Thursday, June 15, 2006

A tag for my buddies.

This is about tagging.
What about tagging?
It is not a new thing in blog world. You have a tag; you do it and you tag some one else and it goes on and on like a cycle.
I too have been tagged a number of times.
I think Aklanta tagged me the first time and I politely declined.
I have nothing against a tag except the time factor. I don’t post daily due to my shortage of time. In my training job, I have to spend a majority of my time in class rooms and doing rounds in different stations where my trainees are located.
Well! Most of my old readers here know this and they leave me alone.
I have a new reader who tagged me last week and he is gone. Before tagging me he came here to read and left a comment. May be he is coming here daily and I dunno if he is reading this. But I have a tracker and I haven’t seen his URL in here for some time.

Aklanta is an old buddy and recently somebody tagged him and he even thought of passing the tag to me. He even conspired with shine to make me do it. Well! Shine is also my reader right from the beginning of my blog.
Now I see that another tag coming from mindinside who also remains one of my regular visitors which made me think that if I can take a tag from a new reader why not from my buddies closer to me.
Here I am taking tag from mindinside…Aklanta & Shine with out them asking me and lastly for sujay sukumar.
But I break the rules too.
I am not going to tell any one when the tag is done. He/she has to come and find it if they wants.
The tag was for six weird things I do, but as I am not tagging any one, I reserve the right to change it to six weird wishes of mine.

I am a very weird person.
I agree it here.
Some of the things that I want to do are very very weird, and I wonder if you believe me.
So here are the six weird things I want to do:

I like flying and I know how to pilot a small Cessana for that matter.
That is not that flying I mean.
I was about to join a Para gliding recently but shied off at the last moment just because I am scared of breaking my legs or angles and loosing a well paid job.
*I would like to fly like bird… soaring in the blue sky in the moonlight, with nothing above me… with out a sound from anywhere, like the pic I put up here.

The second one is with a story. This is a story that goes back to 3 years when I was in Addis Ababa airport lounge, waiting for a connection flight in the early morning time. There was a group of transvestites travelling as a group and I saw that everybody’s eyes were on them including mine. I think that they felt terrible embarrassment being there among the crowd of waiting passengers. From that day I always watch people who are transvestites, to know more about their lifestyles.
*So if I get the chance, I would like to spend an evening with them and write about it.
You have started laughing in disbelief. I know that

*I want to be shipwrecked in a blue lagoon some where in the ocean with no supplies

Most of my readers think that I am a serious person.
It is true and I agree. But I also have a sense of humour.
*Weirdest of all, I want to be an invisible man for a day walking everywhere I please, especially to my own kitchen, where I suspect that an affair is ongoing between my gardener and maid. Incidentally he is 55 years old and going strong and she, a widow of late 40’s.

I am a great fan of colours like m.reza who is a fair minded person. He wears only black apparels, to be impartial to all colours and I also know that after a certain depth you can’t read many colours, like in the ocean.
*Though it is a very small fantasy, I would like to be painted in my favourite yellow colour and go underwater just for the fun of it.

* Last but not least, I want to spank a woman on her bare butts in public, who came across my life some time back, who always calls me ‘poda’ when ever she gets a chance. The funny thing is, that the little “she devil” is ten years younger than me.

'poda' means an off-hand “bugger off “ which is used only on people younger to you in age.

No ! No ! Don’t suspect me; I have never made a pass at her.

Now the tag is done, I want to know how weird am I ? Am I not the weirdest.

I don’t tag any.


fritz said...

good post jac..umm..umm..don't know what to say ;)) :p

Sarah said...

aiyyeda oruthanu methran thambinte kochumolde kundi adikkan enthoru moham ???
..poda maramakri..

Dew Drops said...

agreed. u r the wierdest ;)

jac said...

If this is a good post, then you need not say anything.
That would be a compliment itself.

jac said...

immigrant in canada
Ayyadi !!!
Eee maranam ivideyum vanno ????

Methran thambi aaara ?
Aanene pedikkam, aanapindatheyum pedikkano ?
Onnu podi valumakri !!

English speaking readers, excuse please!!
I was replying to her flattering compliment.
I was telling her that she is the most modest and elegent spoken woman in the world.

jac said...

dew drops
I knew that you will agree.

Saroj said...

jac, nice post and as usual nice picture too, but.... (no comments);)

Strictly for my friends said...

Why would you want to be shipwrecked with no supplies? That would leave no one to continue this blog!!

jac said...

Though I enjoy reading and replying to each and every comment, there are some readers who don’t comment at all.

It is alright with me.

