Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Smile... Here I Smile Again.

Here what you see; is not a flower at all
The colour you see; is not a colour
at all

This is just a smile, from smiling eyes
It is me you see,
with my smiling eyes


Jay said...

You take wonderful photos.

jac said...

miss jay
That was a glorious comment from you.

I hope that your finger is normal.

Dr O2 said...

lol that is a wonderful smile ya got there jac!! Excellent

starry nights said...

I just love that smile.

hellbunny said...

Nice to see you smiling again

I love Munich said...

If this is your smile - it's most beautiful!! I'm very happy you're smiling again!

Sarah said...

It is the joy that I see in your smiling eyes

kat said...

Keep smiling.

November Rain said...

butter cup smiles
from over the miles
treasures so breath taking
its beauty in the making

yellow, sweet and tender
a smile I have surrendered
for smiles are contagious and not so rare
when you give a smile to share

What a beautiful smile you have shared with us jac thankyou

Lorna said...

Is that a bald yellow smiler I see?

fritz said...

yeah..ssSSmmiiiLLLLeeee jac ;))

jac said...

Thanks buddy. I am enjoying your blog too.
Delighted with your comments.

jac said...

And I adore you when you appreciate my smile.

Rose said...


(Im giving u a BIG smile back)...


jac said...


Thank you all the way.

jac said...

I love Munich

Yes, it is my smile but I didn’t realize that it would be so beautiful…that was most flattering.

Appreciate the care and concern.

I am flattered and thank you very much, karin

jac said...

Immigrant in Canada

That was my smile of joy.
Delighted with that comment, Sarah.

jac said...


I will. Thank you

jac said...

November Rain

yea, it is yellow and bright
yea, again for sharing with delight
Sure it comes from miles away
A pleasure; I will never shy away

jac said...


You bet it is, always ready for an omlet. LOL

jac said...


Yeah, the pleasure of sharing is mine too.

Dotm said...

Jac, I love knowing you were smiling.
I just heard a news report about a pipe blast in ILADO, Nigeria and wondered if that is near where you are. My heart goes out to the families of the 150 who according to the news were involved in that blast. Such a sad thing to have happened. It breaks my heart to hear news like this. I would like to believe the news report is wrong, but too often it is true.
Please take care. If this isn`t the kind of news you would like posted on your site, please just delete it. I was just worried as I am sure anyone else who heard the report also is.

jac said...

Thank you for that smile, rose!
Am more than sure the smile is rosy

Thanks all the way.


jac said...

It is near Lagos which is far away from Port Harcourt in the delta area where I am from and it happens due to ignorence and greed of some people.

You can bring in any thing here, dot!
I know that you care about the poor and the needy.

It is big tragedy as usual the authorities will sit on it.

Mindinside said...

Your smile is contagious :)

Suji said...

Great pics and nice poems. And a wonderful smile. :)

jac said...


There are good and bad things as contagious, like:

good:- smile, love, tears, concern and affection.

bad:- smile, eating too much, sadness, tears and jealousy.

You can see, that smile and tears are on both groups.
In which group is my smile ?

jac said...

Welcome to my Window.

I am so happy to know that you like what I write here.

Welcoming you here again and appreciate commenting as you please.

Mindinside said...

good:- smile, love, tears, concern and affection

I love Munich said...

You're welcome Jac ... anytime!

Sujay Sukumar said...

is that you smiling? naah!!! Its a flower with five petals aint it? hey...but ofcourse it you smiling....its all of us is nature smiling...smiling....

Anonymous said...

Keep the smile Jac. God knows we need all the smiles we can get. I am glad that you are smiling again.

aklanta said...

A flower in bloom and a smile...are they synonyms?

jac said...

I will follow your lead.

jac said...

i love munich


jac said...

sujay sukumar

Yes, It is a flower.
But when ever I smile, I feel that I am like a blooming flower, though my smile is not beautiful at all like that bloom you see.

Welcome to my window.

Come again if you like what you read and see here.

jac said...

Happy to see you again.

Thanks for the comment.

jac said...


Thanks for being back.
I missed you here.

You are not new.
So you understand the meaning of every word and picture I insert here. LOL