Monday, July 24, 2006

Here, right here !

When patches of grey
Spread like a

Sky, shedding its blue
Turn to blackish

The stars, blinking
Forever lost their charms

But I will wait
Tell me where, dear!

Wind be the rhythm
Birds do the

Let peacocks to dance
Let baboons to

A melody in air
Let merriment befall

I will wait
Tell me just where
I would be
Stay with out fear

Laughing with glee
Dancing with


Sarah said...

ahem...that was very very sweet...

starry nights said...

that was a beautiful poem Jac.very good.

Sush said...

that was a very beautiful piece..:)

gem said...

how wonderful
that would be

jac said...

immigrant in Canada

...and it is a truth too, no matter what happens.

jac said...

starry nights

Thank you.I am flattered, Lalitha!

jac said...


I couldn't believe...after such a long time you being here.

Thanks for remembering and for the comment.

jac said...

It is a truth that I will never hide, though some may find it difficult to believe.

Strictly for my friends said...

"Laughing with glee
Dancing with
thee "

That was really nice.

If you don't mind jac, I like to maintain my anonymity on the Net. It's nothing personal, just a principle of mine. Please don't mind.

Keep visiting! :)

Neers said...

Thanks Jac.. for the recommendation, will look it up! Gitanjali Express...And, vacationing in India?? thats interesting! :)

Heyy, by the way, these verses here are amazing!! i really liked it!

Nan said...

Wow, what a picture!!
You write so well Jac.

Anonymous said...

l-o-v-e-l-y poetry...yeah i agree with ' write well ;;)


hellbunny said...

I hope she comes soon after you waited for her.

I love Munich said...

Really beautiful Jac .. LOVELY POEM!!

jac said...

strictly for my friends

Thanks for that delightful compliment.

I do accept with grace, your point of view on anonimity and realize that it is strictly for your friends . LOL

I don't mind at all and would thank you for your frankness.


jac said...

Thanks for coming here and for that flattering compliment.

I feel that 'Githanjali Express' is worth reading.

Thanks again, neeraja!

jac said...


Delighted to know that you liked the pic of that dancing bird and that ardent comment.

I have used so simple words and happy to know that you liked it, nan.

jac said...


Thanks for the compliment but I wonder why you are @ annon.

Thanks again.

jac said...


Thanks for the comment.

jac said...

i love munich

Thanks and welcome always..

Saroj said...

Nice one jac and nice pic too.

"But I will wait
Tell me where, dear!"

True jac, we don't mind waiting for the person we love

samuru999 said...

I really liked this poem
very much!!

Mindinside said...

Dance with peacocks
sing under the rain drops
Let the merriment be all we care
as the melody is in the air
hearts are open to share.

jac said...


You have hit the right point. LOL

Thank you saroj for the compliment.

jac said...


Delighted by that compliment.

jac said...


Your reply is cuter than my post.

Thanks for that mind

Othersideblue said...

Love is the greatest inspiration to trun such simple words into a melody.
You are talented

Rose said...

So did she tell you where???



jac said...


Is love a talent maker ?

Thanks for that flattering compliment.

jac said...

Not in so many words.

But I have an indepth knowledge of 'Khathakali' and its signs.


chet said...

WoW! That was beautiful.

Sush said...

i moved to this new address...sush.

jac said...

Thanks for the visit and delighted by the compliment.

jac said...


I have saved it...thanks for letting me know.

Rose said...


soon you'l be an expert..



I love Munich said...

Jac ... I'm curious - what is

jac said...


...Not until I am able to gain expertise on other expressive ones like 'kuchipudi' and 'mohiniyattam'

Takes time you know ?

jac said...

i love munich

Those are traditional south Indian dances in which 'katahakali' is a very expressive dance drama. The head dress and facial make-up of 'kathakali' can be noted with the profile picture of "immigrant in canada"(Sarah)

You can check these URL too

m.reza said...


jac said...



November Rain said...

The stars in the sky
are like eyes

of waiting babies
searching for mommies and daddies

sparkling for us to see

Do not weep at the star falling to the ground
for it has not been lost but found
by the waiting love of two, soon to be three
rejoyce and be happy

but here in Earth's boosom we sleep
here we are children, innocent and niave
capable of so much love
to shine just like those stars above


Hi Jac, I know my poem has nothing to with your poem but it was funny you mentioned the stars and I was looking at them the other day and for some rason this is what came to mind

I love the picture and your poetry continues to get better and better (if that is possible)

jac said...

A poetry doesn't need to have any relation, it shines, unattached like a blue lagoon.

Beatiful lines novy.

Stars are my weakness and it keeps increasing and tantalizing me beyond words.

I am not talented like you. LOL

Thank you very much for the lines. They are truly beautiful, novy !

silvermoon said...

a poem "Free as a bird" comes to mind. Cheerful and a delight.

aklanta said...

hey you have an extraordinary fleet of can you drive your imagination wild like this!

aklanta said...

I knew that was a meaningless question..but failed to resist the temptation to ask...

jac said...



jac said...


You have seen just half of my wild side but the otherside is beyond you, Sir !

Anonymous said...

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