Friday, August 04, 2006

Pacha Kaplanga and Sarah

I like the way Sarah write her episodes.
Do you know her ?
I call her a 'cheena padakkam' (Chinese cracker)

She has so far written about her childhood, in plain English language, mixing traces of her local dialects, as an added spice.

Just before my last vacation, she wrote something which was surprisingly simple and common which made me curious.

In her post Tomorrow, she has mentioned about some people mockingly calling one of her neighbour boys, a raw ‘kaplanga’.
The boy was very fair and a ‘pacha kaplanga’, means raw papaya in English.
Though I was very familiar with papayas, I suddenly failed to visualise the colour of the insides of a raw papaya, though I was aware that it is not pure white in colour.
I have tried hard to recollect the colour of a pacha kaplanga on the face of a fair boy in to my imagination and I miserably failed.

So when I reached home, my first glance was at my papaya trees.
I have three papaya trees.
Two of them, as I observed, had practically very very tender fruits.
But in the last one, I found a perfect raw papaya.

You can use your imagination now on how the boy might have looked like.

I think that she is a master in naming people. She even have a name specially for me. She calles me 'pischasu' (devil)

See a split, garden fresh “pacha kapalnga” as my camera copied.

As this picture is taken wholly inspired by Sarah’s blog, I owe this post to her.

To those who have not visited her, my advice is to check her blog.
I think that it is worth reading.


Keshi said...

a boy looking like pawpaw...hehehe.


**Silvermoon**GEL said...

Thank you. I have never seen a papaya tree in real life. Nice to talk about your blog friend.

Rose said...

Thats thw sweetest tribute evr.. :)

Sarah's is one of the best blogs here.. Hers is the first blog I check out evryday.. EVERYDAY..

So 'Pacha Kapalnga', Kochumol of famous Methran Thambi... Wishing you al the happiness.. and many more people like 'Pashaasu' who see the goodness in you through ur words..



Strictly for my friends said...

Tried imagining the boy's face in the papaya pic. Was really funny!!!! :)

jac said...

Or a pawpaw looking like a boy !

sorry I shouldn't laugh that way because I am a devil.
I can only laugh like this

jac said...


Am happy to know that I have shown you something new to your eyes.


jac said...

So you too are on her side because she is a woman... or else you are afraid of Methran Thabi's kochumol ?

You seems to justify her on calling me a 'pischachu'
So am I a 'pischasu' in your eyes too ?

With all that, I still stick to my point that she writes well.
And you too!!

jac said...


Did you ? hahaha

I told you that she is good in naming people.

My thanks unlimited for sfmf

Manic Street Preacher said...

these pix were taken where??
but a boy lookin like a papaya.
heh heh. whatever next????

I love Munich said...

I try to imagine that but have some trouble .. a boy? White like a Papaya? An Albino??
Sara's blog is GREAT - I absolutely love to read her stories- they are all so incredibly life-like!!
Thanks Jac ... I mean >:), ha-ha!!

jac said...


Incredible but wait and see !!

Peace !

jac said...

i love munich

A boy, white like a chalk.
Ummm she writes well...

That is my devilish grin.


Rose said...


In my eyes.. You are Kurumban Kappiri..

:) :) :)


jac said...


Ayyadi !
Vere oru perum koodi thanno ?

Mindinside said...

now now
here with lots of words in ur post that i know nothing about,
I have to learn Hindi!

jac said...

I would gladly translate it with pleasure.

I was telling rose that one call me a 'pishashu'(a devil, which is what I am)and now after reading the post, rose wants to call me a 'kurumban kappiri'( translated roughly to a jealous african, which is truly what I am made of)

What do you want to call me with ? Another name ? Take your pick ?

Mindinside said...

You are jac

jac said...


and thanks.
At least one counted in my side.

November Rain said...

I am on my way to read Sarah I wanted to reply to you comment from my blog... I think there was a miscommunication..

to answer you what is wrong with nothing

but this story takes place in a time and town where there is bigatry and hatred on both sides
which Donna and Damon both are suffering from

being a teen Damon doesnt have the courage to face his friends because he likes a white person as will happen later in the book Donna will have to face the wrath of her family for liking a black boy
they panic and force her into dating a white guy that later beats her

the point here is that there is nothing wrong with it but people are judging and creating problems for them to be friends or more than and leads Donna down a path not to follow her heart and through a hardship that scars her because she loves people and is blind to color and doesnt understand the world she is in

there is also an incident later where she can not be friends with her best friend because of this hatred that hurts her

jac said...

Read Sarah and let me know if my statement is true or not.

I know the answer already

Now about the novel, I get you now.
Even now, some are panicky if a black boy loves a white girl or vise versa.

Thanks for explaining novy.

Nan said...

'pischasu' , love it. I know a few people here that fit that description too.

jac said...


"I know a few people here that fit that description too"

That "too" means you also feel that the name suits me.

So you are on Sarah's side ?
Did she bribe you to be on her side? LOL

Or is it all women unite or something?

