Saturday, May 06, 2006

I am an addict :(

Yes, I am.
I want to shout that to all that I am an addict.

Many of you are addicts one way or other. Some are addicted to alcohol, some with drugs, and another with cigarette, some with chewing tobacco, cigars and what not ?

So what is this surprise about my addiction?
I too am a human, with flesh and blood.

I am addicted to something hot.
I know ! I know!
What you have in your mind ?
All of you have only sex in your mind???

I am not that type of man, please!!

Let me explain.
I am addicted to hot chilies !!!!!
I am addicted all type of chilies, red, yellow, green, violet, small, big and black… provided that they are hot.
It was started long back, when I was a child with that yummy hot chili chutneys that was a great combination with Cassava roots or simply called tapioca.

In Sudan I am lucky to have hot green chilies imported probably from Sri Lanka.

I normally eat ten hot chilies a day.

I have a collection of them in my backyard too, in pots and in open ground.

The other day while I was watering the plants, I came across some of them ripe.

You don’t believe a thing I wrote here, right?
I know that!
I guessed!
See for yourself then.


I love Munich said...

WOOOOW ... HOT CHILIES??? They'd make me burn up and probably fall apart!!! When I prepare a salad I like to put a hot chilie as well, that is a TINY bit which one has to almost find with a magnifying glas!! I'll try a wee-bit larger piece next time ... on YOUR responsibility though!!

I love Munich said...

PS.: the pictures are FANTASTIC!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jac! I can believe you, my next to the youngest daughter eats them like I do candy. I've been told that you stay healthier by eating them. I don't really know. But I will pass on it.

Mindinside said...

I wonder how can you eat them.
I imagine that your mouth is fireproof, right?

sophie said...

oh the chillies are so sexy...i eat them with tapioca makes a chutney...its n sour

Walker said...

I am here with you Jac. I love hot peppers and Jamacan hot peppers are hhhhhot!
Mind you sometimes I regret eating them the next day and I swear that I would never touch them again as I am loading 4 or 5 into a shawarma LOL

Have a good weekend

I love Munich said...

Jac ... the little "movie" and the music are BEAUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL!!!!!!!
How great ... it is fantastic indeed!!! GREAT JOB ... and wonderful taste!! MABROUK!!

jac said...

i love munich

I believe that you will stay alive longer and healthy by adding more chilies

And, Oh! yes, on my responsabilty too

Thanks for the compliments.

jac said...

I am true to the word… you will stay healthier by using more chilies and I am looking for the link to prove it.
Pass it on with out hesitation.
The best variety is in the second one from top... and scientifically proven recently.

They are small, sharp and hot, are called by the name ‘Kanthari’ in a tiny province in the southern part in India

jac said...

Yes, I will say that I am heat proof like my coveralls and I have an intestine made of SS316. (Stainless steel 316)

I am also known here as a 'sarrok'* in our dining room.

* Sarrok is the Arabic for missile.

jac said...

That is exactly what I would like to eat at this moment.

Yummy ?? No !

For me it is yummy yummy. LOL

jac said...

Wow! At last I have here some body, who is not surprised about my chilling chili story.

I was waiting for somebody who believes me, so that he they can vouch me on my eating habits.

Thank you, for helping me out from situations like this…but please do it not once, but twice a week.LOL

Yea, I know that shawarma and chilis are great combination.

jac said...

i love munich
Thank God, that I am able to make it enjoyable to you and for many others, though I still can't see or hear it :(

Rose said...

U should have had some of the dishes wich my grandmother used to prepare... Her mouth-watering dishes used to full of kanthari mulake (one of the hottest forms of chillie)...

I cannot have food without my chillie pickle.. after all i hail from the Land of Spices...



jac said...

OMG! I didn’t know that you are from the land of the spices.

I love Kanthari for a fact but I don’t like you, if you become one, as I know what it means to be called a Kanthari.

Welcome to my guest from the God’s own country; land of the backwaters and from the land of the one who wrote, ‘God of small things’

Come again, willya ?

fritz said...

i l-o-v-e HOT and SPICY foods! they're so yummyyyyy!! ;))

the more H-O-T chilies in it...the better! hehehe

kat said...

What's wrong with being addicted to chillies.

jac said...

Well! Well ! Now I have company.

It seems that you will beat me with my 10 chilies record.

jac said...

