Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Praying for me ? Or rose ?

Vande...Matharam ...to all my readers of Indian origin as today is your independence day.

Yesterday morning was a bit cold in here with the rain suddenly taking temporary shelter some where; the grayish clouds still leaving no space for the blue sky to come out.

Today, the rain continued through out the day.
In the late evening it started to drizzle and lot of insects, mainly crickets… large green ones crashing on perimeter fluorescent lights, sliding down through the polls and flying again. With water everywhere; music of the frogs filled my ears.
Thunder from far, gave the rhythm for the music.

I thought that it would be pleasant to sit some time in my desk and try to write a post. I have to post some thing by tomorrow morning.

A quick poem?
Oh no! My mind nowadays stays hard like the rock. Poetry doesn't come to you in that condition.

Well! Then what shall I write ?
About the rain ?
About the thunder ?

I reached my office, opened it and sat behind the desk.

Think ! man ! think !

My mind said to think quick for tomorrows post.

Tuck! Tuck!

Some one, knocking on the door.

I said to come in and enter my driver Jalal Abbas, the only person I don’t want to see at this moment.
He is one of the drivers who just want to sit opposite me to cut my throat with his adventures of his army life.
Half of his Arabic, I can’t grasp too.

OMG ! I don’t have time for him, I thought.

As soon as he entered, he looked at me in a quizzical way and started laughing.
What is wrong with him?

“What is so funny Jalal”

Now, I found him trying to tell me something but he can’t speak, instead he is laughing again and pointing his fingers towards my head.

I noticed that his eyes were on my head. I tried to wipe my head with my hand. My fingers touched something?
But before I was able to clasp it with my claws, some thing flew away from my head to the old wooden cupboard.
A long and green Praying Mantis was sitting there unaware of the commotion around it.

A mantis is a common insect here, but what I saw was with two white uniform specks on its wings.

This type I haven’t seen before. Have you?
Jalal is Sudanese and he says he hasn’t seen this type here before.

I have to thank him for giving me today’s plot for my post.

Take a good look and thank him please.

Chao to all !!

A ‘quack, quack’, to rose for calling me a saint a good number of times.

Now if you want to read a nice poetry by a twelve year old girl, then do click here. I read it and I recognize a hidden talent of verse.

rose has written a story in her blog, some time back and it has been shortlisted for a final contest for the world's greatest novel and she is among the 10 short listed one's.

Her name can be seen as Betsy Mathew on the 9th place there and her story long wait home is a well written one, and if you would like to take look, it is here

As I am not contesting, In my opinion she has a fairly good chance of getting away with that coveted prize

Give her a big hand please !

Amen !


Mindinside said...

I realy enjoy when I read this post .. theres a happy tune i feel here woven with the fiber of the words.
You can actualy write about nothing but still write and make it enjoyable!

I congratulate Rose here now and
I like her in my heart without ever meeting her in person.
Am wishining her glory and good luck in the future ahead and with her writings.

starry nights said...

Jac you sure came up with a nice post anfter wondering what you should write. Nice pics of the Praying Mantis. I am happy for Rose. She is such a talented writer and I would not be surprised if she wins the prize. I do hope she does. I am a big fan of hers.

Sarah said...

I agree completely.. Rose is indeed a great writer.. I love the way she writes,.

I thought tht thingy is a cricket and if cricket touches your body..then Ammachi used to say, u r going to get good news!!

I love Munich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I love Munich said...

I did delete my OWN comment! Here it is again ... corrected:


SECONDLY ... it's a beautiful story! I'd love to see you with a praying mantis on your head - that must be a spectacular site ;)!

THIRDLY ... Heartfelt congrats to Rose - that's fantastic!!

To immigrantincanada ... here we say when the nose itches, one is about to get money! Weird I'm not rich by now ... ;)!

LAST NOT LEAST ... I really enjoyed your post a LOT!! Great pics too ... as usual! THANKS JAC!!!

Tue Aug 15, 11:33:03 AM 2006

Monica said...

no poetry but you gave us two other talents to look at. I'm posting about YOU next Tuesday. :)

Monica said...

Ok my brain is still a little fuzzy...both talents...same girl :)

Not only can you write you recognize good writing...she's really good, isn't she?

Gaurav Jain said...

Hello Jac..

Hey, I've stayed in Tanzania (Moshi, if you are interested in details) for over 5 years when I was young, and I remember encountering such insects every now and then in our home and in the garden.

I really miss my time in Tanzania with all my friends and all. It was a beautiful place, wonderful climate (mount Kilimanjaro just a short distance away), and amusing friends. Some of my friends left for Nigeria when I returned to India, though I'm not in touch with most of them now.

By the way, as a side note, you could check out some of my photos of Tanzania at http://photos.gauravjain.in/

Have a great time and Happy Independence Day to you as well!!


jac said...

I thank you very much for those flattering lines about my writing.
It is not my ability but the encouragement and tolerance of you people that makes me write.

My readers, that includes you, nurtures me to write any crap and get away with it .LOL

Thank you very much for giving rose the encouragement.
She is very special to me too, as she calls me a 'poda'… meaning a saint.

I don’t know if she is married but I hope that she gets a bigger saint…('a kalla punnialan') to tie a nuptial knot, in case if it is not done so far.

I also can see her fuming now.

jac said...


Oh come on Lalitha ! I am sure that you know what you are talking about. You all give me the courage to write.

I hope that you thanked the mantis for giving me something to write and for praying for rose.
I agree with you about rose, her fine flow of words in her writing.

