Thursday, July 27, 2006

A photo Quiz. Yes, it is passion flower !!

Enough is enough!

Beware !!!
Your little grey cells are getting rusted !!!

It is believed that if you don't use your grey cells in your brain, it starts to disintegrate with time.
I don't like that to happen to any one of you.

Here is a photoquiz for you.

It is so easy.
What you have to do is to recoganize the flower shown here.

According to the latest world botanical chart, It is considered, one among the sixteen most exotic flowers in the world.

A clue ?
Of course I can give you one.

This is a tropical flower with a curious name, that is related to one of our emotions or moods.

You have 24 hours to answer.

As most you have surmised, it is a passion flower which turns out a bit sour but delicious fruits ... that too from my backyard.

Last two years, this creeper was in some kind of meditation, no flowers and no fruits.

But this year it has compensated me with plenty, even during the drenching rain.
See it's evolution through my pictures.

Thanks for all who participated...shows that your grey cells are still very potent. LOL


jarvenpa said...

I know and love the passiflora, passion flower, very well indeed. And this is a lovely photo of it!

Silent One said...

a very beautiful flower...
but I didn't know which kind it was...

starry nights said...

I looked and I looked
I scanned through books
I racked my brains
I was about to faint
I am sorry to say
I dont know the flower.

Mindinside said...

My gray cells trapped in a web .. needs no effort with Jarvenpa's help.. she's already The winner!

Nature is awesome

kat said...

Yes, I knew it was a passion flower. Beautiful photo.

November Rain said...

I dont know what it is called but its beautiful

Rose said...

Passion.. the emotion that made the great leaders of our times great.. the emotion that makes one weak to dance to the tune of one's heart..

The feeling that reveals the Pain of love.. Ecstacy of grief.. Sanctity of hatred and dubiety of happiness..

It has to be the PASSION FLOWER.. but i gues the gold medal is already won..



Neers said...

passion flower!! we have passion fruits at :)

heyyy, Ariean... thanks so much!

samuru999 said...

I also think it is the passion
flower... so very beautiful!

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Your blog is full of lovely pics. You never told about your India visit? Which city were you in?
The flower is beautiful but I guess I dont have any grey cells left...

Manic Street Preacher said...

grey cells??
*preacher taps head. booming empty echo comes back knockin her head*
grey cells huh
*preacher seriousely scratching her head now*
umm...i think i ....

hellbunny said...

Well its seems everyone else has got in first.

Monica said...

beautiful flower. I didn't know the name...not smart about stuff like that but I do know beauty when I see it. :)

SierraBella said...

I knew what it was too.
Very pretty. Is this one in your yard?

jac said...


'A bull's eye'
Your grey cells are vibrant.


jac said...

silent one

You are luckier than those who knew...because you know some thing new.

jac said...


I gave you the clue about one of our emotions...the passion.

Mind you ! that you know it now.
Thanks for the lovely lines.

jac said...


You are just late but the credit is yours too.

Thanks for your 'webbed' thoughts

jac said...


Another bull's eye.
Do you have it in your place ?


jac said...

Thanks for the compliment.

Now you know about one of the tropical exotic flowers.

jac said...


You are really really romantic, as your words prove it.
Simply beautiful !

What star are just curious ?

The Gold medal is yours too.

Thanks for sharing your words.

jac said...


Another bull's eye with a gold medal to share.
You have it at home ?

Thanks, for being here.

Ariean :))

jac said...


Yes, you are right all the way.
A flower with an astonishing name.


jac said...


The name is from one of our moods...passion

I was in Cochin, chennai and Mumbai and Banglore.

Thanks for the flattering comment.

jac said...


You don't know the name but you wrote my best comment...hilarious!

Peace to you !!


jac said...


But you still remain one of my oldest readers...

You remember ?

Thanks, from the other side of the globe.

jac said...


Though you do not know the name, the credit goes to you too, because irrespective of the name or creed, you recoganize everything.

That is some thing I always appreciated in you.

Thanks for the comment.

jac said...


If you kow, the credit is yours too.

It is always a pleasure when you are here, though I know that you don't blog like before.
But I am honoured when you visit me.

I love Munich said...

Sorry, I'm late ... but better late than not at all, right? I knew it is passionflower ... I like it a lot!
You have an incredible backyard and garden ... WOW!!

Rose said...

WOW!!! is there any variety of flora that u dont have in ur backyard ???.. Even though im more of an animal-person than a plant one, ur backyard wud be interesting to visit..

P.S: - I am an Aquarian..



jac said...

i love munich

As you said, better late than not at all...I am sure that you are not yet late.

True, I have an exceptional backyard.

jac said...


I don't have a jackfruit tree.
You are welcome at anytime at short notice.

Aquarian !!! Surprising to me.

Mindinside said...

So you eat the passion fruit?
Is it tender or crisp inside?

jac said...


If you will give your mail ID, I will post you a picture of split ripe passion fruit.

We eat the inside which is pulpy and coloured flame yellow with black seeds.

Mindinside said...


Walker said...

Nice flower Jac.
I like plants and I have a house full.
I am now growing fruit trees in the house mostly for the blossoms.

Psssst I even have a small tree from NZ on its way from someone I met there :D

aklanta said...

I love flowers...but some how I do not know most of them by name...slowly your passion for flowers have taught me a lot least I will not miss this name next time

jac said...


jac said...


You brought a tree all the way from NZ ???

jac said...


You too are good in imagination; in fact you have a flair for visulising which is evident from your pics.

Walker said...

No someone sent me part of what I need to grow one

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac,

Long time wanted to ask you this. But always forget.

Since you have a garden and then food and a cook (ah! im soo jealous when I hear that)

Are you intrested in taking part in the Green Blog Project?

Anonymous said...

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jac said...

Is it growing ?
(By that, do you mean a stem or a branch ?)

jac said...

ingi penne !

1) The garden is mine
2) Though the cook is not mine, I can use him when ever I have a recipe.
3) We have a facility that caters a multinational cuisine and it is a privilege to have a choice on any type of food.
4) What is a green blog project?
5) Will it eat up my time?

If you prefer to use my mail ID, you have my assurance that I will not misuse it.

I believe that good cooking is an art and a gift from God.

Anonymous said...

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See whether you are interested

Green Blog Project

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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