Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mother Nature 4

I didn't know the botoanical name or the history of this vegetable, though I have it in my back yard for a long long time.

The credit for the information goes to Sarah who has been kind enough to send me the link in exchange for a promise of a keralite dinner.

She is a talented writer and I would say one of the best. Check her out yourself. Today she has mentioned about 'Paraquat', a weed killer in her post.

This post is about Ivy gourd or Coccania in Brazilian language.

Originally from Brazil, the history of Ivy gourd (Coccinia indica) coming to India is not clear.

Ivy gourd is an under exploited cucurbitaceous vegetable grown in eastern and southern parts of the India.

The variety is propagated through vegetative means. Planting the three-noded cuttings is the best method. The selected cuttings should be planted in pits of 60 cm diameter dug at a spacing of 2 m by 2 m. Two or three cuttings may be planted in each pit. It responds to sound nutrient management.

It is a favorite vegetable of the farmers because of its resistance to pests. I have it for years in my backyard and never have I seen any pest attacking it nor have I used any pesticides. It never bothered me at all.Twice a week it can be plucked except in the rainy season…when its time to prune it or clip it.

Thouugh the fruit looks eatable, it is a delicacy only to the birds.


Dew Drops said...

my dad still has it in his backyard :)

I love Munich said...

I didn't know you're such a great a botanist!!:)
That flower and fruit do look familiar to me ... I guess I (unintentionally) had it years back growing in a small stretch of soil below the balcony and didn't have a clue what it was! Good I didn't try the cucumbers ...
About Sarah ... I couldn't agree more!!
Beautiful pictures!!

sAP said...

Jac, you are beginning to sound like a botanist. Help!

By the way. what happened to that Toyota Prado of yours? Did they give you another one?


Mriganayanii said...

Hello Jac,
i agree with sap - you're beginning to turn into a full-flegded botanist!
i dunno what that is - but it belongs to ipomea family.
Keep writing!

starry nights said...

Jac. Thanks for all the info. Are you a Botanist?. I have never seen the flower or fruit before. I love sarahs writings and I have to say she writes really well.

Sarah said...

Alamak.. that is the first word that came in to my mind when i read this post. That is a Malay word and I don't know how to translate.. you would say Alamak, when everyone is talking about you and you look at your self and say "Alamak, what is going on"

Thank you all.. I am touched!

jac said...

dew drops

Is he in India ?

jac said...

i love munich

I am not at all a botanist.
It is just that I feel that some among you are not aware of the details, someone who is strange to this plants, some one who always need details in addition to my pictures, someone specially like 'dotm' aand you karin.

jac said...

After ling time :)

Oh come on, you know my name. I am a jac of all trades.

The Prado is yet to be replaced, its biggining to show its age, like me ofcourse.
In the course of last two months, it has failed me three times forcing me on the roadside, asking other motorists for a lift with a thumps up sign. But I started depending on a Toyota pick up, though I dont like pick up's.

I will keep you posted,

jac said...


Where you been hiding ?
It seems ages and you never responds to mails.

As you know already, I am not a botanist, nayani!
It seems God has send you to me to help me if you are a botanist. Yea, its true that I like nature. But as far as I know you are biolgist ? Am I right ?

Don't go away again. Stay for while in the blog world.
Thanks for remembering this URL.

jac said...

Half of your thanks belongs to Sarah as she has given me the necessery link.
Thanks for giving Sarah the compliment, who deservs it.

I am a botanist :) if you are race track driver,haha.
Thanks for the compliment.

jac said...

immigrant in canada

Your state of 'Alamak' make me happy and makes me to laugh.
The compliments are well deserved.

I like surprises :)
Thanks to you again.

Rose said...

WOW!!! U hv quite a collection of vegetation in ur garden... My mom shudnt b see'n this.. She'll go crazy with happiness..



boo said...

pity u can't eat it

Dew Drops said...

india, kerala, kochi

jac said...

Don't you worry about that, I have plenty left in the garden for two families.
You are welcome anytime.

jac said...

Seeing the booty, I have tasted just for trial. It is sweet but slightly bitter and mucous too.

jac said...

dew drops
Which area in kochi ?

I love Munich said...

.. ha-ha and HOW PLEASE am I supposed to understand that?? Yes - I DO like to have details ... that makes me understand better! Any problem?? :) :) :)

hellbunny said...

Shame its not edible.It looks good.

jac said...

i love munich

You are always welcome, karin.
No problem at all. I am in some sort of a teaching pofession, so I like to explain.

jac said...

The fruit looks eatable, yes !

Silent One said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.

you have beautiful pictures here...

I will have to come back to read more.

jac said...

silent one
Welcome to my window.

Happy to know that you like the pics.
Come again please !

Mindinside said...

Wished I were a bird :)

jac said...

Consider yourself a bird and then what will you do ?

Silent One said...

jac... are you in India? or from India..?
Do youhave your internet connection come through India.

I ask... as my son was there visiting a few months ago. He is 16 and loved the Country. I also have a friend that might be there now.... I am waiting to hear from him.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember me, Jac? You wrote a poem about my eyes once. I found a copy in my room and decided to look up your blog. Nice to see your poetry again.

jac said...

silent one
At the moment I am in Malayasia. I was in India before a week and I will be in Sudan from 5th.

Your son was visting India alone ? If you need any help, let me know.

jac said...

You welcome who ever you are.

Could you send me the copy and the reference number of the poem.
I can't keep track.
Do come back again
Thanks for the visit.

Dotm said...

Jack, I did read this post a couple days ago but when I posted it didn`t post on your site. I figured it might have been due to the storm. Then the lightning got closer so I shut down my computer.
Your Ivy gourd looks a lot like my burpless cucumbers, except if the cucumbers start to look yellow it means they are spoiling and should have been puicked earlier while still green.
To bad something that looks that good isn`t edible.

Maya Cassis said...

oh yes,thanks for the knowledge of paraquat.I was really wondering what that meant in Sarah's blog.
I feel enlightened now

jac said...

It may be known with another name in your country.
As I am not a botanist, I don't know if it has a name that you mentioned.
Though not edible for us, the birds love it, so it is not totally useless when it ripens

jac said...

Thanks for the visits