Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Am I so careless ?

This is the second time in his week I have the same feeling, a feeling of neglecting things, and a kind of forgetting about little things that I should not be forgetting.

Am I forgetting my old friends ?
Am I forgetting the needs of some people who care about me. ?
Am I neglecting some one or something, who is so dear to me ?

Let me tell you about what happened today. When I am home it is my practice to water all my plants with my own hands so that I notice each and every plant with my eyes. My watering started from the east end of my garden to the extreme corner, facing the main road.
When I was in the corner concentrating on the Anthurium, I sensed an exotic smell.

Well! Every body knows that Anthurium do not have any particular smell so I started wondering if one of the purple one’s have suddenly turned a hybrid variety with a scent ? Impossible!

Now something else flashed in my mind…the unmistakable smell of Champaka, the special exotic smell that no other flower can give you.

Perhaps some of you remember my old post 'Thank you Pinky' about a stem of half spoiled champaka that came floating in the river which I planted it in the corner of my garden. It bloomed once and I posted it but after that I forgot the champaka completely. It was behind a medium sized leafy mahogany in the corner and I never cared to check the plant for almost 6six months.
I don’t elaborate more. The plant has grown just a few inches taller than I have seen it last.
With the same camera but with due apologies to my pink champaka, for neglecting it…here it is, the second bloom.

Now I wonder if I am really forgetting or neglecting anything else.
Remind me if I am.


Flying Boy said...

Fisrt of all: Hello. I am from brazil and Ihave no oidea how I got to your blogger. But nayway... I am here and I will probably be visiting from now on. About the negletcting sutff.. do not worrty. If your friends are real friends, they will understand sometine we go through different paths and it might separates us. Anyway... one goodd sign is that you remeber that aand, since you remeber, you have the chance to make it right! :)

hellbunny said...

It is easy to forget things.It doesn't mean we don't care it more a case that others things take priority.Sometimes we need to remember what is important.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with hellbunny. What I have read is that you have a good heart and that you do care about life and others. Beautiful Post.

Sarah said...

you didn't neglect/ was at the back of your mind... It will always be a wheel that turns, it comes up once in a while and then goes off again..but it is always there.

I love Munich said...

First of all ... BEAUTIFUL post, I can only agree to Chet! Secondly, I don't feel you neglected the little plant as it took wonderfully care of it self - what it did was proudly say "hey - I'm still around! Look how beautiful I became during the time we didn't meet!"
Reading between the lines, I feel you have an at least AS beautiful heart and pay attention to the detail and, as Chet says, of life itself ... that says it all, no more comment needed! REAL friends will always understand moodswings, difficult times, seemingly neglecting ... as to understand - that what they are for!

I love Munich said...

Sorry .. revised version!

First of all ... BEAUTIFUL post, I can only agree to Chet! Secondly, I don't feel you neglected the little plant as it took wonderfully care of it self - what it did was proudly say to you "hey - I'm still around! Look how beautiful I became during the time we didn't meet!"
Reading between the lines, I feel you have at least an AS beautiful heart by paying attention to the detail and, as Chet says, of life itself ... and that says it all. REAL friends will always understand moodswings, seemingly being neglected ect. ... as to understand and still be reliable - that's what seperates a REAL friend .. from a so-called one!
You're neither negligent nor forgetful!

aklanta said...

You must have noticed how happy they were when you clicked them!

starry nights said...

Jac I dont think you forgot or neglected anything, sometimes more important things cloud our minds and the liitle things sit on a back burner.And in due time they will be attended to.I like the pic of the flower.

Nan said...

What a beautiful flower. Obviously it didn't need your attention. It thrived on it's own so you are neither neglectful or forgetful. Enjoy it's beauty and fragrance. I wiwh I could smeel it here.

jac said...

flying boy
Welcome to the window to my soul.

When you are here, please forget your nationality, colour and creed or race. You are my guest here.

Thank you for giving me a piece of your mind and it is well appreciated.
Thank you and do come again.

jac said...


Thank you for those words.
The feeling of forgetting persisted with me while I saw the bloom.

Now I am happy that I brought the question to you all.

jac said...

Thank you for your words.

From my observation, you too own a nice and kind heart and a helping mind.
Thank you. Chet!

jac said...

Immigrant in Canada

Thank you, Sarah !!
Thank you for allowing me to share and I appreciate those words.
Yea, now I know that it was always there at the back of my mind.

jac said...

