Tuesday, September 25, 2007

yet another tag and a bye !!

This is my longest post I ever did in one stretch and you have to excuse me for that. You see, I am not going to give you anything for a month starting from tomorrow.

A young woman tagged me for my 8 random habits/facts.

I have never seen nor heard her but I know that she comes to read my blog.
I don’t take up tags the normal way. I try to make it into a story by spinning facts like a spider…and it takes time.
Time is that I don’t have here now.

In addition, I am leaving on my vacation for another 28 days during which I don’t intend to write or read blogs.
It will be sort of hibernation this time. I will just close my senses so tight, emotions bottled, dreams and wishes crushed, like a pearl hurdled in a shell.
I hope that I can survive.

So I come back to the person who tagged me.
She is kind to me as she accepted my terms on the rules. I can’t write eight facts/habits from my life with such short time. So I will do as much as I can for you and I won’t tag any, as usual.
It is a story that I came in to contact with this person.
One day I saw her in my blog with a comment. I became curious and peeped in her blog… in her pages I saw a lot of wisdom.
From there I learned that she is one of the persons who cherish humanity.
I believe that humanity is not completely lost and I believe in this quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

“You must not loose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if few drops of ocean is dirty, the whole ocean doesn’t become dirty”

For I consider humanity an asset to people in this world where the new generation lack a lot of that.
So in my life, I consider humanity as numero uno (number one) factor

So now I come back again to person who tagged me.
Her name is samrina and she is from Pakistan. I tried to find out the meaning of her name in Arabic…but in vein.
Well, she already stated in her blog that she is also called as Samira (Sameera) which in Arabic means companion. I am sure that with the humanity and wisdom and faith she has, she will be more than a companion to her partner. Let future fill up the gap.
Samrina wants me to write 8 things about my habits/facts

Read this from her post about her interests “I love to write, though initially I started writing poetries”
So we both have something in common… I love poetry so does this girl.
Some times I too write poems but I am not yet sure, if those can be called as poems.

For me... and Thomas Gray
“Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn”

I don’t really love poems by Emily Dickenson but for ‘some reason’ these lines from her… I will always remember.

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

Now coming back to the tag, I am sort of a teacher by my present job. You can call me an Engineer turned teacher with a PG accreditation to teach.
I am called as a trainer in Oil Fields. I teach young National Engineers what they forgot to learn in universities. I take then on a two year long rigorous ‘On job’ training in the oilfields.
My company believes that

“Good teachers are costly but bad teachers cost more”~ Bob Talbert
So they hired me.

My motto about my profession is best expressed by Khalil Gibran
“A teacher, who is indeed wise, does not bid you to enter his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind”

That is what I do.
I teach them, and in turn I learn many things from and about them.
I learn about their family, habits, weaknesses, traditions, last but not least, their love.
I am their partner in sorrows happiness’s, virtually a partner in crimes too. I know when their faces are sad and in five minutes, the reason too.

Oh No, I am going again off track.

This is my desk.
The pile of answer papers littered my table hither-wither.
My two darling miniature speakers were transferred underground, beneath my table to allow space for the files which contains the special bond papers printed in different colours.

The colours now made me puke, as I am getting exhausted with sitting and signing and verifying papers on every stage of their training, now to be sorted in individual files.
I thought I need a lovely secretary just to cheer me up every morning with a smile and a cup of tea, when I am exhausted.
They say it is not allowed…they say it is against the protocol to employ woman on that job in the field.
They say they can give me an old lady if I insist. LOL
They say it with a lewd smile on their lips.
They don’t know anything about woman and womanhood.
For them, woman should only be in the kitchen.
For them, it is better if the woman is illiterate.
For them, it is better if they don’t breathe fresh air.
For them, they are just an instrument of pleasure.
They don’t know of any other relation between a man and woman.

Oh Jesus! Where have I gone with my words and thoughts?
The matter is plain, that I needed to be out in the open… I need fresh air.
I got up from my desk, locked the door, stretched my muscles and went out on the blacony whistling an old Nat king Cole Number

The mild breeze caressed the coarse hairs on my exposed forearms and I felt pleasantly cold.
I looked beyond the walkway to the main office, towards the groomed guava trees, to the large may flower tree and stopped at the large thick greenish tree near the main security office.
I thought that the tree looked so beautiful.
What is so beautiful about that useless tree?

