Friday, April 07, 2006

The mystique bloom

I know that the global warming is to blame.

The last few days were very hot and dry.
Though the clouds are there every day, summer showers didn’t show up and the humidity is awesome.
But when I go out, the symptoms are there; the signs are present and I don’t miss the indication.

The spring is here… the trees have groomed to show its magic.

The unmistakable traffic of bees around the buds and blooms evident, with the mystique and assorted fragrance of flowers.

The buzz of bees are heard everywhere.

It was yesterday that I felt that I should share it with you. I have many pictures to share with you but I pause here with just three.

As you already know, I love the yellow with a sky blue background
I hope that you like it.


boo said...

i love it :)

jac said...

Thanks, booooooo

Dotm said...

I can`t wait till everything starts budding here and the flowers and trees come alive and full. Still a bit chilly here.

sophie said...

the same is here...

jac said...

Countrys like Canada should have a much more exotic spring than here, far as I know.
There are lots of virgin land over there.

jac said...


really !!!

gem said...

Do you love your flowers all?

Mindinside said...

I like it, yeah ... it's a beauty

jac said...

Even the bloom of a dirty grass ??

Is that what you mean ??

jac said...

Thanks for the compliment. I took the cue from somebody. LOL

Hellbunny said...

The pictures are lovely.I could just imagine myself there from your description.

kat said...

I keep looking for the signs of spring here but it seems to be late this year.

November Rain said...

spring is here... but it snows
the ice age it does grows
spring is here but someone forgt to let mother nature know
so even though,
spring is here I am freezing and cold

can I have a blanket please

maybe global warning set us topsy turbie and we are in the southern hemi now :P

Nan said...

You're right, spring is here. It's finally here too.

Lorna said...

those are beautiful pictures, and lovely ideas to go with.

jac said...


Thank you.
The name was a pleasant surprise. LOL

jac said...


The spring once was regular and arrived at precision time. The world weather has now gone upside down.

It has become unpredictable everywhere.

jac said...

Your imagination is awesome!

Yea, true that some one forgot to let Mother Nature know about your spring. LOL

Though late, it will sure wake up and warm you up with fragrance and colour

jac said...

I am sure that the arrival of spring there is elevating your spirits to new heights, as you are already counting the days.

How many days more ??

jac said...

Thanks lorna but what about your spring ??

Is it still freezing.

gem said...


jac said...


Ofcourse !!

jarvenpa said...

these are beautiful photos, jac--acacia trees? or something else?

jac said...

It is not accacia for sure, as I have a few in front of my house. It was taken from wayside trees that are planted on both the sides of roads as a shade in summer for pedestarians and travellers.

This year, I saw that all those started flowering together...making it really eye catching .