Sunday, May 14, 2006

Am bleeding !!! :)

I have a bleeding finger and for sure it was not induced by me.

It is for real. It is just plain fact that it is induced by some one.

The culprit is not alive for a fact and the bleeding is not alarming. LOL

Yesterday I passed in front of a house of one of my cousins.
He deals with export of prawns to Middle East and owns a number of mechanized fishing trawlers, to name some of his assets.
A freeze truck was parked in front of the house and my cousin was standing beside the truck. He saw me and waved me to a stop. I know that it will be hour before I can escape from him if I don’t excuse myself with a lame reason.
I stopped and told him that I have a guest in my house and that I will visit him before the end of my vacation. He looked at me quizzically, prying my face for a clue to see if I was lying.
I made a straight face and his face muscles eased. While he was conversing with me I noticed that the freeze truck was being loaded with something in neat cartons from his freeze room, constructed right near his home. I asked him what they were loading and he said it was shrimps. While saying good bye, he told me to wait a second while he moved over the freeze room and I could see him gesturing to his workers pointing at me. He came back with a worker, carrying a plastic packet and told me to open my trunk explaining that he has some shrimps caught on that day and it was for me.
Well fresh shrimps are not easy to get so I thanked for his good will.
It was another ten minutes till I reached my home. After parking I was inside to change my dress.
Now I remembered the shrimps.

I was in the garage taking out the plastic bag of shrimps.
I made a visual inspection and saw that it was not tiger prawns but a variety smaller.
I thought of stashing it in the freezer but I remembered that it was fresh from the catch.
Instead I was tempted to have it for dinner.
I took a handful from the plastic bag and placed it in a pan thinking that it will be hell of a job to clean and de-husk the lot.
The taste of fresh shrimps was enough to make my laziness go away.
I took the second handful…then I felt the sting, a sharp pain on my fingers. It was like the sting of hornet or a wasp…sharp like a pin.
I took of my hands off the bag and inspected it. It was bleeding and the stinging pain remained.
I never knew that shrimps have fins or horns so sharp. I was wrong as you can see that though they look harmless, they can sting you.
I washed my hands with soap and water and the bleeding was not visible now.
I put all the shrimps back in to the bag again except a few of them in a plate for you to see.

I am not going to clean it today. Today it's destination is the freezer. No way am I going to clean it with my bleeding hand.
Now I looked again at my hand.
It started to bleed again.
See for yourself the culprit and my poor finger too.


gem said...

You naughty boy!

chet said...

I worked on a shrimp boat years ago. I too found out the hard way. Also found out no matter how careful you are they will get you. Those little devils can make a sting that is for sure. You said they were smaller than what you usually got. They might be what we call seabobs here. Just a another name for the smaller variety.

I love Munich said...

POOR JAC - a band-aid will do a good job and hide the wa-wa! These critters are NOT small - they do look LARGE to me and if you want to buy them here, you pay an arm and a leg!! As passionate SCUBA-diver I have to tell you though ... they are BEAUUUUTIFUL in their own environment, so - I am torn .. on one hand I love to eat them - and on the other I enjoy watching them while frantically swimming around!
I loved the story Jac - GREAT JOB ... but feel sorry for your poor finger!

boo said...

shrimps smell gross. hope your finger is better.

Sarah said...

ahhh poor you !!!and you thought you can catch fish without getting your hands wet eh? How did you think amma cleaned the shrimps all the while eh??
aha..oru chunnani puvavum pinne dramayum.. nalla randu kachinte

starry nights said...

Poor Jac stung by a shrimp. I do hope you get to cook those shrimp and have a feast.

Lorna said...

I'm surprised the beauty of those shrimp on the plate didn't inspire a poem.

Dotm said...

Jac, do you have a special sauce that you like to dip the shrimp in? Just curious.
Take care of your finger. Even little cuts can get infected. You see it`s Mother`s Day here, so I am telling you like a mother would.
Bet you won`t trust any shrimp in the future. Lol.mean little stinkers.

jac said...

Where are you hiding now adays ?

Yes, I am a naughty one, but then that shrimp is naughtier.

It knows how to sting !!!

jac said...

Seemed to me as so cute too, until it showed the otherside of the cuteness. LOL

Thanks for coming.

jac said...

Not even a band is gone now.
Yes, I know that you have a nursing mind.

Did you say Scuba diving ?

That is some thing I have never done before. I want to try that once, with some guidance.

jac said...