Listen to Martin Luther king
“God writes the Gospel not only in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars”
So you see; I love nature.
I love that tree, which for ordinary person is no beauty. It is full of those long beans, like daggers that contain its seeds.
I neither know the name of the tree or its beans but I call that the dagger beans because of its shape and it is coloured shining parrot green.
If it is pleasant colour that attracts me now, in summer it is the sizzling sound that it produces when the mild afternoon wind blows. I feel that it as music of the nature.
Again I need to say, that if you see that you may not see any beauty in it.
As Confucius once said
“ everything has beauty, but not every one sees it”
Take a look.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Don’t you see the beauty ?
Don’t you see beauty in the colour of that useless dagger beans ?
Oh ! God I am forgetting what I was planning to write.

I am still in the balcony of my office with a cold wind singing strange music

I stood watching there a moment and turned to my little chirping friends nearby.

A robin on the recess between the metallic supports and roofing sheets gave me an unpleasant look. I wondered why?
Sure it knows me well, as I feed them plenty of biscuits from my catering supply, as I don’t relish biscuits.
Another birdie now loomed up between the sheets moving beside him, speaking their language non stop.
Now I saw that he has become chirpy and displayed me his pleasure. I saw that he was really proud now sitting near her

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
When I came in here the first time before three years, I tried to decipher their chirping language and I think I was able to understand a bit. But now I lost it or, may be they don’t talk for me or they don’t want to me to hear.

I remember the howling sounds of the night birds when I was in my Mom’s house, lying in the large bed with her, as she showed me how to answer the call in the same way as they do. She could do the talking with any pets or animals we had.
She used to talk with them as soothingly as she talks to me and they seemed to react spontaneously.
She even taught me to talk to the brown stallion that William bought from the auctions especially for Dad.
It was a dooms day for her when it broke its hind leg during riding practice and writhed in pain until my Mom insisted on drugging him for a day.
She even went out with her maid in the middle of the night to the stable…where it was resting on slings.

I looked again at the Robins, the laughing pairs. I was listening intently but was unable to catch what they were chirping.
I pointed my thumb and the middle finger at the male Robin and said "Ahoy ! Damn you, if you don't want to chirp with me"

They were laughing and cooing, and that was music to me.

Good , that I remembered music now… as I am born with music in my ears.
If you want to understand the meaning of what I said, then you need to understand a bit of Africa.
We are a race that has music running through our veins.
We have songs and music when one is born and when one dies.
We dance at birth and death. We even have songs and dances when you need too be sad. Being a ‘kappiri (African mix) brada’… I love music.
I love music irrespective of the language, provided that it makes me close my eyes and relax…or makes me jump out of my bed and move around the room humming and moving with rhythmic steps.
I am like Buffy Sainte Maria who said that
“Music been my play mate, my lover and my crying towel”
Oh well, its time for me to go in now or else I wont finish the papers it 2 days before the trainees leave.

I forgot to tell you that I love traveling.
Every place I visit is an experience I treasure. In fact I am leaving for a voyage tomorrow. See. I am ready with what I have.
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As good by is the saddest word, it is not easy for me to sing good bye…..and more over I don’t sing well.

I will let Celin Dion to do that.
Listen to her sad goodbye. That’s my good bye to you.


Mizrepresent said...

Bye Jac, have a wonderful vacation and thank you for always sharing you!

Gazza said...

Miss you already Jac,have a good 1,take care.

starry nights said...

Jac I think I got you just before you left.Goodbyes are hard to say but ther will always be a hello. Have a good vacation and will be waiting.

Srijith Unni said...

Have a good vacation Jac..!
You are like that robin,
Taking off into cool air
Chirp, smart, and mind, fair
Yet, soulful, rhythmic, like some lost poem in the dustbin

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless.!

With Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Good thing I checked my comment box and read. I think it is I who have missed you.

There is one good thing about this..The fact that you can freely pack and explore the world around you...

that's important... because aside from butterflies being harbingers of luck, I also believe that we find bits and pieces of our true selves in places...as well as in other people's eyes.

It is sad what you said about how women is perceived in your part of the world...and how special it is that you think differently..you are are truly free...to talk, to think to learn from everyone..

I hope you consider blogging back after you have refreshed your mind..your poems are a blessing..and the little anecdotes you share broaden you reader's world.