Nothing specially... except that every one is scared of me, for consuming ten chilies a day which is actually peanuts for me

Sarah said...

ah.. chillies.. kanthari ulli chammanthi and kappa on a rainy day..tht would be so lovely...

jac said...

immigrant in canada
I guessed the exact words you will write here when you see this.

I was right, even the words.

Maya Cassis said...

wow!hot chillies.hmmm I like to use only one to flavour my food.I like eating those huge varieties which are deep fried and served.But they are not spicy and I get to eat them only at the fun fairs:)

starry nights said...

You are fond of all kinds of chillies. I like them too but not the really hot ones.You have a nice garden.I should try and grow some chillies.I think its ok to be addicted to chillies.

jac said...

maya cassis
It is scientifically proven that your cholesterol levels will stay intact if you include hot chilies regularly in your diet.

Well! It is your life :)

At least you can try it when you are old. LOL

jac said...

starry nights
Yea, it is ok to be addicted with chilies; at least you can use it when you are short of tears and if tears refuse to come.

I have more of that in that garden with 6 more varieties, but as the photo space in the blog is limited, I just concluded with just four.

Sarah said...

hmmm it looks like you know me too well!!!
do you know how to make the ulli chammanthi? I remember the njerudufying part and then adding coconut oil..sometimes yogurt..but I can't remember the ingredients

Mindinside said...

I am an addict too, but not to peppers :)

jac said...

immigrant in canada
Yea, I know you too well.
I just laughed and laughed at your 'njerudufying' part of the process.
I know very well how to make ‘ulli chammanthi’.

‘Ulli’ should be 50% more than chilies to get the right taste and if you warm the ullies on top of your 'kanjikkalam' before ‘njeruding’ it, will make it tastier with a flavor too. Add a very small pinch of 'valan puli' or a teaspoon of day old yoghurt.
You can do 'njeruding’ with a ‘marathavi’ and the add 'kalakia uppu' for taste and the coconut oil to make it a floating liquid paste.

Wow! My irresistable ‘chammanthi’ is ready.

jac said...

May be coffee in your case ? Or else home made cheese ?

Am I right ?

Lorna said...

Is there a Hot Chillies Anonymous for the afflicted?

jac said...

Yes, and I am general convener of the forum for hot chillies annonymous both for the affected and the afflicted.

But considering the health benefits, we advocate spreading the addiction and socially isolating the non-addicts.

Lorna ! Before it is too late and to avoid disappointment, I advice you to be a member ASAP.

Sarah said...

glad my mallu english made you laugh!!!
Kaliyakkiyal krumi kadikkum, rathriyil..njan jac nu krumi kadi kodukkane ennu prarthikkum..aha

I searched so long for tht onion chilli chutney recipe.. thank you so I will go and buy some tapioca and have a nice lunch

crestfallendespairacy said...

great post!!!!noway I could eat anything so hot!

I love Munich said...

Jac .. what dish is that - the "Ulli chammanthi"? I didn't understand a word of the recipe you described ... both you and "immigrant in canada" made me real curious ... and hungry! I just hope this is NOT something which is going to burn me up!!!!

jac said...

I am not much afraid of that 'Krumi' of yours as I am a 'Pashanathil Krumi' of the worst kind.

If that chutney is for boiled tapioca, then don't forget to add a bit more coconut oil. LOL

jac said...

Have you tried ? Try it once.

jac said...

i love munich

'Ulli chammanthi' is a kind of chutney made with baby onions and chili specially prepared with traditional methods. ‘Ulli’ is baby onions and ‘chammanthi’ is chutney.

Unfortunately, it is some thing that is going to burn you up and burn you up again when you are in loo next morning. LOL

Don't you know that I am a jac of all trades ?...cookery being one of the simplest.

I love Munich said...

OMG Jac ... I think I better pass on that! Burning me up TWICE .... no no no, that is too much - LOL!!
I bet you are a Jac of all trades ... I have NO DOUBT whatsoever!!

Rose said...


U bet...


hellbunny said...

Very nice i love spicy food.I love making my own chutney.I use a recipe my grandmother had.

Rose said...


No.. me not a 'kanthari'.. Me more of a 'Gundu Mulake'.... Hehe



Mriganayanii said...

hello Jac my friend,
I've finally finished my MSc exams, and hence, i write again.
You like chillies? well, i cannot say the same. I hit the roof when i smell one!!
You like it with Tapioca you say? what a surprise! In kerala, We eat it with tapioca too - it's called 'kappa' there.