Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I need her

Today I need to find shobha.
Today I needed her desperately.
Yes, I know you have that crooked smile in the corner of your mouth whenever I mention a woman’s name.
Shobha is Mohan’s wife.
She is a cute, charming girl and very talkative about any subject.
Today she came to my mind suddenly.

Mohan is my long time closest friend, now peacefully settled in Sweden. His wife Shobha is a citizen of Sweden.
From the way they act nowadays, it seems that they don't know me at all.

I lost contact with him for almost six months.
Our friendship goes back long ago with my service in Shell Nigeria. He too was there and we had a great time.
I am away from the subject…sorry.

This is to do with his cute wife Shobha, who used to ask me to bring clothes for her whenever I go globe trotting.

So what is so special about it ? Listen to this.
The funny thing is that she wants them in only one colour... peacock blue.
I have never seen her in any other coloured attire.

Peacock coloured Sari, Churidar, midi, maxi or what ever she wears…all in the same colour.
She says that it become her habit, from her very early days and revealed that she was once taken to a shrink by her parents to solve this obsession.
One day I even jokingly asked Mohan if she has peacock blue underwears too. He just laughed and laughed and shoba came out hearing his laugh.

When he repeated my question, she joined our fun, finding a gap to tell me that she wanted that too in peacock blue, but unfortunately she gave up her trials after realizing the futileness.

Now turning back to the subject:

Peacock is the national bird of India too and I know that it is blue.
You all know what this colour is, don’t you ?

This unique beautiful ‘blue’ had made this bird world famous.
But not any more, after taking these pictures of this white peacock. I am dumber than a donkey some times, as I realized this after seeing a white peeacock.
After taking these pics I decided to do little research on a white peacock. You know what I got first when I typed 'white peacock' ?
Butterflies!! Now I know that there are butterflies with the name white peacock.
Yes, there are white peacocks and peafowls too, as I saw them in Malayasia.

I am still looking for Shobha to tell this.

I don’t know how she will take this news.
I wonder if she will start crying. LOL
These pictures are from Malyasia.

Aren't they cute ?


fritz said...

sooooo c-u-t-eee and l-o-v-e-l-yyy peacocks! great writing jac ;;)

Dew Drops said...

and i have a small obsession to white ;)

I love Munich said...

NICE story Jac!! I can well understand her ... peacock-blue is a WONDERFUL colour! But NO other color around? Wow ...
I love colors in general ... the above metioned, a beautiful red, Sunflower yellow, turquise or a suttle green .. and white, a NO-color! I forgot to mention the myriad of colors during a sunrise - and set in the desert or at the sea ... unspeakably beautiful!
I don't like NOT black though ...
To look at beautiful colors does lift one's spirit ... this is at least what I feel!

Saroj said...

Beautiful phtographs!!

Saroj said...

sorry not 'Jack', but 'Jac'

Dr O2 said...

try to tell her slowly n bring her the sad news lttle by lttle ;-)

jac said...

Delighted by those cute remarks.

How can I thank you for that ardent encouragement ?

Thanks all the way.

jac said...

dew drops
White is the colour Snow and snow is clean and simple.

"Over the river and through the wood,
To grandfather's house we go;
The horse knows the way
To carry the sleigh,
Through the white and drifted snow."

-Lydia Maria Child-

jac said...

i love munich
Absolute truth that colours can lift your spirits.

There again the fact remains that black and white are not real colours. They are made by mixing other colours.
There is no match for the colours you see at sunrise or sunset with the glittering hue reflected on the surface of the ocean, especially if it is from your balcony :)

jac said...

Thank you for that beautiful compliment.

Names ?
Names are just for identity and never implies anything else, or else how do you explain names like 'Arjun' who should be brave like a lion turns out to be a
coward (pedichu thoori)

Saroj said...

Jac, you are a mallu!!

jac said...

Dr o2
Yes, I will have to do it slowly and then be prepare too, to console a broken heart.

Thank you dr.
Pleased to welcome you here.

aklanta said...

liked everything about the post...narration, storyline, emotions, peacocks and the memories

jac said...

A pleasure seeing you back here, that too showering me with those lovely comments, is some thing very refreshing.
So pleased, to know that you liked it.
Wish I could see you more often.
Thanks again.

Rose said...

I almost fell off my chair at the last pic..

Hmm.. the post reminds of my obsession with white..



jac said...

If you fell off your chair, then it makes me guilty of harming a poor soul and body, I owe you an apology :)

You too have an obsession with white like dew drops!!! Would you see my reply to her?

Thanks for that compliments with due apologies for the chair incident. LOL

m.reza said...