Do take care and God Bless.


pria said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!!

Janice Thomson said...

As usual you write the most interesting things. Few can spin a tale like you. The tree IS beautiful Jac...you know it too.

Have a wonderful vacation - I will miss you.

aurora said...

Jac, at least you left us with a wonderful meme to read, and a great song. :) The photos are lovely, too.

Hope you have a great time, and bring us back lots of stories and photographs. :)

Anonymous said...

...enjoy and have a safe vacation...take care please! ;;)

Geets said...

Have a great vacation. Come back with more pics and poems (scribbled in the airport lounge or on the deck of a ship....)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Very enjoyable -- come back soon!

Anali said...

I love this tree Jac. It's quite beautiful. It sounds like you are having a bit of a tough time, so I hope that your vacation will be refreshing and peaceful. Take care.

VIDYA said...

The beans look lovely,. well it takes very little to find beauty around us,. i think the world is so totally beautiful even with its imperfections,....

Happpy Travel time.... do come back with loadsa pics and stories for us. :-) :-)

Much love,

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Take care of yourself, and enjoy yourself please!!!
Yes, that was the longest post in history! LOL

November Rain said...

I love the way you do Tags

Have a wonderful vacation and let me know when you are back

Neha Nair said...

woow.. its vacation time.. have an awesome time

MM said...

Thats a great post Jac, and I loved the way u have interspersed it with pictures and all.

Celine's ong is an all time fav of mine too!

U have a great time, and be back with a bang!!

magiceye said...

heres wishing you well in all your endeavours! cheers!

Bla said...

Don't worry, Jac. :) Our hearts will go on! :D

Dotm said...

Hi Jac, listened to your music while doing my dishes.
I love listening to the birds chating amongst themself. I often make their chirping sounds back to them and they seem to keep answering as loong as I keep on. I am always the one who quits first.I have all kinds of bird feed hanging off my backporch and they draw lots of birds. I especially like the little wood peckers and the black and yellow finches and the tiny hummingbirds, but enjoy them all.
That is one interesting looking tree. The branches resemble vines.
Have a great vacation.Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Hope you meet some interesting people while you are gone.

Shelia said...

Excellent! Have a great vacation.

Shelia said...

I don't know what happened, but my blog is open to all. Sorry for the trouble. But please try again when you get the opportunity, I'd love to have you visit.


Walker said...

Great post Jac!!!!!
When you go you go with a bang don;t you.
Have a great time buddy :D

Lubna said...

Hi Jac

I almost just discovered your blog and now here you depart for some time (for some time only, I hope).

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”-Don Williams Jr.

I hope you will rest, recuperate and come back joyous.


Jay said...

Have fun and be safe.

b o o said...

that IS a long post but a great one while we wait for your return. i LOVE the pic of the two little birdies.

have a safe and happy trip hugss

samrina said...

Hi Jac,

Oh!! i m truly grateful for your sweet words here.. I loved the way you took the tag and expressed yourself here.. i told you na you're worth tagging :)

It's great to know more about you and besides poetry we have one more thing in common that i m a nature lover too :)

Thanks again for such sweet & nice post.

Hope to see you back soon. Have a nice trip.

Take care

Mriganayanii said...


how nice to hear from you.
i'm really busy these days, i feel stretched thin. Thanks for dropping by, and reminding me of my favourite place - my blog.


CapCity said...

take care & safe travels dear jac! may u enjoy strolling hand in hand with someone...that's just what this song made me think - casually strolling away with a dear one;-)

alex said...


Was away from the blogosphere and internet for a while. Was at bangalore.

Well, i too enjoy poetry, travelling, music and nature.

Enjoy. Experience. Take care!

iamnasra said...

Maybe once you are back ...as we are having at LIP (www.livinginpoetry.blogspot.com) honoring the voice of Mystic Rose..please join us and share your thoughts on Mystic Rose

Thanks ..Nasra

Nariyal Chutney said...

Jac , Wonderfully done tag :). Enjoyed each word .It is nice knowing you . Enjoy your vacations :D

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Celestine said...

enjoyed reading your thoughts here... you sound like a beautiful person.


adi said...

will read the post later

Dotm said...

Hi Jac, I know you are still on vacation, but just dropping by to say "I hope you are having a wonderful time".

Princess Haiku said...