Sarah said...

oh my goodness... I don't know wht to say.. I am overwhelmed!

The boy in question was fair as fair can be.. Kappalanga was the only way I could describe him..
Jac is 'Kuttichathan' the little naughty imp!

Thanks Jac

jac said...


Acknowledged !

And you are a 'gnanjool' earthworm.

But rose is circling around dressed as a duck or a goose, beware, aware or else, she will gulp you.

I tranformed my smile this way

Jay said...

You know, many of us do not have papaya trees in the backyard for quick reference. Thanks for sharing!

jac said...


Thank you jay for coming and commenting.

It is great pleasure to know that sharing was worth a comment from you. Coming all the way and commenting though you have a crowd of readers.
Thanks again.

Rose said...


;) ;) ;)

jac said...


Is that a duck's language or goose's ?

And in that language, a 'poda' means what ?
A 'punnialan' ????

('a punnialan' is 'a saint' for my English speaking readers)

Rose said...

Ayyadaaa.. Thenga Kola!! U flatter urself too much.. :D

Btw.. I just read ur response to Mind's comment.. 'Kurumban Kappiri' means 'Naughty African'..

P.S: - "Quack! Quack! Quack!"

(Translated "Poda! Poda! Poda!)



jac said...


Sumitha said...

I have always read about Sarah's recipes and her Ammachi in her food blog,wanted to know more about them and visited her other blog and read the entire story most of it in a day,I am amazed at how honest she is!Afterall she is a Kochumaharani!

Maya Cassis said...

Sarah's blog is my all time fav stop.I do not miss it and if I do,I always make sure I catch up without fail.I just love her posts cos they are just so genuine.
and now I seem to want to eat some papaya right now

starry nights said...

I have been a long time fan of sarah. and enjoy all her posts. My day is nt complete untill I have read what sarah has to say.Her style of writing and narration is awesome.simple but captivates the reader. Nice pic jac did not know what a raw papaya looked on the inside.A pischacu.. dont know

jac said...


I don't care if she is kochumaharani,valiamaharani, methran thambi's kochumol,valiamol or even if she is methran thambi himself.

Anaye pediyilla, pinneya anakkarane !!

I don't know Sarah at all. It is just a matter of months since I stumbled on her blog. I was first curious about that Kathakali mask which is pure Keralite special.

I liked what she writes and that is all I care. I felt that she deserves exposure.

I have tried one of her recipes too.

She calls me names :) but that doesn't prevent me from saying what I want to say about her.

Do you know why I call her a cheena padakkam ?
Well ! You will see it live, if you wait here till she returns to check the comments and what I written about her. LOL

jac said...


I read most of her comments too from her blog, so I know.

I don't think that raw Papaya is very nice to eat in that stage in which the pic shows.

Unless of course if you have worms. LOL
It is a Grandma's medicine in Kerala and elsewhere.
I am sure that you know the medicinal properties.

jac said...


I read your comments too always from there.

If, what you wrote about Papaya is true, am willing to send you a few more pics that may interest you.

About Pischasu... You too, Brutus ??
Means that she bribed you too to be on her side.

Me a pischasu???

Dotm said...

Haven`t herd the word Brutus since I was learning Latin in High School. ( And you too Brutus- this stayed with me to this day).
Jac, yes, it was well worth visiting Sarah`s blog. She writes so honest and so interresting stories about what she truly knows about. She has a way of making one feel they are right there with her.
You are so right about some people feeling it is wrong for a white person to be married to a black fellow. I have seen it in some of my own family. It is so wrong to judge anyone by the color of their skin, judge them only by their actions.

jac said...

As always you are here with your wise and mature words.

I jus remembered the Brutus and used it with a touch of humour.

Thank you, dot.

samuru999 said...

I will check out Sarah's blog when I have more time.
I do love your blog!
That is a neat picture of the inside of the payaya!
Take care!

aklanta said...

May I have the previledge of wishing a " Happy Friendship Day"...I am wishing you without waiting for your permission...

hellbunny said...

Interesting how she inspired you take a look inside one.

indianadoc said...

...that was a very deserving tribute to a very honest friend and writer...I have always admired her writing...very unpretentious...and straight fr heart...

mathew said...

Am grateful buddy!! ;)

Come up with more such cryptic prose..


jac said...


Though ripe one is sweet, raw papaya !!
yak !


jac said...


Delighted, but I was out far and was unable to reciprocate.

Thank you buddy

jac said...


A real inspiration. I have never looked inside before.

jac said...


You said it ! :)

I know she deserves it better than any...a woman with guts.

Not forgetting the fact, that at times I call her a "chattambi kalyani" too.

jac said...


Grateful and gratitude ?... and for what ?

I too am grateful :)

"For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends "

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Yes, you will have it...cause I love that word "cryptic". I thrive on it, buddy ! :))

Inji Pennu said...

hahaha i liked this post very much!

jac said...

ingi penne

You peep once in while in one of my back dated blogs of and escape.

Aren't you my favorite?
Thanks anyway.