Friday, September 21, 2007

Flutterfly !

I have a very moderate office and my two desks are even more moderate.
I can’t complain, as I am not the General Manager of the company.

I am just a trainer who does teach the new generation of National Engineers.

The trainees call me ‘Usthad’ (Sir) or Mr. Jac, and to others I am a muda-ras (teacher) or sometimes plain ‘mohandis jac’ (Engineer jac) as is the Arabic custom.

One way or other I don’t care what they call me. I teach damn well and I am proud of it. (‘Excuse my language, ahem !)

They give me a nice salary, a cabin not very moderate but with two desks, amenities, provide top class food in grade1 officers diner, 24x7 internet(slowest LAN in the whole world) free laundry, top class accommodation single( sorry, no woman allowed)

So you see, I have nothing to complain.
Give me a reason and I will.
In return I teach the new Engineers how to be self sufficient… how to run an oil facility with out problems.
Isn’t that good enough ?

Normally I am the last to leave the office and I leave my office in the late night locking the doors myself.
Yesterday too before locking all doors, I looked around to see if the AC is off, the power plugs isolated, lights in the balcony.
Nothing abnormal!
No smoky smell?
No body hiding anywhere?
Every thing was clear and I locked and left to my room nearby.

Now it is today.
As usual I am in the office at 5AM.
Switched on the desktop computer, spread my laptop on the side table and switched it on too. I am waiting for both the computers to load…and then I heard the sound of flutters.

I am sure that I locked the doors, so it can’t be bats.
There fluttering continued out side my cabin door. I got up and opened the door.

Flut…flut… flut…

The thing was inside my door before I could even wink.

Beside the fluorescent lights inside my office, fluttering around was a very large butterfly!!!!

I looked with interest and with keenness, my curiosity showed in my look

It was not a normal night butterfly and it was not very colorful too, but it has lovely designs showing on its wings and I remembered that this is not the season of butterflies.

Now, after so much fluttering, I saw that it was looking for a place to rest and then, it sat on the paper punch right on top of my cup board and I could see it looking at me with its large bulged eyes and rubbing its sensors.

I wanted to tell it that I am no honey and there are no flowers here.
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As if guessing my thoughts, it started fluttering again here are there with out aim and finally landed on my laptop.

Now I had a closer look. It is quite large…to be precise, as large as my palm.

But I also noticed that it has lost a small piece of its wing…probably a bird tried to attack and it escaped death.
I took the camera out of my case slowly and checked the charge. Shot a pic with its wings at full span sitting on my laptop.

As if it was waiting for the pic to be taken, it fluttered from my lap to my shoulder, and from there landed right on my palm…stayed there put; won’t go away at all. LOL

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I think that it liked the moist warmness of my palm.

I realised now that if it stayed there in the AC cabin, it may loose the ability to fly easily.
I took the soft silk creature reverently outside my office.

I raised my hand and there... it was gone fluttering to freedom……
Current music: MLTR:- album Blue Night


Janice Thomson said...

Aw Jac you do have a way of telling a good story. The butterfly is very large indeed - love all the 'eyes' on it's wings. Hopefully it found a safe haven. I love the song apt for your story today.

LADY LUXIE said...

They say butterflies are harbingers of good luck. Since I believe that saying then I must say you've got quite a handful of nice surprises coming your way!..

enjoy the weekend Jac :>

Anonymous said...

You being so warmhearted and the sweet pen and the generous soul you have, no wonder even butterflies love you!

wanted to listen to Little wings and seems am a bit late here unfortunately, will u play it once again?

Gazza said...

Thats a big butterfly that Jac i've seen smaller birds lol.

Geets said...

adventures of jac and the flutterfly...LOL. Nice one

Rose said...

"I am no honey"????

Hahhahahaaa.. :D


Bla said...

Amazing creature!

aurora said...

Never in my life have I seen a butterfly so big! I appreciated the story, and am thrilled you managed to get pictures of such a creature. You do have a way with stories, Jac. :)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

What do you feed those things to get them so big?
In Canada, butterflies are small!

MM said...

