Saturday, July 21, 2007

May I come in ?

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To kill means, to get killed by hanging
not to kill is, to get killed unarmed
either way you get killed
Give me a couple of days to visit everyone of you... I did miss all your blogs.
If you do not enjoy the music here, you can switch off the player by double clicking the player, but if you enjoy music...use a good headphone.


MoodsAndColors said...

Welcome back...this is a Sunday morning delight...:).

Janice Thomson said...

What an absolute delight to see you back Jac! You have been sorely missed. I look forward to your posts.

Better to be the killed than the killer At least then, if all else failed, you go down with honor and a clear conscience.

Margie said...

How wonderful to have you back Jac!
So lovely to have you visit me have been missed very much!

Mindinside said...

Lovely post
Good to see ya again

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

so nice to see you back! :)

Anali said...

Good to see you back Jac! What a cool and creative collage! I think we're all here! ; )

Um Naief said...

i LOVE the collage... what an interesting and artsy thing to do... just love it especially w/ all the words around it.

glad to see you back. i really enjoy your blog and was wondering about you.

thanks for coming and letting me know that you're back.... :)

smiles to you!

alex said...


Great work. :)

Glad to have you back.

I am in univ of hyd now. Getting settled.

mathew said...

nice to see u back hopin to see u in full swing again!! :-)

EMALMADA said...

Hello from Almada - Portugal
have a nice day

Dotm said...

Jac, Thanks for letting me know you were back. Any exciting news about while you were gone? Or Meet any new interesting people?

By the way,how is your friend and his wife and their little one doing? The baby must be getting big now. I feel bad that I can`t think of their names right now, but I am sure you know which ones i am speaking about. I still remember that beautiful smile on her face when you were joking with them over their height. Hope they are doing well.

Gazza said...

Welcome back fella,we all missed you,take care

CapCity said...

u know i'm glad u're back. love the collage! how'd u do that? Photoshop?


Keshi said...

awa WB Jac! wut hv ya been upto? Missed ya.


VIDYA said...

:-) :-) its jus sooooo nice 2 c u back!!!!!!!!!!!

i wonder whr those footsteps went 2 .

and te collage was jus awesum!!

:-) :-)

lookin forward 2 detailed posts on ur vanishing act

Chaotic Serenity said...

Glad you're back :)

m.reza said...

hi Jac, misses you me! dont come to chat anymore! i am still alive you know! just not writing anymore, i guess. cheers. reza.

Rashi said...


Simply loved the music !

I am from India and am every time eager to read smthng gud and different, smthng thoughtful..i appreciate the blog here, it feels nice to has content fr my mind,

see u around,


CapCity said...

I've awarded u on my blog, Jac. Check it out when u get a sec! Awarded for connections!
Hugz 2 ya!

Walker said...

Welcome back Buddy.

So I guess to live is to let live.


mystic rose said...

good to see u. :)

Jac said...

@moods and colours

This is a morning gift to me too and it was so fast, before even I reach back from your blog.

Thank you anjali for bringing me the first present to cheer me up.


Always a pleasure for me too to see you again. Ya I missed you too.

Thank you for the words of wisdom in the comment.

Give me a day.


It is always a pleasure to see and to hear from you here. Thank you also for the mails.

I was there in your blog as soon as I stepped in, because I promised you that I will let you know.


Thanks, glad to see you too.

Missed your thought evoking poems.


My pleasure too.


I couldn't just leave you all and go.

Yes all of you are in the collage.

Thank you cousin.

@Um Naief

The post contains a special thanks to gazza, dot and you for the pleasent words at gazza's.

I am glad to knw thast you love the collage.

Smiles returned with interest.


Thanks for coming.

My pleasure to know that you joined Hyd University.

But don't give up your philosophy. LOL


Give me some time to fill my pen.

@ emalmada

My first surprise from spain !!!! HOLA !! Welcome to the window


Delighted to see you again and I have expressed my special thanks to you for the kindness during my absence. It touched me deep.

You are referring about Ashri's. I am planning a post as soon as I am able to get a new pic of Motaz, who has now started walking.

The surprise news is that he has scored again meaning that Mihasin, his lovely wife is four months pregnant again.

In his words…”.I am still strong, jac !”


Being almost a stranger to you, I really owe you for the good will you have showered on me by posting about me in your blog. I couldn’t believe my eyes when dot directed me to there by her email.

This is to say thank you gazza.


Yes, I know that you are glad…so am I, more than you.
I don’t use Photoshop, as I feel that Roxio is simple and more user-friendly.
Even Piccas2 also has many attractive features. I have used Roxio and piccasa2 together to complete it.


Was here and there keshi girl .
Missed ya too.


Delighted with those words, vidya !

I am also now looking back to see where I was and I will let you know when I get it back. Of course I will post.
Thanks vidya.


How nice to see you again !!

Gowd ! I am happy to see you again.


Yes, of course I miss you.

I don’t fancy much chat now a days, pal because of my work keeping me at the edge.

Thanks for coming and sharing buddy.
Don’t forget that we have many things in common too.


Welcome to the window.

Thanks for finding me. Yes, if you find the sharing unique here, then it means that we have something in common.
Come back will you ?


Thank you for the award for connections. Delighted and thanks to you for choosing me among your numerous readers.

Hugs back to you with more vigour, cap


Ya we meet again proving that the earth is after all in a round shape.
Yes, live is to let live. LOL


Very good to see you after a long break, mystic.

Missed your posts.

Nea said...

I have been away a long time also, and can't hope to catch up for sometime, I am still in Texas, and then back to Louisiana, and finally Georgia, so I won't be home for at least a week. Hope all has been well with you. I am on my son's computer, so I don't do much bloggin.

Mizrepresent said...

Welcome back luv!

Velu Nair said...

Being an expert 'vanisher'myself, I do understand...

;) :D

Jac said...


Thanks for coming and staying in touch.
I think I miss your blog.


I am shy !


I know that too. LOL

magiceye said...

hey!!! welcome back!!!! good to see you!!!!

Jac said...



Rose said...

I thot I had left a message quite soem time back.. Now I cant find it.. Anyways..

I cant read the words on the collage.. Could u pls send them to me if u dont mind.. I believe they say a LOT !



Nabeel said...

sure either way you are being killed, or perhaps murdered.