Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A smile in your eyes.

The eyes that I call as yours
deep as the Nile

Twinkling, calling me close by
for a while

Dear ! Your lips, unwrap so sweet
for a smile

If not it reach your eyes, for me
I call it vile

Picture courtesy to Sumi, from Cochin, India, to whom I apologise for not getting consent before publishing her picture. I am sure that she will pardon me. I found her smile to be so real.

P.S. Late news: I just received her consent to post her photo by phone. She is very pleased but requested me to add that she is the Mom of two naughty and demanding children, which I forgot to mention.


mathew said...

SO thats the smile of the real kind!!..U know why baby smile looks great..they are pure..Sadly adulthood takes shine of that innocence!!!

jac said...


For the smile of children, we call it innocent, and it is natural too, as they truly are innocent.

But in grown up people, with the type of fast life we have, there are still some who smile with the eyes...perhaps yours and many others who come here too, I don't know as I haven't seen your smiles. LOL

Would you smile please, Sir !
Say cheese !

Neers said...

:) jac,... THAT was Beautiful!! And, am sure Starry is giving you full credits! :)

Ms. Vickie said...

As always Beautiful :)

Asma said...

Well it really is beautiful smile ... smile that reach eyes as welll!

November Rain said...

wahahaha I cant see the picture :(

i will come back later maybe it will load for me then :)

Keshi said...

:*( I cant see the pic..


Rose said...




V N said...


shruti said...

what a lovely smile she has..
its so natural n beautiful

samuru999 said...

A beautiful smile with a light shining in her eyes!
Loved it!

jac said...


Starry is some one who will never even think of taking my credit. She is one of the few who is so frank and simple.

Your request about insinuation inspired me to write this few lines in your column for comment, then and there but while I tried to post, it kept on prompting be for word verification.
Fed up and annoyed I left, to come back and see starry overtake me .LOL

I really have to thank you for this post, as I wrote it on your request.

Thank you for the compliment... with a curious question about the meaning of the 's' at the end of your profile name 'neers'

jac said...


Corrected "intuition"

jac said...

ms vickie

Thanks. but...
BTW I don't know, but your smile may be far more charming, vickie !

I can only guess, that which I haven't seen. LOL

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul. Thank you coming here, asma !

I will sure convey the comliment on that smile to Sumi, when and if I meet her again.

I hope to see you again here.

jac said...


I don't see any reason in the image not being available to you. It is a simple ACDseeJPEG image taken by me as all other pics. :(

Won't you try again and if you still can't see it, please let me know, novy !

jac said...


Let me know if you still cant see it, please !

jac said...


...and seraphic too.


jac said...


Is it not ?


jac said...


I should let her know that too.

I love Munich said...

I find them BOTH very beautiful ... your poem AND the smile!! :)
Thanks Jac!!

jac said...


I think that I have to thank you for being my regular.

I will let sumi know about your comment if I meet her again.

Nan said...

Not only is her smile beautiful but the woman herself is beautiful.

Keshi said...

Now I can see her...she's got a very genuine smile..pretty lady!


jac said...


I think that I will have to let her know about her smile.


Lorna said...

Beautiful woman, beautiful sentiment.

jac said...


Is it not ?

Mindinside said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jac said...


I thank you for both.

Lera said...

A beautiful woman with a beautiful smile...and it's true that a Smile can go Miles.

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul. Thank you for both compliments.

I will be with you soon.

Tiesha said...

This is really sweet. She's a beautiful girl. I love this poem!

Shirazi said...

Very moving tribute.

starry nights said...

Sumi does have a beautiful captivating smile.if I may add. A smile is free and can make some on happy on a sad day.

Shirazi said...

But what is the harm in believeing what they say (about being # 19)? Thanks for coming back.

Raggedy said...

I hopped on over from Monica's place. I can see from your link list we keep some of the same company.
Beautiful poem..

hellbunny said...

She is very beautiful

m.reza said...

Hi Jac, thanks for your concern, lovely poem.

November Rain said...

it could have been the location was slow or down but I can see it now


I am breathless I cant even write a poem I am so taken away


jac said...


Thanks for both the compliments.
I will let her know too.

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul. From Pakistan to Africa is along way and I thank you for coming and commenting.

Thanks for that adrent compliment.

jac said...


Cant be expressed better than what you said.
No doubt about the wonders a true smile can bring in.

I picked up that smile from a large crowd.LOL

Your compliment will reach her.

jac said...


If you will scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will know.

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

Thanks to you for taking peep here and thanks to Monica for that write up on this blog.

Just been to yours too…exactly on the day of your Mom's Birth day. LOL

Yes, I too have seen that we have some common friends, raggedy !

Thank you for that lovely compliment.

Especially as Monica's friend you can come in at anytime you wish, with out a knock.

jac said...


I will let her know.

jac said...


Delighted with the compliment and more delighted after knowing that you are ok.

White Forest said...

voww..simple ..yet beautiful lines!

jac said...

white forest

Welcome to the window to my soul

Flattered by the words.


VSV said...

Heh Jac...Thanks for ur compliment and i loved ur blog...sp that u take time to admire a smile..In this busy world noone has time for all this.

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

Thanks for the compliments.

That is exactly the message in my lines, asking every one to smile from the eyes in this mad mad world.

Thanks for coming and I hope that I will see you again here.

aklanta said...

her smile is like a window to her soul...

Mindinside said...

hey ..
She is so lovely
a realy sweet smile
matching your poem

jac said...


:) Yes, precisely !

But not my soul.LOL

jac said...


Exactly what I wrote there... a smile that reaches the eyes.

How about your smile ?

Say cheese and smile, while I see if it reaches your eyes.LOL

Thanks for the visit.

Tarini said...

hmmm.. yes, she certainly has a lovely smile and as you say twinkling eyes, her spirit definitely shows on her face.

and wise too. there's such a protection in motherhood, isnt there? atleast in India.

jac said...