Saturday, March 31, 2007


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Would you believe me, if I tell you that this is my favourite flower?

People normally laugh at me when I tell them this.

I had an affinity to this flower from my childhood. In my garden I keep several colours of this beautiful flower.

Botany says that this is not a flower but its leaves.


Out of all the colours, some how I like this twin colour.

Hey! Don’t mock at me please!!!


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the wedding cakes .. So lovely no wonder its ur favorite

spring orchid said...


There is always no reason when it comes to love...

Bougainvillae reminds me of my childhood too, are we of the same age? lol

Jac said...

I wonder why it reminds you of wedding cakes !!


Jac said...

spring orchid and hurricane are names with opposite charcters.

I think we are same age ?

Two comments in 10 minutes in two blogs.
My tracker picked up only two URL's at that time.

Do I know you ??

Janice Thomson said...

Oh Jac...I am in love with the bougainvillea too! I transported a hot pink one all the way from lower California to Vancouver Island in Canada. It appeared to have died but lo and behold the following year it bloomed and bloomed and bloomed. They are such a beautiful and intriguing plant tho this one is getting to be a small tree ...ok I have rambled on far too long now...beautiful, beautiful photo Jac

magiceye said...

they are bright and beautiful!

Jac said...

Until now I was ashamed to tell any one about my fancy of these flowers...but now as I see others too love these cuties, I shun my inhibition.

Can I give you tip ? -:
Allow it to grow as a tree up to 6 ft and then with the help of a strong stand let it to hang and spread from all directions, clipping the length from time to time. You will have an amazing hanging garden with blooms at any season.

I think it is worth a try.

MoodsAndColors said...

Hey Jac
This pic is so crisp.
Bougainvillae are such lovely flowers...never knew they are leaves though. And they grow in such abundance with so much beauty.
Only the spelling..grrrr
Thanks for the daily delight.

Kai C. said...

those are prettty

Jac said...


It is the magic of your eyes. LOL

Thank you.

Jac said...


Yes, they are beautiful flowers.

The daily pleasure of seeing you here, is mine.

When you come from far to check my blog, I must justify your effort by giving you something to remember for the next twentyfour hours.
Thanks for the visits.

Jac said...

kai c
You like it ?

Dot`sThoughts said...

I Love them. Such beautiful colored leaves that resemble the petals off a larger flower with such a dainty little flower mingled with the leaves. OH, Wish it was growing in my backyard.
Soooooo pretty.
Winters here would probably kill it on me.

Anonymous said...

Bougainvillae resembles the floral decorations of my friends wedding cakes I have attended so far

Jac said...


I am so happy to know that you like it too.

They are mind conquering during the blooming season if you allow it to bloom hanging from a above your shoulder level.

I don't know if it grows in cold. But I know that it needs very little care

Thanks dot

Jac said...

Thanks for letting me look at it in another aspect.

b o o said...

we have them growing in the wild in singapore. i prefer the hibiscus :)

b o o said...

i love the eagles HUGS

david santos said...

Very nice, thank you! beautiful flower.
have a good week

Jac said...

Yea, it is grown as wild in many tropical countries.

Of course the hibiscus too is nice with an array of colours.

Eagle !! Fantastic music they have.

Jac said...

Welcome back, buddy !

Make it often.

Rai said...

I don't think there is anything to mock at you ...Bougainvillae really looks lovely ... specially after rain.

BTW, I love Jasmine:-)

Anali said...

These are beautiful!

Jac said...

Now I am brave, as so many people says that they love it too. Though I think that too much a rain will spoil the bloom.

You like jasmine ??

Jac said...

My 'cuz too !!
Am delghted.

mystic rose said...

i beleive you..they are so delicate, absolutely gorgeous colors and bloom so profusely, that you cant see thep lant for the flowers, bunches of them....just the sight of them fills one with joy..

Jac said...


That makes two !!!