Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mother Nature 1

Last week all of us celebrated the mother’s day.
All over the world Mothers were remembered and I hope that it is not just the words that were heard.
There is no match for mom’s love and there seems no barrier to it.

How ever ugly a child looks…has no meaning with a mom. It still would be a lovely child to her.

Well ! Mother Nature too is a called a Mom.

She has immense care to her creations.

The plants, the trees and flowers, all have a charm of their own.
Like humans, it also has a cycle. Like the birth of a baby, like a growing child, like an adolescent or like an aged human being.
The cycle just moves

Today, I have such a cycle here.
If you like it …then I have few more other examples to show you… but only if you like it.
So let me know what you think about it, a few others will follow in the coming days entirely on your choice.

In the pic is a tropical sour tasted fruit known in botanical books as Averrhoa bilimbi, Bilimbi, Cucumber tree, Tree Sorrel, Kamias, belimbing asam, belimbing buloh


starry nights said...

You are right Jac, mother nature is just like a mom, it is so nice to see a plant grow from a seed , to a plant and then flowers to fruit, I watch the plants in my garden and cant wait to see the fruit, and yes to me it is the best even if others dont think it is. post the others I would like to see them.Can you name them, because I am not sure what plant it is.

I love Munich said...

Beautiful Jac ... very very beautiful!! Yes .. I do think the very same way - mother nature is like a mother, ALL OUR mother .. and look how terribly we mistreat her on this planet!
YES - I'd very much like to see the other examples you have ... please do post them!!

Sarah said...

Aha..vilimban puli..achar thinnan kothi avunnu..enthina engene enneyittu vishamippikkunathu?

chet said...

Without Mother Nature we would have no beauty to look at such as the beauty you have posted here. Please do post more.

chet said...

I meant to ask you also that if from time to time you could give their names.

fritz said...

yeah mother nature is like a mom..she cares for her children and protect them from danger and harm ;;) mean this unique fruit will always stay sour? the color ever gonna change when it ripens? and taste too? just wondering..

Dotm said...

Just another fruit I had never heard of. You sure are educating me on plants.
I had a strange vine show up in my yard a couple years back. I found it growing up the back corner of my garage. When I looked it up I discovered it was a wild cucumber vine. I did a lot of digging that summer before I finally got rid of it. Have no idea where it ever came from. The books said it didn`t grow this far north, but it sure grew fast and was spreading faster. It said that it sometimes is spread by delivery trucks going from state to state. Who knows?/

jac said...

I am so happy to know that you too have nature loving heart.

Yea, it is joy to watch them grow in front of your eyes just like the growth of a loving baby.

Yes, now as I know that people like it, I will post it one by one.

I have added the botanical name for the convenience of all.

For us, it is our 'Bilimbi puli'

Thanks for being my regular reader

sophie said...

all the pics....the tree, flowers, fruits...all new to me...
but they look awesome

jac said...

I love munich

Thanks, Karin !
Thank you very much for the compliment.
Is it not almost like a mother? Caring about many things in the world at the same time …and yes, as you said, mistreated too.
I am happy to know that you liked my idea. I do plan to post them

jac said...

Immigrant in Canada

Yes, it is the good old vilimbi puli you are so familiar with.

My invitation stands with a lovely lunch or dinner with achar included if you agree. No worry Sarah, it is s a deal if you accept my invitation.

Thank you very much for being here and commenting.

jac said...


Yes, Chet! You are right, with out Mother Nature there won’t be any beauty. I have added the names too now. So, check it out.

I will post the rest of the series.
Thank you, Chet!

jac said...


You are absolutely right about Mother Nature.

Yes, this fruit remains a bit sour even when it is ripe which makes it is most ideal for making pickles and home made wine.
Recent studies in Philippines have already proved its medicinal qualities in preventing cholesterol build up in human blood if it is added in our regular diet.

jac said...


That is a tropical fruit having a sour taste even when it is ripe. Recently it has become popular among the people above 40 years of age because of its medicinal properties.

jac said...


It grows well in the tropical South Indian climate. So I think you have seen this before. Check it out again.

chet said...

Thank you for adding the names. I really appreciate that. God Bless You and have a GREAT DAY!!

Sarah said...

i teleporation equipments gone kaput!!! so any chance sending the airticket?

Mindinside said...

What a beautiful mom the nature is.

How do you eat the fruit .. raw or needs to be cooked?

MoodsAndColors said...

Wow Jac ...this is beautiful. Do put up more. I loved the pics. Exploring nature with all its hues and variety always makes me happy.So will look forward to more.
You talk about chutneys and achars that make Indian food so delicious...:):) Are you surrounded by Indians?

suemamma said...

Its a small fruit by the way and makes a very good preserve too(lots of sugar though)

jac said...

Welcome any time and thanks.

jac said...

immigrant in canada

Your flight booking is being processed, please specify your acceptable dates.

jac said...

It is best to be eaten raw as a herb but it is delecious if you cook with fish or even alone.

jac said...

moods & colours

It is a tropical plant and the fruit is delecious to make achar and chutneys.

I am among Indian friends and I enjoy it.

I will post the rest of the series.

jac said...


Thank you for visiting my window. I hope that you will be back again.

Nutrionional value for 100 g of edible portion Bilimbi :-

Moisture 94.2-94.7 g
Protein 0.61 g
Ash 0.31-0.40 g
Fiber 0.6g
Phosphorus 11.1 mg
Calcium 3.4 mg
Iron 1.01 mg
Thiamine 0.010 mg
Riboflavin 0.026 mg
Carotene 0.035 mg
Ascorbic Acid 15.5 mg
Niacin 0.302 mg

Lorna said...

that was so beautiful,and to me, so exotic

jac said...

This too is from my back yard. It is a medium sized tree.

hellbunny said...

We all are nurtured by mother nature.Lovely pics Jac

jac said...



Inji Pennu said...

we call it injipuli! I can taste the sourness seeing your pic now!