Friday, September 14, 2007

Another tag 8-|

I had no internet for a few days due to a fibre optic cable cut on the main lines of my company server and the area was flooded, preventing access for the repair crew

Now I have a lot of pending posts and more importantly, I have a pending tag.

geets has tagged me about the smells.

In fact I would say that she has tricked me…. Let me explain.

There is a saying that goes as that, if you suspect some body planning to ask you for a loan, the best way to prevent is to ask them first, before they get any chance to ask u.
I think it is a very clever strategy.

When I did the last tag for gazza, I was supposed to tag at least 3 persons…and the first name that came to mind was geets. I wrote her name as nominee, and then just before posting it, I took a peep at what is going on with my friend dot at her blog. I saw that dot has already tagged geets.
I am “kereem “( kind hearted, generous) to all those who wants to know , so when I saw geets being tagged some where else, I felt that she shouldn’t be overburdened hence I didn’t tag her.

Now, what I assume might have happened over the other end at geets is that, she being extremely intelligent (her IIT tenure being ample proof) somehow smelt my intentions and tagged me in advance to prevent me tagging her.

She is very clever indeed!!!

Anyways…tricks or no tricks, tags are tags and I will do it with pleasure for her. (Smile from ear to ear)

Let me remember what smell comes to me first, in the order of importance!

The first one I remember is the smell of smoke…the smell of wood smoke drifting from the long lane of thatched roof African huts.

African huts…made with reeds and grass.
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When I was a kid, every morning I used to walk near the huts that workers from the plantation dwell with kids running around stark naked, to inhale the pleasant smell of wood smoke. I know smelling smoke is not good.

My attraction was nothing but the pleasant aroma, that spreads from a particular dry grass used along with the wood, to get the fire going.
The times has passed I don’t get a chance to see those houses often.

Second smell on my list is of lemon…not the smell of the lemon fruit that I like, but the smell of the leaves of the lemon tree.

Ya, I like it so much!
I know, that you people are laughing at my silliness!!

For you, the smell of the lemon and the lemon leaf are same.

But I tell you something??

Next time if you happen to be near a lemon tree, just pluck a lemon leaf, crush it with your fingers and smell it…
Pronto, let me know if I am wrong.

Keep on mocking at me until then.

Next one is a smell of food item.

I like the smell of freshly steamed garry.
Garry(or Eba) is the national food of Nigeria. It is made by steaming the pre- powdered cassava roots (Tapioca)
It has a delicious smell when it is taken out from the oven…that I will never forget.
It is normally consumed with an African fish cuisine called Egussi mellow.
My mom used to make the best Egussi mellow in the whole world, so how could I forget that.

I am now coming to smell number four which is a fragrance and not a smell.

I like the smell of my perfume that I use only while I am not on duty.
I use GIO (men) from Giorgio Armani.

You started laughing when I said "while I am not on duty"???

Though it looks odd, it is true that our company does not encourage the use perfumes during duty, due to purely safety reasons.

That brings in more cynical look from you ???

It is also true, as Africa is the place of wild bees. There is every chance that you will be followed and attached mercilessly by bees, if they are in a bad mood, and they can pick up scents and follow you easily.

Smell number five has two claimers.

I like the smell of flowers of Jasmine and Paala (Alstonia Schlolaris) Both are flowers but one is from flower garden and another is the flower of a wild tree called as Paala in which the yakshi (the beautiful disguised witch) dwells as per geets.

Paala is a tropical plant also known as white cheesewood or blackboard tree, is considered medicinal. Ancient times in Africa, the bitter bark of the tree was used for treating Malaria as a substitute for quinine.

The Paala flower blooms only at midnight and spreads an exotic smell, that is said to attract males to the tree (not me, but geets says so)
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Geets knows better about it, as she nurtures one of that (or a look like) at her apartment.

I hope that geets feels happier with me for taking up this tag for her.


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aurora said...

Jac, you write the best memes. They're always interesting and read more like a story and adventure than just a list. I enjoyed this immensely.

mystic rose said...

lemon tree leaves. :) enjoyed reading this.

MM said...

Hmmmmm.. Yakshi Paalayude manam!

LADY LUXIE said...

I know what you mean by the smell of wood. I too like the smell of wood and burning leaves ( it is technically illegal to burn wood or leaves in our city but some people do it anyway..)..I bet the particular scent of grass you like is something I'd like too.

We used to have a lemon tree ( plant) when I was a kid. I never took the time to crush its leaves though..when I see a lemon tree again I will make sure to do so..

lovely read!

Geets said...

Jac! Now I'm doubly glad that I tagged you. That was the best tag I came across and enjoyed are a great could even turn an ordinary tag into a story. And those pics are awesome...the african hut and the paala blossom. Thanks a ton, Jac. And I forgive you for all those allegations....
Btw, my paala tree is no more. The leaves turned yellow and fell. Now only the braided stems driftwood.

