Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Apocalypse !!

Thank you mathew, for giving me the right name.
A twinkle streak out from a star,
I care

Dare not fire or sun blaze my star
as lumber

Beware, if fate lurking behind
waiting, pouncing

Then mayhem comes lashing down
to earth, for sure

Crushing all the world, spewing fiery


starry nights said...

Me true Jac the mayhem gunpowder can cause.

Rose said...

Every gun that is fired, every warship launched, every rocket sent signifies in a final sense, a theft - a theft of lives lived, dreams dreamed and hope kindled - a mayhem and crippling of spirits, and the biggest of all crimes ever...


sophie said...

shall i ask u want u want me to say??

mathew said...

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning"..

Apolcalypse now!!

jac said...


Could it not ??


jac said...


True I agree.

mia culpa ! mia culpa ! mia maxima culpa !

Those are Latin or Spanish words and it is a famous prayer for Christians, especially the Catholics.

No ! no ! Don’t ask a catholic if you are not one… ask a priest.

jac said...


che sara sara

jac said...


ha ha
Napalm ??

I think cordite is more suited, I know the process too. :)
Well ! That too needs a "spark", does it not ?

yes it is Apocalypse, if not paid any heed… but not before taking a bite from your Mum's appam and mutton stew or else I have to be contented with Bestotel, the second best.

Thanks, Mathew !

hellbunny said...

Maybe gunpowder will destroy all.

starry nights said...

Jac it could if used only for the right reasons.

jac said...


Gunpowder can destruct, but it also is tamed, for useful purposes, such as extinguishing an uncontrollable fire in an oilfield or an oil rig.


jac said...


I understand, but is that the only thing that can cause a mayhem or a havoc ?

But I will keep your words in my mind, thank you, Lalitha.

I love Munich said...

I HATE guns, ANY kind of guns, ANY kinds of weapon who do nothing but inflict pain and destruction, horror and despair!!
I echo Rose ...
(BTW .. it is "mEa" culpa! It is Latin and means "My guilt, my guilt, my very big (biggest) guilt")

jac said...


I too don't like guns of any kind. You may notice that the poem is not about guns or gunpowder really.

Thanks for the corrections; in fact I knew the pronunciation and the meaning from my days as an Alter boy in my childhood.
I even tried it yesterday through a translator for Spanish and I got the same result.
Thanks a lot.

samuru999 said...

I think every gun in this world
emits nothing but havoc!
I absoulutely hate guns!
Take care!

Monicaatje said...

Buuuuuuuuuuuuu, sorry to be so dissapointing on this first comment after such a long time but... I didn't quite get the poem... maybe it's the drought...
Will come back! when i'm not so dry ;)
Loads of hugs!!

jac said...


This poem has no relation with guns, and gunpowder is a symbolic term for fire and flame.

I too hate guns. But it is a general belief that when the world is at the end, fire and smoke prevails.

Gunpwder is used for extinguishing flames too.

Thanks for the visit.

jac said...


After a long long time :)!!!!

Ok, then you will have a mail, come back and read again.


Rose said...

Ok.. Im not a catholic and I am askn you.. Wat ds it mean?


Mindinside said...

u got a mysteriously beautiful pen

Keshi said...

Actually it's Guns that should be destroyed...we shouldnt allow guns to destroy us.


indianadoc said...

No gunpowder shall ever spoil the sweet lumber when a guardian angel like u r there for the star u care....

Monica said...

Geez, Jac, I went from reading Walker's post on war to this poem. I need to go back to his to comment later but...well, you know my son was in Iraq so you can imagine how both his post and your poem had different meanings to me than probably to some.

So few words in this poem...yet they packed a punch...just like...gunpowder. You are SO talented.

jac said...


It means an admission of guilt.

As you have accused me of the biggest of all crimes...

"My guilt, my guilt, my biggest guilt"

Translated to Mal as;

'ente pizha, ente pizha, ente valia pizha'

jac said...


My pen mysterious, yes...but beautiful ?

I don't know.

If only all will realise that there is no guns in the poetry.

Thanks for the compliment.

jac said...


Gunpowder is not gun, it denotes flame and fire here.

In this case, is there is a 'gun' in 'begun' ???


jac said...


Of all the people, just you realised the point.

All forgot the 'if' and then jumped on the gun...from the gunpowder

my words trapped in
my arms wrapped in
when swords moves in
now meekly, I gives in

Thank you doc, for the understanding and grasping it.

jac said...


It is not guns or wars... it is about 'Apocalypse' as reader mathew has rightfully said, and nothing to do with guns.

starry nights said...

Jac I feel so stupid.really thought it was about guns.

jac said...


No worry, it happens to me too. We live in a world so fast, where the time is the core of life.

I some times see a poem in some blog, read and like it. With out looking at the bottom of the post, I congratulate the blogger and leave in a hurry, not knowing the fact that it is written by Emily or maya.

Out comes the next day; with reply from the blogger correcting me...I have to use my mohanlal smile to cover up my foolishness. LOL

See what happens?
Consider that I am delighted beyond words at your frankness.

A pleasure having you here, especially being a starry name

Manic Street Preacher said...

sinister, sinister.
do u predict an early downfall of mankind my friend?
pray not.


mathew said...

Grateful buddy..

U should come up with more such cryptic prose.. ;)


sophie said...

Che Sara Sara....

jac said...


Sinister, not now
A devil, not now

And I do, yes...if

Pray not for me if... but thanks for praying.

Peace, I hope.

jac said...


Grateful and gratitude ?... and for what ?

I too am grateful :)

"For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends "

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

Yes, you will have it...cause I love that word "cryptic". I thrive on it, buddy ! :))

jac said...



Neers said...

Jac... this IS good! i mean, i could feel... like those rock songs! :)

jac said...


A delight to hear it from you.

Yea !

Like a punch, like the rock songs, like the thunder, only it is high frequency...very few can really hear.

sara said...


jac said...


Peace to you, and welcome to the window to my soul.

I just visted you too.

If you find something that interest you, please come back and be my guest again.

Doors open to all.

November Rain said...

when fate is seal not by stars
but by love
worshipped not from above
or from a far

but held in ones heart

jac said...


And when hearts are caged for ever
the fates remaining sealed for ever

is it, a worship ?
or it, a hardship ?