautami tripathy said...

Jac, they are beyond wine or women unlike men!

Great photo!

Janice Thomson said...

I have always wondered Jac: do they ever get headaches from their head-bashing? :) What a magnificent pair of bucks! Over here the fawns are the ones with spots and dots, never the adults :) A superb picture Jac!

alex said...


Oh Okay.

That is great.

Jac said...

The comment made me think about it in a new perspective.

But I believe that though they behave similar when women are concerned, they are kinder and considerate than the men of this period.

Point well taken, goutami

Jac said...


I need to ask them about the headache issue I presume.

The thought never occurred to me until now, but I am sure that their skulls are made that way to withstand the bashing.

Thank you for the compliments as it gives me confidence to post more reality through my eyes and lens.

Jac said...


Anonymous said...

trying their strength :P

To win or to lose
this is life!

Jac said...

Grinding their horns, braking ice cubes

Yes, that is life.

Hurricane said...


Recently I got to know that my boyfriend is seeing another girl.

This looks like me and the new girl fighting for him?


Jac said...

If you are sure that he is seeing some one else, then why are you fighting for him ?

It doesn't make sense to fight for some one who ignores you.

Let him go, is wiser.

BTW, If you don't have a blog and still want to comment, then you can come in one name meaning that you can write as @anonymous,
though writing reply to @anonymous is like talking to a wall.

This blog is open to one and all as long as you are genuine.

spring orchid said...


Thanks for your advise. I appreciate you being frank. I go crazy behaving like a hurricane when I think of him. That is the reason why two different names was used.

I am still who I am ... spring orchid.

Jac said...


Thank you too for being frank.

You welcome !

Dot`sThoughts said...

Sure looks like a power struggle- maybe over who is top head of the deer in that area? :):)
Could very well be to show off for a lady. Winner gets the girl !!! Who knows, tomorrow the winner might lose to a stronger deer. Makes you wonder if the hassel is worth while, but to them it is.

spring orchid said...


Thanks for your understanding.

spring orchid

Lyrically speaking said...

I would say it's over women...fight til death

Jac said...