Saturday, September 02, 2006


A good bye too soon

As everything beautiful has an end, as everything wonderful has a stop…this is something like a full stop.

Been here for some time and I have gained many friends, lost some too.
It is for some time that I have been thinking that blogging is becoming an addiction to me, interfering with my life and my work.

Many a times, I have tried at least to stay away partially, but in vain.Of late, I came to understand that blogging has become not only an addiction, but also domination.

I am leaving here with a handful of friends and a heartful of gratitude.
I thank one and all for all the encouragements you have showered on me, praises included.
I can point out each and every encouragement you have given me.

Knowingly, I haven’t hurt anyone in my posts except monica.

I deeply regret the incident that happened due to a misunderstanding.

For the first time, I won’t be replying to your comments.
But I will be right here, reading but not commenting.

I don’t intent to close this page as I am not sure if I will come back or not.

If I have hurt anyone in my replies to their comments, I want to apologise for that, though I don’t remember hurting any.

For some, who think that I am over-smart…a smile with out any reservations.

For some, who think that I have nothing more important than writing… another smile.

This is my good bye

This won’t be complete with out thanking some one, from the blogosphere who has written a post about me in her blog.I thank her for that

And lastly, thanks to a real poetess who encouraged me to publish my lines.

I will say hello to all, if I come back.

I do intend to come back, but I don't know when

Good bye.

Scrawl down please !

Many of you have asked me, how I look like.

It is time, at least when it is parting time to let me know who I am.
I tried to upload it here somehow it doesn't work well.

See, me on the video below

A video on me.

Put on your headphone.......... or turn on your sound.