Thats a real sweet post, Jac! I guess the flutterflies have something to do with u, all the time. There was one even roaming aorund ur webpage!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful storyt and some amazing photos!

Lubna said...

Am glad you took care of the butterfly and released it to safety. Am sure it is out there somewhere, blessing you.
How did I land here, well your post on Maddies blog.However, now I have marked your blog in my favourite list as well.
Have a nice weekend

mathew said...

I always feel like u are our own chotta steve irvin..coz u like animals so much..
btw office at 5:00 am..u do some impossible things.. ;-P

മഞ്ഞുതുള്ളി said...

hey flutterfly!!!
nice to meet ya here...

as usual loved the blog...
and 10x for the best cmnt ever on ma blog....

Mizrepresent said...

What a delightful tale of your adventures with the Flutterfly...and yes it is extremely others i have never seen such.

Mizrepresent said...

btw, beautiful song!

Dotm said...

What exotic looking markings and such a large butterfly. I have only seen a few butterflies that large, now moths, they are almost always that large around here.
Such fancy edge marking around the wings.
I have had butterflies land on my head while I was sitting on the bacl porch steps doing crossword puzzles in the past, but not on my hand. This year I have been so busy that I haven`t done much outside sitting. Here it is Fall already, so not much more warmer weather left for sitting outside. OH Well, there is always next year!
Gee, feels good being able to leave a comment again. To bad I didn`t figure it our sooner.
Now I am wondering if everyone has to do the word verification letters twice before the comment will post -like I do? I have to do it twice on some other blogs also. Is it just me?

Keshi said...

WOW beautiful butterflies Jac!!


Srijith Unni said...

That`s truly an interesting experience jac..! A visitor form the outside world inside your office.. Encounter of a natural kind..! Cool..!

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless..!

With Best Regards,

adi said...

there is something very essential in that butterfly's craving for the moistness of ur touch...
and sorry, i shud be, for not being here for ages...

November Rain said...

this is why I love reading Jacs stories

they are such great reads

BIG butterflies you got here Jac

Jac said...

Thanks Janice. I do really hope that it is safe. Thanks for being here every day.

Jac said...

I really hope that luck does come my way. Good bye lux.

Jac said...

Thank you for the nice words.
I played it again for two hrs and I hope that you have downloaded it if that was a good song.

Jac said...

Ya, it was a big one indeed.

Thank you gazza for being a regular.

Jac said...

I will get you one if you will write a poem about it.

Jac said...


Am I ? LOL

Jac said...

Indeed it is.

Jac said...

It was a bit difficult when it was on my shoulder as I was not able to see the screen.
Thank you so much.

Jac said...

I don’t have to feed it. Every creature is provided with food by God.

Jac said...

I adore butterflies. The one that is in my page doesn’t allow me to touch.
Try to hold it with your cursor and see. Thanks and bye velu.

Jac said...

Thank you for being here everyday. Good bye anderw

Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.
I know it must out there some where, but I dunno if it is blessing me.
About adding me in your fav list, is it a hoax ? LOL

Jac said...

…And trying to become a ‘bada irvin’.
To my trainees some times I am an impossible man too.
I actually get up at 4 AM to be in the office at 5 AM.

Jac said...

Thanks for the award and thanks for the hello too.

Jac said...

I will get you one if you promise to feed and keep it safe.

Yes, I too like that song and many more here.

Jac said...

Thanks and I am happy that you are able to comment with out any problem.
As you said, lets wait for next year’s warmer days dot.
The word verification twice is becoming a standard feature.
Thank you again dot

Jac said...

Thanks keshi.

Jac said...

Encounter of a creatural kind. LOL
Thank you unni.

Jac said...

Hahaha, may be I had some honey left between my fingers from the breakfast. LOL
Never mind about the past but be here after 28 days as I am off to a vacation.

Jac said...

Thank you so much and bye.

dintoons said...

very beautifully captured images of the beans and the birds and the butterflies!! :o)

CapCity said...

Wow...i love your images and the imagery of your words:-)

adi said...

u can come over to delhidreams, anyday na ;)