Friday, November 10, 2006


With due apolagies to mathew for the delay in taking up his tag.

Deep set my thoughts, my love
so strong,
my mind chanting, your words alone
my song,

let your feelings echo stronger, harder
to steel
for it is my healing, the only
I feel


Mindinside said...

I believe the words of poetry comes out of one's heart.
jac ..
this is Beautiful
the words beats of ur heart

jac said...


That is why one can't write poetry every day.

Thanks for the compliment.

Neers said...

wow!! jac.. whr can get the song playing here??

jac said...

Can you hear the song ?

If you can't, then give me your mail ID.
Either I can explain or I can give you a link

aklanta said...


Is it always possible to express feelings in words?

Is it always necessary to express feelings in words?

samuru999 said...

I am in love with this beautiful poem...and the music too!

Just wonderful!
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

oh..that was so humbling man..

strong steel
song feel!!

I strongly feel the steel in the song..good one buddy!!

jac said...


It is.

And words are for expressing.

What is the use of eyes if you can't see... what is the use of a song if you can't sing it ?

Every living creature has this inborn longing hear and to feel.

Have you been in a sunflower farm where you can see all flowers facing a single direction ?
Did some one gave them a command to do so ?

if you have some thing to express, do it aklanta is your right.

jac said...


I am happy to know that you call it as poem. It is just my expressions in verses.

Thank you, margie !

jac said...


You feel the steel in it because it is annealed.
It is pure metallurgy.

I will do your tag next.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are back. Imissed your poems.

V N said...

Just love that pic, not forgetting to mention those accompanying words!

Your words alone, my song...

jac said...


I have many friends in Canada, but you are special because of some thing in common.

Oilman !!

So the pleasure is mine too, happy to see you here.

jac said...


I wanted a different pic there, but couldn’t get the right scene.

You know I seldom borrow pics from the internet. So I opted for a simple pic of a flower on my doorstep.

Thanks for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

"for it is my healing, the only
breathing I feel"

Loved these words..

What else can I say..


P.s :- Rose here.. Facing some problem logging in at my work place..

Seema said...

First things first...Arresting Awesome music...really enjoyed it!!!
Those shades of green over green ...mesmerising effect !
Heart's feelings in much real n takes you fact makes u live each breath!

kat said...

Beautiful post.

Mindinside said...

here is me
riding the breeze from east
like a ghost
here is a place to pause
with your song
to elavate my soul
higher and higher
with the sound of your music
to fly.

hellbunny said...

I love that line the only breath i feel.It feels so sensual

Keshi said...

WOW this is such a soothing post.


jac said...


I think that I too like those words, rose !

Thanks all the way.

jac said...


Delighted with the compliments and I am happy to know that you like the music too.
Thanks again.

jac said...


Your lines surpasses all other compliments.
From some one like you, who writes so well, is a indeed a credit.

Sincere thanks.

jac said...


"Beautiful post"
That comment from you on a poem is some thing like tons of compliments, kat...for I know that you are not very keen on verse.

Tons of thanks back to you.

jac said...


Delighted with that comment, June!

jac said...


Happy to hear from you after your globe trotting :)

Welcome back from NW and thanks for being here

Anonymous said...

Very interesting this Jac.... You are not Jac, but King! :-)

jac said...


'He' is the king, not me...

I am just jac.

Thanks for the compliment.

Neers said...

damn kewl!!

jac said...


It is the kewlness of your arrival. LOL

Chaotic Serenity said...

Beautiful poem! The song is great too!

zzz-writer said...

hi there jac - just wanted to say that :)

jac said...


Delighted !!


jac said...



Anonymous said...

nice music!


jac said...

mystic rose

I know... thanks.

Mindinside said...

hey ..
You know something?
you are tagged again

jac said...


The second time ?
If I kill twice, you can't hang me twice.

For mathew and you.