I even cleared her way to snatch that prize by volunteerly shying away from contesting the event.LOL

Now you know why she calls me a 'poda' meaning a saint or a 'punialan'

jac said...


Yes, rose writes exceptionally well.

The green 'vittil or pachakuthira' that you call as cricket in English, is considered a good omen for bringing in money.

"kochumaharanikku or kouppum ariyillai"?

If one of them happens to be in the house, the kiddies fight each other to get near it, allowing a chance for it to creep on their bodies.

"iyyalku pinnenthariyam" ? >:P

jac said...


Thanks for the wishes.

Luckily I didn’t kill that mantis while I was trying to inspect my head.

Thanks for that fantastic wish to rose as she deserves it. Such talent!

Funny about the itch on your nose which brings in money, on another note my grandma used to tell that a twitch on your left eye brings in curse or tears.

Thanks for that ardent compliment about the post and pics.

jac said...


Yes, you see that rose is very talented both in verse and prose.

Well, I recognise talent, no doubt.
Don’t you remember that I told you the same before two years and also made it be known in my post?

For that matter you still don’t lack any talent in that chiselled words of a brave mom. LOL

I will not miss your post on Tuesday...with out a preview as I told you.

jac said...


hi buddy!

Welcome to the window to my soul. Thanks fro coming in and commenting.

Been in Tanzania once and had a breathtaking view of mount Kilimanjaro with its lovely climate.

I have visited your site and had a quick tour in the picture albums too.
Thanks for commenting... hoping that I will see you more often.

All the wishes of the day.

mathew said...

Independence day wishes!!
Guess Rose stands a good chance..!!
Lemme know when the voting begin..

Rose said...


jac said...


I think she has a chance. The dates are yet to be known.

jac said...



Rose said...


When i read the title, i was taken aback for an instant.. but then thought it wud abt some rose in your garden... :)

Now I really dont know wat to say... Dat was really really R-E-A-LLY sweet of you Jac.. :)

And thanks everyone here for all the kind words.. I dnt care if my write-up gets selected or not.. This feeling makes everything worthwhile no matter what the end.. Thanks once again guys for making me feel this way.. *sob sob* ;))))


The so-called "Saint" is showing his true self as the Manipulative Kurumban (Mischeivious Fella).. For the records 'Poda' means 'GET LOST!!!" :)

P.S - Im still searching for the Kalla Punnialan to cross my path.. ;)))

Thanks Jac.. You made my day..

~GOD! I cant stop grinning~



Neers said...

interesting!! and that the only word i could muster up after reading this one and the last one on war... and truly said jac, about the freedom... :) thanks!
meant a lot!! and far from "geetoupdesham!" :) made me smile!

hellbunny said...

A praying mantis.I have never seen one except in a zoo.Maybe one day ill see one for real.

V N said...



Have a Wonderful Year Ahead!


Tiesha said...

Hi Jac! Wow! Great blog. I love the story. I'd like to come back. This is really nice and I have some reading to catch up on.

Happy Independence Day!

kat said...

It is a pity Jalal didn't have a camera so that we could have seen the preying mantis sitting on your head, although from your writing I have got a good mental picture of it. :-)

I think I would have screamed. I couldn't bear the thought of an insect sitting on my head.

Sorry I missed Independence Day.

jac said...


wiser to be silent at times.


All the best once again.

jac said...


I mean what I wrote about the 'freedom earning'

Thanks for coming.

jac said...


Be my guest.
In some places I visited, they eat it too.LOL

jac said...


Thanks for the wishes...doubled, the wishes coming back to you.

You said it all in your post and the pic with it !

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

It is a noble work that you are doing with your blog. Hope to see more of that writing on the subject...an issue that people don't like to take up and expose.

Was delighted read you.

Come back here please, if you like what you read and see here, coming from the other side of the globe.

jac said...


If you said that you already have a mental picture of that praying mantis relaxing on my head, with out a real picture of it...I am simply elated beyond words.

I consider it an achievement.

Thanks for the words.

Keshi said...

Happy Independence Day Jac!

Brilliant story!


Sreejith Kumar said...

Happy Independence Day to you too.......

jac said...

Thanks for the wishes, not forgetting the pleasure to recieve the compliments.

Come again.

jac said...


Do come again.

butterflygirl said...

Happy Independence Day to you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

jac said...


Welcome to this window.
Thanks for the wishes and for reciprocating the visit.

Walker said...

I hear it get bad there in monsoon season.
We have preying mantheses here to but they are not common so seeing ong is a treat if yo dont mind insects that is .

Dotm said...

I think this is the first summer I didn`t see any praying mantis, but then we didn`t have many crickets or flies either like we used to have. Never even got bitten by a mosquito until last evening when I was working in the shop with the light on and both the wide door and a window opened. Funny seeing mosquitoes when summer is almost over. This has sure been one crazy summer. Better the praying mantis than a bee and I have seen a lot of them this year. Killed a fly in my house a couple days ago- only one so far this summer.

jac said...


Yes, in the rainy season it is an assortment of them around any lights.

Some of them I really love, but some are vicious with acidic body.LOL

jac said...


Read you, but I feel that you are lucky.LOL

aklanta said...

hey I came late
but she's really a great writer...the story is really amazing...thanks Jac

jac said...


But you came at last and that is gr8.

She is really good with her short and crisp sentances.


Here and Now said...

Vande Mataram to you as well and good wishes!

jac said...

here and now

welcome to the window to my soul and thanks for commenting.