Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sorry with a smile.

As I was vacationing in India and there was a temporary ban on access of almost all bligsites, I was unable to post anything or come around your blogs.

I apologise for not writing replies to your comments.

Please aceept my apologies.
Thanks to all who came around to my post.



hellbunny said...

Hope you had a nice vacation Jac

starry nights said...

Glad your Back.....brought a smile to my face. did you have a good vacation? have pictures to share?

Nan said...

No worries. Glad you are back.

jac said...


I am still on my vacation but I am against the ban on free speach for any reason.

I am using a bypass link to view blogspots.

jac said...


I am back with a bang but am still on my vaction.

I have many pictures to share as always.
Thanks, Lalitha !

jac said...

Nice to see you again and responding to my smile.

Dotm said...

Jac, I heard about the blog ban in India on one of the other sites. OH! If only the heads of Countries could get along as well as we do on the blogs.
Glad to see you back. Keep having fun on your vacation.

jac said...

Absoulutly true !
For what ever reason the ban is...I oppose it, because they are foolish to do so.
They are trying to coverup their mistakes.

Rose said...

Apologies accepted.. But u need to be punished for the act... Tell us aaaaaaaaaal abt ur vacation in India without even missing a tiny bit.. :)



I love Munich said...

FIRST of all ... good to know you're alright!! :)
SECOND ... hope you had/have a GREAT vacation and
THIRD ... GREAT you're back!!

fritz said...

so l-o-v-e-l-y orchid flower! my fave exotic flower ;;) guys have tons of those too in india? i know when we're in hawaii...can't keep my eyes off this gorgeous flower...just so p-r-e-t-t-y! ;;) i can spend the whole day just admiring these c-ut-i-e-s! hehehe

jac said...

Thanks for being here, specially after crossing your 10000 mark.

Wait for my future posts and you will have it all.

With the barring of blogspot in India, how do you manage ?

jac said...

i love munich

Thanks for the concern.

jac said...


That is the only orchid I have managed to nurture.
There are a few exotic ones which have not bloomed.

True, that in India you can see thousands of varieties. Want some of them?

November Rain said...

no appologizes needed besides your suppose to be enjoying India not blogging ;=) lol

glad you back hope you had fun

Manic Street Preacher said...

n ure bak now. huh.wid a vengeance?
i used google to view blogs...hard long way but was worth it!

jac said...

november rain

I had a nice time in the biggining but later it became sad and heartbreaking when I saw the pictures in the papers about the terror attack in Mumbai.

Thanks, and I am back.

jac said...

Manic Street Preacher

Thanks for all the efforts for blogging during the ban.

Thanks for being here.

I would soon be in your blog, man !
You are worth reading !

Mindinside said...

What a lively lovely pic
and also the music:)

jac said...


Thanks for the compliments !

That is the only blooming orchid I ever had.
The music is 'Hevia' if you like it.

gem said...

The flower is beautiful as your soul

jac said...

Welcome again and thanks.

Can you hear my music too ?

ben said...

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