This is a most erudite post, Jac and enjoy your vacation. The thing about ED though is that one of her poems seems to have lodged in almost everyone's mind. She finds us somewhere; that strange lady in white.

CapCity said...

Can't wait to see all the photos u'll bring back from vacation for US, Jac! ;-)

Dotm said...

Hi Jac, I know your month isn`t up for at least another week, but just checking in case you came back early.
Have a nice fun time vacation.

MM said...

Just droppd by to say a Hi!!
Hope u r having a great time!!

BloggersDelight said...

We find your photos and stories captivating. Have you ever published? We noticed a few profound poems, but wonder if you have ever fictionalized any of your experiences? We would be honored if you shared any of your work at our place (poetry or prose):

Bloggers Delight.

Thank you in advance for coming to give us a glance.

david santos said...

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zzz-writer said...

dear jac
i must tell you that i deeply loved reading this post. i do not know but this one is so delicate and yet so simple; like a window to your soul....how very apt!!
and you through this genuineness remind me how all of us are so similiar in that which is our core. i can not name it but it was that pulled strings while reading this post.
i am so late in reading this one that you may actually be on your way back from the vacation, so hope you had fun

zzz-writer said...

it is sad that most men ( and many women as well) are unfortunate to completely miss out the beautiful essence of a man- woman relation. as much as it may be of one kind, it can be of so many others too. i wonder when we can really even begin to connect beyond the boundaries of gender, celebrating-sharing the beauty and joy of our dis-similiarities.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

don't leave us for too long, Jac.

look forward to see you here again.

Neers said...

longest indeed... and quite a dope on you! still on vacation? hope you havin fun!

Dotm said...

Hi, Just checking to see if you were back yet.
Hope this means you are having a good time.

Jac said...


Thank you, for always inspiring to me.

I can’t find another friend like you.

@ias anyone, other than ‘J’ ever told you that you have a heart of gold.

That was lot of inspiration buddy.

Thank you so much for appearing just for me from your hiatus.


‘from far somewhere you come
to make me feel really at home’

Thanks for that ardent wish.

Again from nowhere you bring in praises for me. Yea I know I will miss you too.
Thank you Janice.

Just like the meaning of your name you spread lovely comments that emitting graceful comments.
Thanks aurora.

Thanks for that non stop dancing all these 28 days.

Thanks for the delightful comment but my only regret is that I couldn’t wish you on your birth day.

Delighted, thanks buddy.

You know that you one of the few who stand for a cause, not forgetting to console when it is warranted… thanks.

Hello twinkle toes…mmm, you always make my day with comments.

Thanks you dear.
I have never seen you taking tags. One of these days I am going to !!! :)

Welcome to the window to my soul. Happy to see you around here.

By the time I am here you must have modified your template a hundred times. LOL

Thank you buddy

Yeah buddy ! Our hearts sure will.

Thanks for visiting me a number of times patiently and for thyat lovely words of wisdom.

Welcome to the window and thanks for the comment.

@Hi walker
Missed you buddy !!

Cheers returned and I am back. Thanks for that great quote.


Who wouldn’t like those two birdies ?
Thanks my friend.

Just wait for I am going to tag you for good. :)

Long time no see.

Is that about strolling hand in hand ????
You see too many romantic movies, don’t you ???

Thanks alex

I have commented there nasra.

That was lot of inspiration in that comment buddy.

Thanks for the visit and comment.

Welcome back again.

@Princes haiku
Thanks princes. I will check it out in your blog.

Thank you so much I will visit you soon and let you know. I have not published and I have no wish to publish.

Thank you so much for that long comment.

I am back now.

I very seldom seee you nowadays. What are you up to ???

You are one of the few I adore. ((((hugs))))

Nea said...

And now you have returned, I see your post only after you have returned from your vacation. That was indeed a very long post.....I will have to read it once again, because I am sure I missed much the first read. But I do remember you need a "old" secretary.....am I old enough, haha, and I take shorthand, file, type, and make tea.....alas I think I am rather far away to commute......

Jac said...


Thanks for the comment dear. Aye, read it fully.

As to your offer to accept an employment, I am pleased to inform that you fully qualify to my requirements except that you didn't mention if you smile with your eyes.
If the answer is affirmative, I don't mind paying commutation charges. LOL

Really delighted with your sense of humour, nea !