Thursday, June 08, 2006


This to wish a belated Happy Birth day to Gem. Her birthday was before yesterday, the 6th of June.
Unfortunatly I missed the date and I am so sorry. She is some one I care, who remains one of my formost readers.
I had no server until now.

I am a devil, who do mix up all dates
I am an evil, who plays
with your minds
I am some one, who hurt all who shares
Apologies to you and others
And I think I need a break.


starry nights said...

Jac. dont be too hard on yourself, we all tend to forget and mix up dates.But dont forget mine.

gem said...

Please don't stop writing
I love to read wot u write.

Thanks for the post,
you need not feel sorry baby
I will have birth days again
years to come.

Rose said...

I somehw dnt think forgetting bdays is a big deal (largely bcoz i alwyz do.. *grin*).. unles of crs its vry imp to the other person and cud hurt him/her in anyway...

But honestly i dnt undrstand y ppl get too uptight abt others remember'n their bdays.. I doesnt say anythn abt ur feelings for me jst coz u wished me on my bday..

But i gues its al subjective..

Ok.. im rambling.. i better stop b4 u slap me..



I love Munich said...

Don't be so hard on yourself Jac - we all forget once in a while ... that's only human - and that's what you are too - a human!
Do you think of stopping to write?? DON'T Jac - too many people would miss you a LOT!
Just relax ... and take a few DEEP breaths - that'll take care of it!!

Dew Drops said...

i remember my b'day wen somebody call me n yell "Happy B'day". Cheer up ;)

jac said...

I still feel bad about it but thanks for the understanding.

Many happy returns of the day again, though belated.

boo said...

enjoy your break, come back soon {{hugs}}

sophie said...

u need a break
u need some rest
u need something more too
mebbe a healing kiss...

get well and come back

jac said...

starry nights

It is always a pleasure to hear those soothing words from you, Lalitha !
Mind you, it was indeed soothing because it came as soon as I posted.
Thanks all the way.
No, I won't forget yours.LOL

jac said...

You have a very valid point in those lines of yours.
Indeed she was hurt initially but her comment in here, wiped out all my fears and worries.
I know when to sleep and when to pretend sleep.

Your's was of course super special to me, don't you know that? LOL
Your rumbling keeps me awake, rose!

hellbunny said...

Happy birthday to your friend for the 6th.Im sure she'll understand you forgot her birthday not her.

jac said...

i love munich
Thanks karin, for being extending your kind thoughts and your wishes to her.

Now as I feel that I haven't done an unpardonable mistake from all these comments including hers, I feel that I will think of inking up my pen again.

I will think about taking deep breaths as you suggested and make go for it.

jac said...

dew drops
Give me the date so that I can yell and remind yours.

jac said...

bootiful hugs of yours...accepted with pleasure.

jac said...

I am not forgetting the fact about forgetting your birthday too.

The apology is for you too as you can see the 'others' in the last line.

A healing kiss ? Is it like all other kisses? LOL

And thanks.

jac said...

That was one of the best lines here.
Yes, I didn't forget her.LOL
Thanks, June!

Anonymous said...

Its ok Jac, she will certaily understand, but don't forget next time.

It happens, today is my birthday 9th june, and a few of my loved ones forgot it. What to do? I can't stop loving them.

jac said...

Thanks for the consolation.

As it happens, I am not forgetting yours by the way.

A very Happy Birth day saroj

fritz said...

belated happy birthday to g-e-m
..hope next year you won't forget her birthday again..or you'll have to give her a huge present..hehehe
..if not presents! ;))

jac said...

Now I am wondering when your birth day is coming around
I have to make a note to ask you politely

It seems that you have started spreading stars around you from your pic here. It is a lovely rock-n-roll or is it waltz?


Maya Cassis said...

even i need a break:)

jac said...

The fact is that I can't take one now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your wishes

jac said...


Dotm said...

Hope both your friend Gem and Saroj had very wonderful Birthdays. I noticed that you can`t click on Gem and find her blog. Does she have one?

Dotm said...

Hope both your friend Gem and Saroj had very wonderful Birthdays. I noticed that you can`t click on Gem and find her blog. Does she have one?

jac said...

She doesn't have a blog unfortunately but Saroj has an evoking blog.