Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cherry Merry Lips

A finger exploring
the skin felt alluring
a face, soft as snow
two dimples at bloom

The fingers so creepy
now playing a snappy
sketching the chin
keep sliding, within

A coveting surge
an urge on the verge
a mole on the cheek
keep twitching to seek

Two eyes turning mellow
a heart beat like bellows
a shudder deep within
the cheeks now a pink

A fragrance so dear
a breath hot`n near
a black pair of eyes
now blacked out`n dies

The cherry merry lips
now parted with thirst
by letting those lips
A tigress was born


fritz said...

so l-o-v-e-l-y poetry jac ;;)

Sarah said...

A tigress was born...to..?

jac said...

haha thanks.

Anonymous said...

nice poem jac, but who is she ;-)

I love Munich said...

Very nice poem Jac ... but a riddle!
Will you disclose who she is?

jac said...


"Poetry is not an opinion expressed. It is a song that rises from a bleeding wound or a smiling mouth"

I am sure that you know who wrote it.

Dew Drops said...

good work jac, so all our buttering comments for the last post are working, eh?

Mindinside said...

A burning flame
the passionate lines

Your pen is your heart and love is the ink that you write with.

Sarah said...

Gibran Ofcourse!!
Charles Simic said " Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them." ..so the question still remains..

jac said...

dew drops
Well! well! So that means that you were buttering me... sort of luring me to write with more passion, which is a trickery played on a poor soul.

You gave me so much courage and I had no other alternative.LOL

Thanks all the way for that.

Rose said...

The passion burning within seemed to hv flown thru ur words..




Lorna said...

I sense a mystery....

jac said...

I love munich

"The Arctic expresses the sum of all wisdom: Silence."

-Walter Bauer-

Thank you for the compliment.

jac said...

A lovely comment, very well appreciated.

"Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame."

-Henry David Thoreau-

jac said...

immigrant in canada
She taught me to be nice, so nice that now I am so full of niceness, I have no sense of right and wrong, no outrage, no passion.

So here is the answer:-
"Now all my teachers are dead except silence."
-W.S. Merwin

Thanks so much, Sarah !

jac said...

It is a truth.

But all flames over burn before a quenche... sad though.

jac said...


In fact when there is none...

jac said...

I missed you the first time.

I told you before, my imagination is a bird...it lands where eagles dare not...
Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

What nonsense is that, you guy? Do you call it "poetry"? It's something like "Bird, O my bird". Had Shakespeare read that, he would have repented having been a poet. Stop that nonsense, guy!!!

boo said...

and so she is :)

jac said...

Welcome to my window.
Come on cheer up ! I am not annoyed.
Next time with out a name, I will block you.

But don't be a coward, come with a name and criticize me.

So who is Shakesphere ?
Are you ?

jac said...

Well I dunno for sure.

Maya Cassis said...

that was beautiful

November Rain said...

bump bump
thump thump
bump bump thump thump

my eyes and my heart plays along
with reading words painted like a song
savoring every moment that drips from your pen
and every line like sweet sin

I indulge myself in the thoughts and words
dance in your world

is Jac

has he began again to write
so that our eyes and hearts can take flight


starry nights said...

Beautiful poem jac..Who is that tigeress.?

jac said...

That was really nice coming from you. You appear suddenly like your 'name'

What shall I say other than just a simple thank you.

m.reza said...

Nice poem Jac, nice riddle, so much ups and downs, I think I sense the meaning but I guess need help, I couldn’t quite figure it out if its positive or negative, if its hope and anticipation or un-expectancy. But it felt good reading it. “a coveting surge, an urge on the verge” !!! Brilliant! Thanks.

I love Munich said...

Jac ... to use Abed's words: just "ignore the ignorants!!

jac said...

Your eyes and heart; play along indeed
Words like pearls; sing a tune I need
Yet with a sin I did; with a pen I share
If it does frights away; one of my ‘raindear’
I am gona throw my pen
So you can ride back in
Sing with that song again
Dance with the waltz again

jac said...


aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ?

Thanks for the compliment.

Dotm said...

So many different colors all together on the tree at the same time. All different stages of maturity towards ripening. Is this a tree in your backyard?

jac said...

There is no riddle in there and I am not a one that fiddles with riddles.

Let us say, that it was inspired by a sweet 'temptation', which I am not sure, as positive or negetive.
The ball in your court, reza !

I have linked you to my previous tag post, with out your consent. I hope you dont mind.

Thanks for that compliment

jac said...

i love munich

Thanks for that thoughtfulness.
I have decided to do exactly that.

As the saying goes:-

"If a some one become crazy, you can chain them
But if the chain become crazy, what will you do ?"

That one is educated and crazy

jac said...


Righto, full points to you.

This is a wild cherry from my back yard and yes, I have the pic of its bloom too if you need. If you take a good look at the pic, you will see that it is already raining there.

Mind you, that unlike the normal cherries, it has the most vicious thorns I have ever come across

m.reza said...

you dont need my consent Jac, for you are a true friend. the Temptation, its all clear now, cheers.

jac said...

Thanks buddy from the other side of the globe. Delighted to be your friend.

A big sigh when you say all clear.
Cheers to you too.

Strictly for my friends said...

Quite nice. I don't agree you can't write poetry. The expression of thought is enough. Everyone is not a Wordsworth, neither is everyone trying to be him.

jac said...

Strictly for my friends

Thats a nice compliment and I am fully aware that I am neither wordsworth nor Emily.

Is this encouragement reserved strictly for your friends ?

hellbunny said...

You write from your heart Jac.With poetry that is what truly matters.

Delaleuverses said...

Beautiful word-play here, glad I stopped by for some inspiration

jac said...

I think that it is true.

jac said...

Welcome to my window.

Thanks for that compliment. Come again if you liked what you read

Monica said...

beautiful poem. You didn't send me a lovely one anonymously did you? I posted it on my blog.

Colleen said...

A truly lovely poem... almost sweetly erotic on some way... And as always, your pictures are beautiful jac. Hope you are doing well.

jac said...

Thanks for the compliment.

NO. I did not.

jac said...

Thanks and thanks.