Lovely pictures Jac, I love all the colours, can’t make me happier to see everything in colouer! But I am always fair to them, that’s why I always wear black.

meetu said...


jac ....where have u been all this time...oops sorry .i shd be writin this for myself anyways u know i m like lightening ...unpredictable ;none can trace my origin none can follow my destination but your heart is my favourite resting place wont ever get out from there ....lol

meetu said...

jac my new email id


jac said...

Thanks on the compliments.

I too like colours, especially yellow and all shades of blue.

There again, you made mistake, black and white are not considered colours. Yet you are right in saying that you are impartial, as black in fact is a mixture of colours.

Dotm said...

What a lovely peacock. I have seen a peacock, but we couldn`t get it to open it`s feathers so we could truly see it`s beautiful splender. It opened just a speck, so we did see some of the colors. They are such a beautiful bird. Thanks for posting the pictures.We don`t have them where I live, I saw them in a place where they had loads of different animals to see.

I hope you connect with Mohan and his wife Shobha in the near future. Years go by so fast and we sometimes lose contact with some of out close friends after they move. Then sometimes try as we may, we just cannot locate them. I still miss my old friends in England. We were penpals for many years and lost contact after we grew up. You might not hear from them, but you still mever forget them. Good luck.

jac said...

hi meetu
You have your question and answer in you comment.

Yes, you can always trust me when you need me.
I was wondering why all my email boomeranged. Where ever you elope into, remember that there are people here, who care.
I am using plural as there are more than one who care about you.

m.reza said...

you got my point,

hellbunny said...

They are very elegant birds

Silent One said...

Your last photo.. was the most brilliant and beautiful.

Thank you for sharing.

jac said...

It is very beautiful bird indeed, be it white or blue and each movement it makes looked beautiful to me with those bunch of tucked in feathers.

I am sure I will be in touch with Mohan and Shobha as usual with lot of lame excuses for the being closeted in.
Thank you do, dot

jac said...


Yes, I suppose I do.

jac said...

Elegance in its movements, and thrilling in its colours

jac said...

silent one
I too believe that it is truly beautiful.
Thanks to you too for coming here to share.

starry nights said...

Beautiful pictures, never knew ther was a white peacock. I love the color peacock blue also especially if it is in silk.I hope u get intouch with your friends.

Marthyan said...

Pretty Peacocks :)

jac said...

Yes, it is a very tantalising colour that can waver your moods

jac said...

Sure, I am happy to know that you like it.

Thanks for visiting me.

jac said...


Sumitha said...

I had once got these pictures of the white peacock as an email forward from one of my friend!

jac said...

sumitha shibu
You can get plenty of pics in internet too, but I didn't know that until I see it in Malayasia.

I have many other birds too from there, which I will post in due course

Nan said...

Oh that peacock is beautiful.

November Rain said...

I love the pea cocks so beautiful

jac said...

Missed you

jac said...

november rain

Delighted to have you back here.
Missed your lines.

Mindinside said...

A few years ago I watched them trapped in zoo.
Very stupid of me I remembered peacock as green:)

The white peacock is unique and lovely as a bride!

jac said...

If you watch the unique 'eyes' in the feathers of the blue one's, you will see an array of colours in which thick green lashes can be seen.

Lovely as a bride is an appropriate term

Colleen said...

A white peacock?! How gorgeous and adorable. I love your pictures jac!

jac said...

I was just waiting for your comment.

Lorna said...

beautiful pictures. My girl children have always called me a peacock---I love those flashy colours. Now that I see the beauty of white, I may change my mind.

jac said...

I think that there must be some good reason for your girls for calling you a peacock as it is a very pretty and adorable bird.

I still like the blue one. But let me know if you change your mind, so that I can send you some pics of the white.

Mindinside said...

You are tagged .... check my page please:)

jac said...

You too ??
Unresistable !!!
Yea, I have noted it.

Neers said...

amazing pictures! and quite an interesting blog! :)
heyy,... ariean (god!! seems am surronded by them!!!!) thanks for stopping by...

jac said...

Welcome to the widow to my soul and thank you for that flattering comment.
Considering the quipped jugglery of cute lines in your poetic blog, I am just a speck in the wind.

Your visit is a honour. Thank you for the compliments.
I am sure that I will see you again.

kat said...

Lovely photos and an interesting read as usual, Jac.

jac said...

It was my pleasure hearing it from you.

Rose said...

U better be sorry.. ;)

Hmm.. I gues dats y me and dew drops r gud freindz.. :)

jac said...

I apologised already.
You too from Kodakara ?

I understand that you have web page. Can I take a look ?
URL plz.

Rose said...

Web page????

No me not from Kodakara.. Actually not sure were in kerala i belong too.. my father from Pathanamtitta, i lived in UAE for 11 yrs, 5 yrs in TVM, 3 in Thrissur, 2 in Hyd, now in Mumbai for the past one n a hlf yrs..

Mixed identity??