Monday, May 08, 2006

A lonely soul.

All of you know what happiness means
All of you know what cleanliness
Most of you know what weariness means
Very few aware of what
loneliness means

It is a tunnel that spins through the soul
It is a funnel,
that squeeze you to a ball
Seconds you spend... you fear like
your end
Your legs become numb, refusing to stand

Be, at it once or feel it
just once
One feels like jail; all hopes do just fail
Here is a bunch
of my bougainvilleas
Falling and swirling away down below.


starry nights said...

Beautiful post.I know what lonliness means,have been there before.

fritz said...

as always l-o-v-e-l-y poetry jac..but umm kinda sad :(

sMiLe ,will you? take care ;;)

Sarah said...

Mark twain once said
"be good and you will be lonely"
true eh?

sophie said...

solitude isnt is bliss sometimes

I love Munich said...

Very beautiful Jac .. but sad. I know so well what the words ..."Seconds you spend... you fear like your end" mean - have been there, felt the pain, the hopelessness, felt the walls caving in on me, the sealing coming down - but after a while jumpstarted again and got up - don't know where the strength came from to go on ... but it was there, inside! The picture is intriguing - gorgeous!!
Wonderful post Jac .. as always!

Othersideblue said...

Don't surrender your loneliness
So quickly
Let it cut more deep

Let it ferment and season you
As few human
Or even divine ingredients can

Something missing in my heart tonight
Has made my eyes so soft,
My voice
So tender,

My need of God
Absolutely Clear.

(from: The persian poet Hafiz)

Mindinside said...

Loneliness feels heavy on one's soul.

Solitude and loneliness are not alike, they differ in meaning.

Rose said...

OMG!!!! Wat happened to our gud old' jac???? I thot he was a visionary soul, not a lonely one....

Jac.. Come baaacckk.... ;)

Ok.. Jokes apart... Gud poem.. But i didnt seem to relate to it much probab coz i belong to a different school of thought...

I believe that solitude is strength. No matter how much ur heart seems to squeeze within you, seeming to pull u down into dizzying depths of a quagmire, that is the point in ur life when u r the strongest (funny na?) I do not know if u r going thru a lonely phase, but trust me, u cum out of it stronger, more courageous and clearer abt urself than u can imagine. Besides, the person who needs a mob to nerve him is much more lonely than he imagines...

Solitude, most of the times is an escape not from others but from oneself. For one sees in the eyes of others only a reflection of themselves.



Rose said...


I have been listening to 'Overjoyed' from ur blog so many times since morning that it is permanently ringing in my ears..

Its like Stevie Wonder himself has perched on mind...



November Rain said...

Loneliness can cause darkness
where light is but a dream of friendship
a dream of companionship
that seems to never come

With each comment I pray a little light is shown

hellbunny said...

We are all lonely at times Jac.Hugs and kisses to you my sweet friend.You have lots of people who care about you.

Lorna said...

I hope your loneliness passes soon.

m.reza said...

Oh Jac, loneliness is a good thing, sometimes;

but you, please remember that

beyond the spring of light

where the hearts were still taint

once stood a man

awaiting the myth of your return

like a mound of flesh

scorned by your aversion

but at the end

you only thought you returned

and I

only wanted you to.

starry nights said...

If you are lonely and need a friend Im here.

Nan said...

Cool picture.

jac said...

I have seen both your comments and I don’t know how to say thanks for your concern and friendship.

Now I now know that you sure means what you said and that you have been there before.
I sure consider you a friend and, if in need, I know that Ican depend on you.
I am ok by the way and will be normal.
It is just a temporary feeling and I got back my posture.
My expression in a prose, though it is silly, goes a long way in stabilizing me. Mind you, that I am not depressed by the Grace of God.
Thanks once again.

jac said...

Yea, I am smiling now.
You will see my trade mark smile in my next post.
No worry ‘ches.

jac said...

Immigrant in Canada

“And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that
pass over your fields.”
-Khalil Gibran-

jac said...

However short and swift, I don’t consider it bliss.
But everybody has a different outlook of their own.

Thank you very very much

jac said...

I love Munich
Thanks for sharing the thought and understanding. Those who have gone through the phase know it well.
Mine is swift and strong but gone quickly the way it came, mostly emerges by seeing things or thinking or missing something.
It has already jumpstarted from the pit.
Thanks for the concern, but I want you to know that I am normal.

jac said...


"I said, your sweet and red wine
Granted no wishes of mine
You said, in service define
Your life, and your time spend"

This is also, I believe is by Hafez

jac said...

Solitude is different I agree with you.

jac said...

You are absolutely right; I am back on track with more vigor

The overjoyed and my poem doesn’t coincide, is that what you mean?

Thanks for you goodness and concern.

jac said...

November rain

There is full light on my vision now, Novy

Thanks a lot for being here and the sharing.

jac said...


I realize that I have so many to care, thank you very much.

((((((((Hugs and kisses))))))) to you too.

jac said...


Yes it has passed and done with. Nothing to be worried about
I am here again and thanks for your concern

jac said...

Those were lovely lines.
There in those lines… a point I realize too.

"Paradise is there, behind that door, in the next room; but I have lost the key.
Perhaps I have only mislaid it."

-Khalil Gibran-

jarvenpa said...

You know, your photos are so lovely. And there is nothing wrong with a little sadness--though, my goodness, throughout the world people are reading your blog and thinking of you!

jac said...

A bunch of thanks to you.

jac said...

That is beautiful piece of logic.

Ms. Vickie said...

I ask myself why I came here tonight, you will understand better than most.
You are such a wise man my friend. Thanks for always being who you are
my friend. :)
BTW you will find that you are now linked on my new site.

jac said...

Thanks, I have seen your new blog, vickie!