Friday, August 25, 2006

The green, envious fruits...? My God !!

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Now read on please

It is now exactly twenty three days since I returned to my desk.

My vacation is due in another five days and I was on to new training assignments.
My desk was clean and tidy when I arrived, but the table is now occupied with half opened or ear marked books, drawings, and an assortment of pens in different colours.
My mind, half occupied with my job ahead and my hands on the reciever, attending shrilly telephone calls, my drivers pestering me for signatures on the overtime sheets… it’s as busy as a souk now. (meaning market in Arabic)

The rain has done its home work already with the roads becoming rivers during its havoc.
When the rain stops no body knows where the road is, the slushy red coloured sand turning to something like potter’s clay.

Wednesday was my day to be travel to a far location to complete my pending assessments.
It was in to remote wooded area, and the roads were worse in the rain. But the flora and fauna in that area was tempting. I started at 9 A.M. as usual.

I made a mental note while I was driving through the so-called roads slowly, that I have to return early as fiery clouds were gathering momentum for rain and it will be a hell of a rain.

I reached the location at 11 AM and I had a lecture session for the trainees for an hour and a half. Lunch was in the camp with my eversmiling trainees and then the assessments continued until 3.30 PM.
I was tired; the muscles on my legs protesting due to the long stretch of standing & lecturing.

The time was 4 P.M now.

I said good bye to my trainees and looked up to the sky, the clouds were more menacing and I thought it will rain before I am half way.

I drove steadily through the woods, where if it was another occasion, I would have enjoyed the little sights that I very much envy, like the fishing of the large flying ducks, different types of cranes and storks.

After the check point, I wanted go fast but the safety regulator fitted on all cars doesn’t allow speeding the vehicle above 60 kilometers.
That was a recent safety device that is integrated after the accident that took away my Michael and Peter. (my trainees)

Right near the sharp bend that separates the two state boarders; something caught my eyes unaware.

An unusual scene among the swamp area.

My car brakes were on, by reflux action.

Among a good number of trees that surrounded, it was a fruiting tree that caught my attention.

A tree full of unripe, odd looking fruits in the stark rainy season !

A surprise on surprise there; though all the trees looked same, that was the only tree with fruits…that too in hundreds.

There must be reason, I mused loudly.

I looked around in other trees on the opposite side of the road, none had any fruits. I hesitated, taking a moment to assess the impasse.

Two things made me to pause.

If I miss this chance to check it out, I may not be passing this route for another month and by the time the fruits will all be gone.
Secondly, the muddy, slushy undergrowth that was between me and the tree were formidable.

Now I had to tell you that I had so many horrid incidents with swamp localities due to my silly photographic mind. It has put me in numerous slippery encounters that had forced me to cry for help from knee deep slush.
My experience with these situations has taught me a lesson or two about my pride and ego; to forget it and to cry for help so that a passer-by will notice your pathetic situation to give a helping hand.
How ever easy it looks like, you can never get out of the slush with out an external help.

Here my sixth sense was overpowered by my defying nature.

I parked the car as much away from the road, as cars can get trapped in the mud in one second.

I took out my camera case and strapped it in my shoulder and moved closer to the tree very carefully, not taking my eyes from the ground. There was at least 30 feet of swampy area in between the tree and where I was. That was the maximum I could go.
I looked up now at the tree to get a better view of the green coloured fruits.

Now what the hell is that ! (Excuse my language please !)

There was no fruits or seeds there !

Jeez ! Those were not fruits at all !

In place, what I was seeing were hundreds of green coloured, symmetrical, bird’s nests !

It became apparent that it was not seeds or fruits; but bird’s nests that hung from the branches…hundreds, no… more and more came in to my view and something else moving from them… bright yellow coloured birds singing, & shrieking.

Then, a total silence; they stopped gossiping when they saw me.

Unmistakably from the musical sound, and the bright yellows, I recognized the species as weavers. They were either Vittalline masked or Compact weaver with chestnut brown masks and bright yellow in the chest.

Getting very good a shot with my cheap camera from that distance was a formidable task.

As I took the camera out and steadied for focusing, to my dismay, most of the birds were scared and flew away to nearby trees, intently watching me from there.

But that still left a few curious imps, like me.

So here I am with my amateurish, pic of the fruity looking, hanging, green bird nests.

I was smiling when I returned to the car like a journalist with an exclusive scoop.

It was getting dark as I eased the car out to the road and pressed on the gas, not forgetting to insert a rap number in the tape and drumming with the rhythm.
My smile was gone from my face as I looked at the dash board…the red lights were ‘on’ all the dials.
I looked at the gauge for temperature and froze !!
The needle was not where. It has gone hiding somewhere above the maximan range.

OMG ! The radiator ! My smile was replaced by grimness.

I parked aside; cut the engine and opened the bonnet.
What I saw made me to swear.
My poor fan belt lay broken and in shreds

I was helpless as I had not carried my handheld radio, as per protocol.

You can guess the rest; I towed the car and reached the camp at 9 PM.

Morning awaited me with a reprimanding letter from the safety department for floundering standing instructions and disregard of protocols for not traveling in a radio equipped car while on trips, beyond 60 kilometers.

I put it in the easiest place for safe keeping…my shredder.

That is enough for a day’s blah blah

Till next blah blah

Signing off…with a devilish grin and a daring glint in the eyes


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a story! Sorry about the car :( but was it worth it? I love all of those birds nests! It's a whole neighborhood in that tree!!! Love it!

jac said...


Me too !

It was worth every single minute I wasted, towing the car.LOL


Colleen said...

That is amazing! The nests really DO look like fruit at first! Hope you are doing well jac. Thanks for sharing this story!

I feel bad for the car though... hehehe.

jarvenpa said...

