Saturday, October 14, 2006

Awakening..from the absence

A long and greuelling 38 days, the first 5 days being the most turbid.

During those 5 days my urge to write and to read was uncontrollable even to the extent that, one or two times I thought “to hell with my vow”
But I just held on.

Then my attitude totally changed regarding writing as I have picked up some confidence, the total control of my habitual bloging turned me to a pure determined person

Though I stopped posting in my blog, my urge to read has lead me to go through the blogs that I normally visited with out writing a comment.

A couple of days later, I stopped reading blogs too.
As days passed, I was careless as a whisper… the blogging completely out of my mind not forgetting the fact that I was always aware of my reader’s comments through my mail box, asking me to come back.

I am back here after a long gap knowing the very precious fact that I am, after all, not a blog addict.

In addition to that, just before I was planning to stop writing in my blog completely, I had a strong inner feeling that the very existence of the blog was hurting some one seriously. This had sped up my decision to quit.

Now I realize the fact that my blog has nothing to do with the hurt issue and so, here I am with gratitude towards one and all of you for bearing with me and to those who cared to come and comment here earlier.

My long absence has made my soul dry and here now, I have nothing for you.

I am leaving my soul at still… perhaps to have little fermentation to take effect to turn it as good as aged wine.
I will be in your blog sooner or later but if I happen to miss any of your blogs, do remind me please.


Sarah said...

glad to know that, you are back.. and that is really really nice!..

jac said...

It is log time, long... as long a river
but your's a few I don't miss ever
nice again, I am pleased, to see you here.

Mindinside said...

Welcome back

Wanted to be the first to welcome you,
Seems i'm late ...
hope ur feeling good now with a refreshed soul:)

jac said...


Thanks for the welcome and I am delighted to see you here.

Late ? I don't think so.
Better late than never...the saying goes.

. said...

c-o-o-l...welcome back to blogsphere jac...keep blogging! ;))

jac said...


Thanks for that dancing welcome :)

Nice to see you here again.

starry nights said...

I am happy that I cant stop smiling.glad to see you back.
I am h -a-p-p-y
I am h-a-p-p-y
I know I am
I am sure I am
I am h-a-p-p-y.

do you remember that chorus.

jac said...

Thanks for that. I loved it.

Well ! The chorus ??
I didn't know it, but now I know it...'cause I am happy too. LOL

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

welcome back & thanks for thinking about me :)

jac said...




Neers said...

JAC!!!!!!!!! welcome back!!! its good to see you.... seriously!! :) have a great sunday!

jac said...


So happy to see you.
As I wrote, I thought that I lost my way.


aklanta said...

I am happy, seeing you back

kat said...

Nice to see you back.

jac said...


So happy to see you here and happier to know that you too are back.

jac said...

I am delighted.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your back! We all missed you :)

jac said...


Me too !

samuru999 said...

Welcome back Jac!
I was so happy when I saw you at my blog today...
That was so very nice!


jac said...

I am happy to see your smiling face here.

Anali said...

Jac - I am soooooooooooooooo glad you are back! : )

jac said...

That face... I am seeing it after a very long time.

Thanks for coming.

Keshi said...

WB Jac!

Im glad u took some time to think through, realised that it's not ur blog that's causing anyone any hurt and that ur bakk all refreshed and happy.

TC and keep writing!

Anonymous said...

welcome back jack!!!

Walker said...

Welcome back Jac.

It not the same without you around to keep the balance. :)

zzz-writer said...

looking forward to a new and improved you!!!

jac said...

So nice to see the flower face here again.

Let my loneliness ferment to give you something.

Thanks for the welcome.

jac said...

I went in your blog and found it deserted.

I would like like to read something there, Can you ?

jac said...


I will do that from today.

jac said...

ZZZ writer

Well! My soul can't be renewed, am I right ?

Dotm said...

Hi Jac. Welcome back. Hope you found lots to smile about while you were gone. Laughter is the best medicine we can receive. It can brighten our days and help us face our future. Glad to see you back. Now you can enjoy posting lots more because you know you can live without posting and it is just a way for more enjoyment.
Thanks for stopping at my blog.

mathew said...

hey buddy..nice to see u alive and kicking!!

hope you make some vintage french wine... :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back my friend!
It is good to hear from you again... I will gladly send this white weather your way!

jac said...


Nice to be back here with you. I missed your comments here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for letting me know..
What more can I say.. It was a real pleasure getting to know that my comment was not in vain.. Keep Blogging.. and I shall continue reading.. :)

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

Neers said...

heyy Jac... hows you??

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the update on my blog! Very happy that you are back... Have a great time again!!!! :-)

Rose said...


Glad to know that everything has been sorted out.. Glad to know that thw window to ur soul is still open to all of us..



Phoenix said...

hullo Jac! Thanks for the visit...I'd almost forgotten all about my visit to your place.'I grow old, I grow old...' etc...good luck with life! :-)

November Rain said...

wel back Jac

jac said...


The mustache never vent out of my soul even though I was not writing.

So nice to see you back with that. LOL

jac said...

silent one

Welcome here again with that poised yet silent feature.

So nice to see you again.

I am waiting for that weather to reach the other end of the globe.

jac said...


Appreciate the words, and thanks for the is pleasure of mine too.

jac said...


I just wait for the fermentation to take effect.

The casket of my soul has to be still to make the necessery froth, to make the wine stronger; waiting … meaning my mind is still wobbled by something…an individual’s trust on me.
Thanks for the second visit and sorry for the delay.

jac said...


I see wise thinking and vivid memoirs in your blog.

Thanks for the wishes. So pleased.

jac said...


It has been long for the face of exclamation to appear here.

My blog won't be complete with out you and your comments.

Nice to see that baby face.

jac said...


Yes, it was long ago and just one visit, but I try not to forget anyone.

You are old, only when you say so.

You see me ?
I am sevety years old and I am still young. LOL


jac said...



...missed you in my soul and now the window is just opening.

Phoenix said...

Am not that old, really tho my memory's useless! was just quoting ole T.S.E to sound kewl. :-D
SO, you're one of that rare bunch who is sweet enough not to forget!Theres still hope for humanity...Cheers! :-)

jac said...

Nor am I :)

Humanity is as old as human and it wont die-off as long are human race is present.

The problem now is that people are afraid to show humanity, lest they be crucified just for that good act.

Chaotic Serenity said...

I'm so glad to see you are back! ((hugs))

jac said...


By seconds...

Thanks for the words. (((((hugs)))))

poet said...

a bit slow i am, i periodically go to wordpress, glad i did. welcome back. good to 'see' you. come to my blogger page if you will. take care and i hope that you are doing well. poet

jac said...


Thanks for coming and giving me chance to read you.

black feline said...

I will be here...welcome back!

m.reza said...

welcome back lad, cheers.

Honey said...

Hey Jac,

I was kinda disappointed when i saw that you were going to stop blogging...After a long time, when I just checked if you had something posted, I actually saw that you did!!!!!! Don't ever stop blogging...Love ur posts...especially the wonderful pictures that accompany them which are a feast to the eyes.

Blog away, without a worry in the world..........You rock Jac :)

V N said...


A few days late here. But glad to see ya back in action. I guess it was the inevitable. U had to bounce back sooner or later.

In the course of the last couple of months, i have suppressed this immense urge to DELETE my blog (nothing less) so that I would be able to spend more time doing my thesis. But nothing of the sort ever happened. I ended up posting instead. :(

Now that u point it out, I wonder if I am indeed addicted. Anywayz, lets see...

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