Janice Thomson said...

You really know how to tell a story Jac!
I agree with you on the lemon. I have a lemon balm bush here and when you crush the leaves the most heavenly smell is emitted.
The photos are fantastic as usual.
A wonderful post Jac.

Jac said...

I am honoured !

Jac said...

Not so mind blowing as your posts !!! LOL

Jac said...

Don't go near after dark.

Pidichondu pokum !!

Jac said...

I am sure that you too will like the woody smell with that grass fragrance.

Ok, then after you do the crushing of lemon leaf and doing a healthy deep inhaling, don’t forget to let me know the feed back ??

Thank you luxie for the appreciation.

Jac said...

Delighted with that ardent compliment. Thank you geets.

My only regret is the news about your Paala in your home. I presume that it must have happened during your holidays in Kerala.

The person who has given you that, must have put up lot of effort to make it grow that way...Bonsai style.

Jac said...

I knew that you would like it !!

So you know that smell from the leaf ? Am I not right about that clean, heavenly smell ?

Thank you, janice !

samrina said...

Interesting one... i like lemon leaves smell too its so fresh..

Well Jac you're worth tagging haan, i m also planning to tag you soon may be.. :)

Hope you're well.

Take care

Othersideblue said...

excellent post

see the good mood prevailing


Othersideblue said...

excellent post

see the good mood prevailing


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I always just love your stories!! Thanks for more.

Neers said...

i loved that african hut... well, i have a weakness for them! :) and me too pretty high on smells! :) and heyy wass that song? slow punk rock thing?

Jac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jac said...

You like the smell of lemon leaves? Then it makes three or four of us here in the column who has the same taste.

OMG! Another tag ?
I think I need a break then...a long long break.

Take care you too.

Jac said...



Ya, I am sensing the mood.
Do come often.

Jac said...

It is indeed a pleasure to hear it from you.


Jac said...

You have a weakness for African huts or Africans? LOL ! Have you ever been to Africa ?

hmm...The smells ? me too !!

Yes, you like that song ?
OMG ! What is that you don't like with my 'kappiri' blog. Thought I am the only one that enjoys that quirky things.

Shahrzad said...

hello dear Jac,

Welcome back. It's good to have you back here again. A nice post.
Wish you the best and wish you never see the days without internet again.*wink*

Gazza said...

The smell of lemon leavs sounds good to me Jac,i also like your taste in music,hope you dont mind me emailing some of my daughters songs?

November Rain said...

oh Jac I came by after seeing you had visited and hoping to see a new post and I have to admit the first smell really ...

well I had to go back and look again the picture is well I love that picture

when I was little we visited a place in Florida where they have preserved the old Seminole huts
called Seminole Chickees

having a little Seminole in me I just loved seeing those Seminole Chickees

this is so similar

thanks for bringing back memories
smoke chips remind me of my nana on special celebrations too (the one where my Cherokee/Seminole blood comes from)

She would build bond fires and we would sit and listen to her tell stories that had been past down

if you have no objection I would love to download the picture so I can have it printed and frame it in my yoga/meditation room

Jac said...

Oh! Yes with the Holy month all around me, I am sure that I will have less cable cuts to deal with.

Thanks for coming. How are you doing ?

Jac said...

So a few of us are a team ? The music and lemon leaf !!

You like my taste of music ? You are welcome to email your daughter's she must have your taste too. LOL

Thank you gazza.

Jac said...

Thank you so much for that great feedback on straw/mud huts and Seminole Chickees !

You are most welcome to download the pic of the huts and frame on the walls of your yoga class.

In addition it is my quarantee that whenever you are in the class, you will remember me too, right ?

Thank you novy

david santos said...

Spectacular work, Jac!
This work makes to remember me my life in the Guiné-Bissau, Senegal and Gâmbia.
Countries where I go to work and to deal with children.
Thanks, Jac, because this your work today made to remember me part of my past.
Have good week

Jac said...

Delghted to know that my post made you remember your past and previous work in Africa for the children.

Have a nice week to you too david.

Dotm said...

Hi Jac, Finally found why I wasnh`t able to open the comment places on some of your posts. First it kept telling me to press ctrl while clicking, but that never worked. This time it came up telling me that google was blocking the pop ups on your site. So, I clicked on the top saying popups okay and I was able to open here. Wish I had known this before while reading your other posts. Yes, I was here reading, just couldn`t open to leave a comment.

Wish I had owned a Paala tree when my Uncle came home with malaris from crawling thru the swamps during the 2nd world war. I was small, but I still remember how sick he was.
Good to be back able to comment again.