This is marvelous! Thanks for showing us a glimpse of something we would never have seen. As I looked at your first picture I was thinking "now, what kind of tree is that???" never for a moment thinking of birds in nests. Wonderful.

jac said...


Yes, nature is truly amazing.

I don't know if I have really justified my actual view and my amazement in words.

Thanks for the compliment.

jac said...


I think I too enjoy the delight in sharing with others, as you do it in a prettier way in your blog too.

Thank you for that ardent compliment

Anali said...

OMG! What a riveting story! I was literally on the edge of my seat while I was reading it! Thank you for sharing and taking these pictures. : )

Keshi said...

omg the car :( but the pics tell me it was WELL WORTH IT.

Jac crashing on to some fauna n flora ha lol!


mathew said...

wow great experience..u are lucky to see real forests at close quarters..

expecting more tarzan stories.. ;) hehehehe

jac said...


That is flattering compliment on my prose writing capabilities.

Thank you for coming and commenting here, though my stories are not yummier than the shrimp you had in park street. LOL

jac said...


Of course, it was worth the whole car as I may not see that sight again so close.

But I have landed in slush before and I have written about it too.

See one of them yourself at:

Thanks for the visit.
Would you mind if I add you here ?

jac said...


Well, I am lucky in many things and unlucky in a few things.

You want jac as "Tarzan the kappiri"

thanks for your ardent wish.LOL

Monica said...

Amazing about the fruit tree being a tree of cool is that?

Bummer about the radiator...doesn't seem fair that as you are observing nature, man's machine makes a mockery of it almost.

And then man sends you a letter...geez.

Have a great weekend, Jac.

jac said...


You have seen the pics.

...a letter, that too a repremanding me for the failure of a mechine, didn't I keep it safe in the shredder ?

You too monica ! have a nice weekend.

Neers said...

good idea! dont ask me why. :)

and that definitely was a marvel of nature!! :) and good capture in pics and words!

:) happy weekend!

aklanta said...

I used to feel you need to have time for this type of adventure...but now I know that's not also need an imagniative mind like and the power to see through mind's eye...

jac said...


Now no one dare, as you scared the hell out of them with fear too. : )

Unlike others, I do not have a week end.

Thanks for coming and commenting here.

hellbunny said...

Such an amazing sight to see.You really make your stories interesting to read.

jac said...


I work twelve long hours a day. In addition, keeping fit to do my work in a programmed fashion takes another two hours.
I sleep hardly five hours and I am not young like you.

Some times I am fed up with many things.
I love nature and I cherish humanity. I love adventure and I have a curious mind to match. I lack the time and recently patience too.
When I feel lonely I long the nearness of water and forest, wilderness and thunder and I long for company too.

Yes, I have a mind that sees through minds. I have a mind that use reality and imagination or my life will be a big abyss, a big nothingness.

I write for me and write for you, as I feel that sharing gaves me immense relief from has taught me many lessons too. I do cry alone when I am sad.
I do look for a smile from the eyes as I wrote in my last post.LOL

I know that you too lack the time. Thank you for coming and commenting here.
Is that time that deters you from writing?

jac said...

I have already shared what I have seen here.

Delighted if you like it.
Thank you for coming all the way.

starry nights said...

Jac that was a nice story. You took a chance and got some nice pics to share with us. I thought they looked like fruit also. that must have been an exhausting day for you Jac. thanks for sharing.hope you have a nice relaxed weekend.

Anonymous said...

an adventure...and an interesting life :)

jac said...


That was a nice and memorable incident worth my tiredness, lalitha.

I dont have a week end here. 28 days straight...

Thanks for commenting.

jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

Yes, my life is full of adventures but slows down after a time.
I like my job and these are part of my life.

I will be with you soon and I hope to see you again here.

Thank you for visiting me, tarini!

Mindinside said...

What a wonder
what a tree
and you,
taking the trouble with pics
writing and sharing
making it all a joy to read.

jac said...


It is my pleasure to know that you like it, which makes me all the more courageous to write.

Thanks for being regular here for such long period.

Thanks for the compliment.

samuru999 said...

Oh that was all so wonderful!
Thanks for sharing it!
I loved it!
You are awesome!
Thank you!

jac said...


Thank you for the compliment.

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
This seems straight out of an adventure book. It's difficult to spot even a single nest out here in the city...think of hundreds of them...that too of weaver's bird!
I admire your spirit of enquiry ... almost like a child...reminds me of my own adventures as a little girl.
Thanks for sharing.

jac said...


The spirit of adventure is with every one...young and old alike.

City life and general life style of every one has changed in such a manner that we are like skiing through a great steep snow mountain. You are unable to do anything except looking ahead while you whir past like a flash.

For me I don’t want to ski. I just want to walk, looking around.
Remember that we have a common profession. LOL

Thanks for coming after a long time.

I love Munich said...

That looks absolutely fascinating!! I bet the noise level is accordingly ... right? I am sorry about the inconcenience after you car had broken down ... but heck - you had a marvellous adventure ... and sent the complaint through the shredder! PERFECT!
GREAT story - and pictures jac!

Wanderer said...


get me a job there..
i am moving in...

amazing photos .. i must say..
i do really envy you..

keep sending in more...
and drive safe...

Dotm said...

WOW, All those bird nests in one tree. That had to be something to see in person.
I have been sitting here catching up with all the blogs i have missed this past week.
I was sure you wouldn`t actually post a picture of yourself, but did play it just to see what you put there.
Eventually i will be going out of town for a funeral, but I will check back after i return. Not sure of the dates yet.
Hope you are out looking over new places and meeting more new peopleand enjoying yourself while you are taking a rest from your blog. Have a great time. We all need a few days off once in a while. Just don`t be gone for too long as there are way too many who will miss you.