Yes, it is true that it smells and messy too for cleaning.

My finger is normal now.

jac said...

immigrant in canada
I can show you how to catch fish with out wetting your fingers, Sarah ! I am born almost a river bank and a cat's call away from the sea too.

Oru peekkiri kanthari adhikam vilayanda.
Katchan ingu va, mole ! Kundikikkittu oru perukku vechu thannalundallo !!
Ente kai menakeduthano ?

jac said...

starry nights
The plastic was is empty today and the shrimps are gone. :))

My hand is normal and I was lying down on my back in the lawn, watching the starry night above.

jac said...

Actually a small poem came to me but the pain was greater and I thought that the poem can wait.

jac said...

Yeah, they are little stinkers and they bite you too... but I have to agree that it is beautiful too.

All the rememberance of a Mother's day, dot.

Sarah said...

oh pinney..ola pampine eduthu pedippikkan nokkuva???,, njan than methran thambi's kochumol..valum churutti odikko maryadekku

Apologies to all those who don't understand the language.. I just told jac I will............ahem

I love Munich said...

Yes, I DID say SCUBA-diving! It is the most fantastic sport I ever started (1972) - and I never want to stop!! And that with the nursing mind ... I can't deny :) !

hellbunny said...

Ilove fresh shrimp.Sorry about your poor finger.I'll kiss it better for you.

starry nights said...

I am sure you enjoyed the shrimp.I love to look at the stars also.Hence the name starry nights. Hope the finger is better.

aklanta said...

No pain, no...

fritz said...

umm..looks ouch jac! :( but again it's nothing because you got even with the ate it! ;;) hehehe

chet said...

Despite their other side they sure taste good.:)

Rose said...

Yummm.. Seafoood!!! Makes my heart melt always...

Well u were ogling at the shrimp a li'l too much so it decided to gv u a piece of its mind...



Dr O2 said...

lol! I admit i didn know they were this dangerous! I always eat them. That is as far as close contact I have had with these species ;-)

In my country they are among the most expensive food & well they are brilliantly cooked! Paying the money is damn worth every penny ;-)

jac said...

Immigrant in canada

Apologies again for others who don't understand the language.

Venda pacha kanthari !!
Anayei pediyilla, pinnaya ana pappane !
Methranei pediyillla, pinnaya kochu molu !


Nan said...

I love fresh shrimp!

Colleen said...

I did not know Shrimp could do that!?! They look scary to me. Most people I know - love shrimp. But I cannot eat them myself. (I'm a vegetarian)

Hope your finger feels better!

jac said...

i love munich
I do like to try scuba diving one day which I heard as lots of fun.

Other than swimming, what else do you need to start ?

OMG ! 1972 ? means you are really experianced !!!

jac said...


Do you get fresh shrimps there ?

My poor finger ? ok then I have to do it often to be bitten by you. LOL

jac said...

starry nights

Do you really watch stars ?

It is one of my best spent times when I am in the lawn on my back with a moon and the stars all watching me.
I even have a favorite star too

jac said...


gain !!

I know, but thanks anyhow for the tip buddy.

jac said...


Is that because I ate it ?

Somehow or other, I had to get even. LOL

jac said...

Yes, chet...that is really true.

jac said...


As a matter of fact, not me, but the shrimp didn't give me a chance to ogle.

May be it is female who doesn't like a bit of my special attention. LOL

jac said...

dr o2

I cleaned and ate shrimps many times not knowing that it can sting like a wasp.

Is that so expensive in your country ?
Then I have check the possibility of a business there when I am retired.

jac said...

Who doesn't ? LOL

jac said...

It looked harmless to me too until it proved otherwise with my fingers. LOL

Thanks for coming, Colleen !!

I love Munich said...

Jac - you need an instructor, to learn a bunch of rules, good equipment, a wee-bit of guts to do the first dive ... and then go for it!! It's hell of a lot of fun as you dive into another world ... the world of the shrimps .. ha-ha!!!! Experience? Yea .. I have some.

GEL said...

I love shrimp! I never knew they could sting. I hope you are not too wounded. (Did your blood add to the flavor of your meal or only if you are a vampire? lol)

Inji Pennu said...

Oh C'mon! Thats no biggie! Be a big boy! Cant blv you froze fresh shrimp for this! You should be outlawed from eating any more shrimp curry :-)

sophie said...

i love shrimps...hows ur finger now?