Monday, May 29, 2006

Mother Nature 3

Dear all
I had a problem with my internet modem which mercilessly burned out leaving me in a jam.

I have neither been reading anything for the past four or five days nor did I post any. Sorry for that. I will be on to you soon. Thanks again with apologies.

This post is inspired by a comment by a blogger in my previous post, who asked me if I have seen her guava tree with just leaves.
I took a look again in her blog and later went out in my backyard to take these pictures.

This is very specially for that blogger who wished that she had plenty of fruits in her guava tree.
I have two of them in my backyard and this one is yellow skin outside and white inners when it is ripe.
As I have two, I can offer one of my guava trees to starrynights with pleasure.

Hybrid and tissue cultured, this gives you the delicious fruits in third year.


I love Munich said...

What hidden treasures you have in your backyard!!! All I can say is - I AM JEALOUS!! :)

MoodsAndColors said...

Mangoes and Guavas ... yummy!!!

hellbunny said...

such lovely fruit you have in your garden

sophie said...

i too have the same kinda guavas at home....

jac said...

i love munich

Trust me, all these pics in the series are from my well kept backyard.

jac said...

moods and colours

Sure it is yummy...more yummier follows

jac said...


For you too, to share.

jac said...

So we have, afterall, some thing in common.

kat said...

Lovely photos, as usual. I love viewing the exotic plants and fruits, on your blog.

starry nights said...

I missed you. I am glad you are back. I am jealous of your Guava tree and want one of yours.Or I should patiently wait for it to bear fruit. maybe in the next 10 years. The guavas look delicious.What other nice fruit trees do you have?

Sarah said...

perakka with salt.. ah.. u just know how to make me miss Kerala..god's own country!!

Lorna said...

I am so glad you have a garden because I can take such delight in it---even at this distance.

jac said...

I haven't the cute imaginations that you always share in your blog, but what I have is the love of it plants or flowers, animals or pets. I do love it.
Thanks for that flattering comment.

jac said...


Come on ! You don't have to be jealous as I already told you that you can have one of my guava's.

Whatever pics you see in this Mother Nature series is from by garden and taken with my cheap camera.

Many will follow, if you feel it worth watching.
You too have words and pics that I like in your blog.

jac said...

immigrant in canada
Yes, with salt again makes it delecious when it is not ripe.

Do you know that it is good remedy for stomuch ulcers ?

You are not missing your country, you have in fact decideed to miss it.

jac said...

I know that you love nature an that you reside in a very beautiful country too.

But you have lovely words as encouragement.

Thank you, lorna!

Dotm said...

You must do a lot of work to keep everything in your yard growing and producing that well.
I am enjoying the pictures. So many things that we can`t grow here.
glad you were able to get back on line.

Mindinside said...

Starry night is a lovely person

Sarah said...

choices, choices.. we all make them..then cry to our hearts content..

boo said...

i love guavas *yummy*

Rose said...

Ok. let starrynites take the guava tree, i'll take the guavas.. ~wink~

Had been to 'home sweet home' for a long vacation.. Gotta catch up on blogging...



Rose said...

Neekum venum Perakya... :(

starry nights said...

I only want the tree from Jacs garden.

aklanta said...

Good...let's call it a frooty come back...after mango, it's guava time...

jac said...


Yes, I have to.
I do tender my garden while I am on my vacation normally so that I see the condition of each one. Just like human, some becomes sick and you will never know if you don’t watch the symptoms

I am so happy to know that you enjoy my pictures. These feed backs are my encouragements.
Thank you, dot !

jac said...


So are you!!!

What makes you think that you are not ?

jac said...

Immigrant in Canada

Unfortunately yes, we do exactly that and repeat it too. We have to learn not to cry over spilled milk.

jac said...

I didn’t know that bootiful boo would like it!!

You are invited to my garden.

jac said...

There is plenty for all. There are lots of fruits and in the ground I have a lot of natural saplings and you can have your hearts contend. Pick your choice.

Where were you on your vacation?
And for how long?

ninakkum tharam perakya, don't you worry:))

jac said...


You already have a lot of fans here.

You are invited again.

jac said...


Yes, and more to follow.

Rose said...

I went to Kerala via Coimbatore...

I was in Coimbatore meeting friends for a day.. Then was home sweet home for 8 days.. I was there to witness the beginning of monsoons..



jac said...

So you have witnessed the rains after a long time I suppose ?