I thank you, Saroj! for coming here and reading… that itself, I consider a compliment.

jac said...

stricly for my friends

I haven't thought of such a situation and thank you for reminding me.
I now drop that wish off-record, strictly between us.
Thank you for coming and reading.

I love Munich said...

Let me see ... I piloted once a 2-seater Cessna (I think 570) with the "help" of a teacher who refused to do almost ANYTHING .. only the landing (I had to take off alone as well) - I had never done that before and thus forced her to do that! In the air there, she told me to "do what I want, turn left, right, ect."! Can you imagine???
I so much wanted to get a license .. but it was way too expensive!

Dive in yellow? Why not? The fish will probably go into shock... and curious sharks will take a closer look - so be careful not to turn into breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Invisible? GREAT - but LONGER than one day ... I'd have too much "work" for 24 hours only!!!

If you are the weirdest? NO ... but getting pretty darn close ... ha-ha!

jac said...

i love munich
Cessana flying is like a toy train ride, the differance being in the air.

Yellow, unless you be my teacher in scuba diving, which I very much wants to try. LOL
For me, 24 hrs is more than enough to take a round trip to Germany. Achung!!!
Still you don't think that I am weird ?

I love Munich said...

Ha-ha ... YOU ARE!!!!!!!!

ME - your diving teacher?? You have guts ... I have to disappoint you though - eventhough I dive since some thirty-plus years, I don't have a teacher-license ... which doesn't exclude some REALLY crazy things I did though ... the guides or instructors nowadays would call me insane!

To be invisible for to come to MUNICH????? WOW ... I think I have to be on HIGH alert, ha-ha!!

About the Cessna ... yes, that's about the feeling!

GREAT post Jac!!!

I love Munich said...

BTW ... you know some German? The word "Achtung" leads me to think that ...

starry nights said...

Jac I dont htink you are the weirdest, I am with you on #2, because I dream of flying into the sky like a bird, no limits and no boundries. My husband learnt to fly a plane and asked me to go on a solo flight with him, i never did go because I was afraid we may crash and my kids would have no parents.

jac said...

I love munich
Thanks again.
You don't have to learn German to say 'Achtung' as even children may know that.

jac said...

So we have some thing in common, welcome abroad.

Flying like a bird and riding a plane are two different things. Can a plane, swirl and swing lke a bird ?
Look at any bird on a windy day, just watch it's wings, you will know. LOL

Thanks lalitha

Walker said...

I hate being tagged but I do them and get even with more worse tags. lol
Now the spanking part i like and boy do I know a couple of cute butts i want to spank but not in public :D.

Have nice weekend Jac and see you when I get back

sophie said...

i had a good laugh...after ur wierd list

Rose said...

Hmmm.. the shipwrecked, invisible, bird taking an underwater dive into the ocean, amidst transvestites, while all he wants to do is spank a woman on her butt.. ROFTL.. :D

Ya.. U r the wierdest of all..



aklanta said...

I can just imagine the amout of anger because I "nearly tagged" you...I am happy with the are undoutedly wired weired

I know nothing about my fellow bloggers just as I do not know you...yet I know a lot about you all, thanks to the blogs...

I do not know how know about strangers can help or add to my life...yet I times we do things without any reason (heart follows no reason!)

if I have to right to know about the good things, bad things, happiness and sad moments of your life, I too have the right to now how weired you are...

thanks a lot and be ready to face another tag (some day)...;)) (evil grin!)

jac said...

You are here again, thought I lost you some where.
Yea, once you accept, they keep pouring in. I am done with it. LOL

Enjoy your week end Walker.
Thanks for coming.

jac said...

If you are laughing, then my purpose is served.
Making some one laugh, is not a piece of cake.
Do it louder.

jac said...

I dunno if I have done good or harm to me by writing about weird things that I want to do.
I may know it later.

Thanks for the ROFTL, but it is good only if none thinks that I am becoming a PITA

jac said...

By and large you got what you wanted.
I dunno if I lost some visitors by speaking about my weird thoughts.

Oh ! no, not again please!!
Next time if I have to reveal the rest of my thoughts, I may loose all my readers. LOL

Mindinside said...

You are not weird at all ..
To be invisable for a day? i want it for a month at least me the advantage of being advanturous ..

hey ..if ever you decide going shipwrecked, take a waterproof laptop with you so u can keep posting for us:)

jac said...

Thank you for letting me out of that weird list.

Invisible for a month ?
Incredibly exciting thought and I where to?

Be assured that I would keep my laptop intact.

Even I have given my instructions to keep my laptop in my coffin… in case I become lonely.

Sujay Sukumar said...

your wierd enough to be cool ;)

And hey the tag was done nicely,
and the bare bottom beating part - sammadichu ashaane!!! aale kollamlo!!!