Thursday, July 13, 2006


My heart and soul are with the families of the terror victims in Mumbai, in which the death toll stands at 200 till now.

My deep sympathies with the bereaved families in Mumbai.

Who will give answer to those tears ?

Above is a picture that came in a news paper.


Othersideblue said...

Saying I am so sorry is not enough.
Words are silly at times like this but let me share the sadness and your grief.
May God bless their soul .. those innocent souls

samuru999 said...

Heartfelt sympathy !

starry nights said...

Only she can feel the pain..very sad.

m.reza said...

"who will give answer to those tears?"
very painful it is. i wrote a little poem about this. when is it gonna stop?

Sarah said...

It will never stop!!1 because unlike animals, we homosapiens are given a tad too much brain and brawn.. so we take pride in killing our own kind..just to make a point..When did human life ever had any value??

Nan said...

This is just awful and so very sad.

Sumitha said...

It is not the first time that such things are taking place,It is sad but true that there is NO value for human life in our country,otherwise such things wouldnt repeat!

SierraBella said...

This is terribly sad.
Many humans truly are the real beasts!

Colleen said...

What is going on there is horrific and incredibly sad. It's a sad world we live in these days... I guess all we can do is pray for these people affected... and show love to one another and make sure we do not add to the world's sadness by our actions.

One person can do alot even though it doesn't feel like it sometimes.

My heart goes out to these beautiful people. :(

ps. I really do want to do a drawing for you. Send me a picture that you would like and I will get started!

Colleen said...

jac, I forgot to ask you - what song/video do you have on your blog? It doesn't play when I come to your blog for some reason.

I KNOW you have good taste in music so I'm sure it's something good!

Mindinside said...

My heart and soul are with you
am too worried .. wots gonna happen .. who can tell? .. we are victims

The future scares me

Dew Drops said...


jarvenpa said...

I have in my actual shop window photos like this one, from many places in the world (and some sweet ones as well, because we can't bear it if there is only pain). My heart goes out to all who are suffering.

Rose said...


Saroj said...

I don't know what to comment. We can only pray to give strength to these people so that they can bear loss of their near and dear ones.

aklanta said...

I am also confused...who has the answer to this?

Perhaps it's in our hands's true there's no short term solution to this problem...but with a little more care and love perhaps we can change thnigs...isn't it?

hellbunny said...

It i a sad world we live in when people feel that taking the lives of innocent people is justified by their cause.

chet said...

I can only agree with what othersideofblue said. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family and the victims of such a senseless tragedy.

I must apologize for not coming around much anymore. I have been busy and now have a 15 year old granddaughter staying with me that keeps me going. Take care my friend, my prayers are with you.

Walker said...

Its such a shame that so many people die and suffer because of a selfish bunch of people who have NO soul or sense of humanity in any part of their useless existance.
And if their leaders ever succeed into getting into power the world should pound them into dust.
NO ONE should get rewarded for such blatant cruelty

Nyx said...

Hear hear. Good post.

jac said...

Absolutly touched by the sympathies

Thanks you very much

Truley said...words are just not enough.

Thanks for writing that poem.

immigrant in canada
but there are many who value life…don't ever forget that.

Yes, It is. So sad!

smitha shibu
Human life has been made to be the cheapest commodity by a few thugs.

Yes, that is the best suited name for them...beasts, of the worst kind.

Thank you very much for your ardent support.

Wait for my mail.

And thank you again, Colleen!

It scares me too.
Yes, we are the victims.
But those who did it forget the very fact, that instead of sympathy for their so called cause, they made at least 200 families who hate them and close to a billion enemies.
Thanks for your support.

dew drops
No words needed
and thanks.

You have very meaningful insights.
Thanks for the words.

I will fill it up.

Thanks for the support.

Care and kindness can make supporters but not killing innocents to focus attention.

Terrorism means threatening a majority by a minority with muscle power. That is not a way for a permanent solution.

The cause becomes non existent just by killing innocents. It is an unacceptable formula.
Thanks for the support.

Thanks for your prayers.

I remember a picture of your granddaughter in one of your earlier posts. Is that the one staying now with you?
You are lucky! Buddy.

You said what I had in my mind…they have no soul and humanity. It is a shame.

jac said...

Thanks for coming here and commenting.
I just glanced at your blog and I will be back to write a comment there. It looked very impressive.

Welcome again to my window.

Dotm said...

I feel for the people in Mumbai. I read about it in a newspaper on the net. So much heartache caused by those who have no real conscience or feelings for other people. I hope they catch them all before more innocent people are made to suffer. There is way too much happening all over the world and far too many people either injured or killed for no good reason. It`s so sad to think about. Leaves you wishing there was something you could do to protect the innocent people everywhere that have become targets for no apparent reason.

chet said...

Yes Jac, that is the granddaughter who is spending the summer with me. It sounds as if she might just stay here. She wants to go to school here. I will have to wait and see what her mother says. Thank You Jac.

GEL said...

I agree. If only I could truly do more than send heartfelt thoughts. Tragic.

I love Munich said...

What a terrible disaster!! I wish I could do something to ease the pain ... it's such a nightmare!

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