Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey ! you may !

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To those days that scares you with just a thought
like those black days, with out a reason, lips so tight

damn those days that you feel towed away,
feels the need to be alone… and you find a way

with the wind, to be blown away as you say
wouldn’t I have my say, to you; if I may?
‘nuf' of those dark days that splash, all over with gray
breaking in pieces, your tiny beads of love like clay

a hurt is mutual when hearts are spun like a string of hay
when hearts are afar, do you expect a magical ray?
that travels as fast as a witch’s wand, curing all dismay?

give your life a teeny weenie bit of colour; ‘least a day
then ask me, if you don’t, the meaning of love, if you may
Current music : Little wings...the corrs.


shimmer said...

weeeeee c-o-o-l poem...sunset pic...and song...nice job! ;;)

mystic rose said...
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mystic rose said...

lovely poem, jac!

Janice Thomson said...

The photo is moody and beautiful true one needs to have sunny days of happiness or love just fades away...loved your words.

Rose said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice! :)

Gazza said...

I spotted you on the horizon Jac lol.

മഞ്ഞുതുള്ളി said...


spread ur wings and fly ....

aurora said...

What an eclectic blog you have: from anecdotal stories, to impish jokes, to thoughtful essays, to poetry! I enjoyed this a lot, Jac.

b o o said...

i love the original [little wings] by jimi hendrix

magiceye said...

words and emotions strewn around...threading them could consume a lifetime! beautiful!!

freddie said...

man, this is fantastic! Really really good! Just come back to Rome for one night and on the move again tomorrow!
ciao ciao

Jahooni said...

I love all the music.

Mónica. said...

Hi, Jac. I like to meet you.
Nice photo!!!
I wait for you in my blog..

samrina said...

Its just beautiful....both words n pic :)

Well dear you're been tagged to write 8 habits/facts about yourself. For further details you can check my blog. I'll be glad if you can spare sometime and take the tag :)

Take care

Geets said...

hey jac, lovely interplay of words....moody, magical....and a great pic to go with it.
tell you what, jac, you are a born poet

Othersideblue said...

yeah thats true

beautiful and sad

pria said...

A beautiful picture captured very well.

Jac said...

Yeah, I think it synchronizes well.
Do you like that song?

Thanks for the support.

Jac said...


Jac said...

You are right in the analysis. Thanks for that ardent understanding.

grâce à !

Jac said...

Yes, it is.

Jac said...


Jac said...

Yes, I was a bit careless this time. LOL

Jac said...

Sometimes it happens that you have wide strong wings and mighty will, but your body and soul doesn’t respond…then all that you can do is to stay stranded like a statue.

Jac said...

You flatter me with your words.
I am a harmless devil when flattered beyond…
hahaha...I am that devil now. LOL

But did you forget to mention my music ? Perhaps that is where I spend long hours choosing it, than my time for writing.

Thanks you so much.

Jac said...

I didn’t know that but I intend to listen that.

Jac said...

I never had such a deep and astute compliment. I don’t know what to say.

Will my ‘thank you’ be enough?

Jac said...

Delighted to see you here and to read the compliment
Enjoy your time in Rome, but don’t paint it red all over.

Ciao !

Jac said...

I was wondering what has happened to both... you and Umnaief.
she seems still out of circuit.

Welcoming you again and thanks.

Jac said...

Welcome back.
I would be reading you again in a day.

Jac said...

Immensely pleased to hear it from an elite and accredited novelist, who is a poetess too.

To me; it means a lot… to me; it also means recognition and acceptance.
Thank you geeta.

Jac said...

Yes, it is.


Jac said...

Thanks for the compliment.

OMG ! Tagged again ???
I think I am enjoying the tags.

Samrina, I would take this tag only If you can wait until I publish a few more posts and allow me to be flexible and spare me from strict guidelines and rules.

Jac said...


samrina said...

Hi Jac,

yeah sure u can do it as per your convineance dear :)

Take care

Jac said...

I will let you know when I post.

aurora said...

Jac, indeed, I did neglect to mention the music. Before I open your blog, I often wonder what sort of tune will greet me. :) It's a nice finishing touch to your wonderful posts.

Jac said...

Even more delighted with this comment.

Thank you aurora.

CapCity said...

AAaaaaahhhhhh.... thank u, jac...


a hurt is mutual when hearts are spun like a string of hay
when hearts are afar, do you expect a magical ray?
that travels as fast as a witch’s wand, curing all dismay?

I love these words. Moved me. Thank you for sharing. So gifted.

Jac said...


You like it cap ?

Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul. Thanks for visiting and reading me.
Do come again.