I love munich
Thanks for the understanding.

I remember the words “a friend in need is a friend indeed”

It is needless say thank you; but here it is. Thank you !!

jac said...

Yes, they were blooming like never before.
Thank you, Aklanta !

jac said...

starry nights
Thanks for the sharing the thoughts of your mind.

The pic is nice but in real they were more beautiful.
Thanks again.

jac said...

The exotic smell that it has, is good enough to make you happy for the day.
Thanks for appreciating.

It is tropical flower. Do you have it in Canada ?

Dotm said...

Jac, that chanpaka is one beautiful fkower. i wish they grew here. it would make a lovely flower in any of my flower gardens. just beautiful!!!
As long as you never forget to eat and to take care of yourself, that is what is important. Wish I could also smell the aroma from the plant. Your friendship is important as are you, thats why you need to take care so we can continue to enjoy your posts.

fritz said...

c-u-t-e and l-o-v-e-l-y flower jac! i say..the look sure is EXOTIC! ;;)

this champaka is too PrEcIoUs to neglect! please take good care of it ;;)

Mindinside said...

OMG ... this flower is SO beautiful
So exotic's first time I see such beauty

I love Munich said...

Welcome ... anytime!

Dotm said...

When I went to our grocery store this morning I saw an Acapulco-compact cascade type geranium that slightly resembled your beautiful Champaka. It has the simular shaped pink flowers, but with white where yours has the pretty yellow. While pretty, not as pretty as yours. it now hangs on my side porch. I love the leaf pattern on your Champaka.

jac said...

You seem to be allured by the beauty of the champaka.
It is a tropical flower with the name Michelia Champaka which in fact has two types...a pink and a yellowish white.
The smell is exotic for both and for this reason the flower is used for producing perfumes.

I can send you a stem if you need. LOL But I don't think it will grow there.

jac said...


Yes, it is very exotic in fact I can call it a more feminine fragrance.
You feel that it is very precious?

jac said...

Really is it the first time?

But I have posted twice about champaka before; both colours were mentioned and pictured.

Happy to know that you like it.

jac said...

i love munich

Ms. Vickie said...

I think someone needs to throw me aside and forget me if I would
come out looking that beautiful. Such a beautiful flower Jac. It
must have been feeding off all the positive energy, love and care
you give everything else.

jac said...

ms vickie

so it seems.

Thanks, vickie !

Mindinside said...

I still say this is the first time I see such beauty... this one looks quiet different, especially that you include the leaves in the pic and the yellowish color in the middlle all together makes it complete and lovely which reminds me of ur mom which i feel i know her by heart.

sophie said...

jac forgot his champaka
i cant beleive this!!

Colleen said...

jac! What an amazingly beautiful plant. I wish I had one of these plants growing in my yard!

And by the way... I like the butterfly on your blog!

m.reza said...

always remember to care about the needy, not the ones you need.

bluepaul said...

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jac said...

You are so kind and I don't know how to say thanks to you.

Words are some times useless and this is one of those times I am looking for words...yet I can't find it.

jac said...

I did forget, as you can see from the fact.


jac said...

It is a tropical plant with an exotic smell, but I don't know if it will grow there in the United states.

If it would, I will try to to get you a sapling...that is, if you can afford the freight charges

jac said...

Yes, I always do that...a wee bit more.

Rose said...

Hmm.. Got reminded of one of P.Susheela's old malayalam songs -

Ee manohara maalini theeravum
prema sundara sandhyakalum
Champaka thanalumee chandana shilayum
Engane marakkuvathengane naam
Engane marakkuvathengane naam..

Wel,, sumtimes even if u neglect things and never even knw of its existence.. it stil cud bloom sumwher for u spreadn its fragrance.. Its only the dear things in life u can take for granted..

U really like flowers, dnt u? my father also keeps taking pix of flowers..



Rose said...

Hey Jac...

Rem its the most dearest things in life that u can take for granted... And those dear ones will always be there in the background spreading their fragrance just for you even if u dont realise they exist.. :)

U luv flowers, dnt ya? my father luvs them as well.. He says flowers evoke the poet in him.. ~laughs~..

I was on a long vacation and had been to 'home sweet home'. Gotta catch up on blogging.. U havnt blogged in a while either...