Sunday, April 16, 2006

People's Exibit

When you hear the name of exhibition, what is that comes in to your mind ?
The high tech stalls with big wig executives, attired in 3 piece suits hurrying in and out, in a totally unnatural location ?

The common man has nothing there for him to see.

Recently I was attending exhibition of different kind… one with the smell of earth; a farmer’s exhibition.

It had neither big advertisements nor any high fly colours.
It was organized by farmers co-operative.

I was delighted to go there. Here are few items that caught my Camera eyes

A Crocodile made out of fresh bitter gourd.

A single Kasava root weighing 68 kilograms.

Kasava in Africa is 'Tapioca' in other parts of the world, from which the Nigerian National food 'Gary' is made with.

A Peacock made out of vegetables and raw Pineapple pieces

A rare variety of pure golden coloured Plantain (Banana) that was mouth waterigly exotic.


boo said...

that croc is incredible :) bittergourd fried with black beans is quite yummy, try it sometime.

jac said...

I will try your recipe but can I add hot chillies with that beans.

I prefer hot chillies with the bitterness of gourd.

That is yummy for me. LOL

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful and interesting at the same time! This root alone weighs 86(!) kg?? WOW ... and the bananas - I feel I want to have a bite! LOVELY post Jac!!

sophie said...


jac said...


That Kasava was one of the prize winning items in the show.

The bananas were large and wonderfully coloured as you can see.

A bite ??
Feel free to, the farmer who grew it will be proud to see your comment.

Thanks all the way.
Come again.

jac said...



Anonymous said...

I'll do! I just put your blog to my favourites!

jac said...


That is not fair if you don't allow me to add yours in my favlist.

Don't you feel so ?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you Jac ... but I don't have a blog of my own!!
I'll pop by, don't worry at all - promise! I love the music ....

jac said...

If you don't have a blog, you can open one just like I did, when I had no blog of my own...once up on a time.

Can't you ?

Dotm said...

We have Farmers Markets here every fall where they sell the fresh veggies, but nothing like your Exibits.
Great pictures!

jac said...

I have mentioned that this was an exhibition of a different kind.

I felt at ease among the exhibits where I tasted the world’s greatest fresh pineapple juice, straight from the orchard with out any sweeteners.
I wanted to take more pics but my battery in the Camera got exhausted and I had no spares making me contended with just four pics.

hellbunny said...

Those are so imaginative.They are beautiful.Sometimes you see lovely things when you least expect them

jac said...

There were a few more surprising things that caught my eyes but the camera battery just betrayed me at the most unexpected time.

yea, they are beautiful and thank you for the same vision.

Lorna said...

I love the peacock. A great combination; the peacock is one of my favourite birds and pineapples one of my favourite friut.

kat said...

Looks like a great exhibition!

jac said...

I was thinking about the effort they have made to bring these figures alive.

Mindinside said...

Like always nice, a joy to read :)

jac said...

yes, it was great!!

jac said...

A joy to hear too.

Sarah said...

Jac:isn't tht kathalipazham?.. We were not allowed to eat tht..ammachi used to feed our cows. I can't remember why she never let us eat it..

viki said...

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