Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My lovely, lively Lilly

An evening in summer
The heat; like a flame, makes water simmer
Bare foot and
flouting... my skin burning
My eyes nestled on this sparkling beauty

Look !!
Look at those petals... reminds me an octopus
The soft looking legs growing long in

This too is called a lily
Oh what a sight !!
My lovely, lively, snow white !!


Mindinside said...

Everyone has eyes, but you have eyes that sees the beauty

jac said...

And I always see beauty in other's eyes. LOL

hellbunny said...

It does look like its going to wrap you in its tenticles.

Colleen said...

Pretty. It does remind me of a jellyfish with tenticles.

Hope you are doing good jac. :)

jac said...

Yes, like the Spiderman in the movie, who is helplessly wrapped tight by the scientist villain.

jac said...


I have a jelly fish in my friend's fish tank. He owns salt water and a fresh water aquarium. I am marveled by these creatures. They are harmless though they look ferocious.
Thanks for the compliment.

I get by, colleen!!
Yeah, I miss you here.

kat said...

What a beautiful flower!

jac said...

It is my lovely lilly aka Octopus.

November Rain said...

pure as snow
with an angelic glow
Mourned today
Bloom near May

Lilies for those who have died and gone
Lilies for our songs

pure as snow
lovely angels that glow

boo said...

pretty snow white spider :)

jac said...


snow is pure, right
and it’s glowing bright
it is just April here
yet, all the bloom is here

pure as snow,
for some with angelic glow
Oh! What a sight!
look at my lovely lively sparkling white!!!

jac said...


A spider ????
Now, you gave me a new thought.
Ok, then spider it is.
A white spider with long legs ?

boo said...

bootiful long legs yes!

Dotm said...

Such an exotic looking lily. Nothing like the lilies we grow here. Does it also come in other colors, ot just in the white?
Nice butterfly you have flying around. Now, where did you find that?
Butterflies and Flowers do belong together.

jac said...

Yeah, a white spider with booooootiful long legs.


jac said...

Thanks for the interest and compliments combined.
Unfortunately this Lilly doesn't come in other colours, or else let me put that in this way as, I haven't seen it in any other colours, just the white.

You asked me once about that butterfly and I answered that if you want to have one like that in your blog, to send me a mail. You did not, so assumed that either you don’t read my replies or else you do not want it.
If you need, just send me a mail and I will tell you how to.

November Rain said...

April brings the showers and the flowers
it brings the bee and wind in the trees
blowing little white flowres like snow
look at them dance as the winds does blow

thequeen said...

That is a very interesting looking lily!!! And what a wonderful poem to acompany them...
Miss you jac!

jac said...

Flowering trees and bees
Showers, wind or breeze
White, blue or yellow
If flowers falls like snow
Its fallen tears, you know ?

jac said...

Thanks; after a long time.

As you are here, we don't miss each other.

Lorna said...

beautiful picture, you lucky, inspired poet.

jac said...

There is such a lot of compliments from you in that comment, Lady.

Thank you so much for being here, with that appreciation.

Jay said...

Those are truly lovely.

Behrooz said...

Hi Jac: nice poetic expression. And the photo is great.

jac said...

miss jay

Isn't it ?
Thanks and ((((hugs))))

jac said...


That was a terrific compliment and I am flattered.

November Rain said...

Know much of tears
of and of many fears
both from joy and sorrow
Know them again tomorrow

to believe
is to live
not to cry
is to die

to laugh and sing
and do so many wonderful things
is only a part of the what we begin
and what we carry on to the end

we are made from our tears our joys our love
and remind of this from tear drops from above

crestfallendespairacy said...


Loveena said...

I waited for the pic to download - and it was worth the wait :-) Liked the butterfly flying around too - nice addition - will be getting my own butterfly too :-)

jac said...

It seems that you write much better than me.
You know that I am small timer.

'We are made from our tears, our joys and our love'.

those are live words. Thanks for the encouragement.

jac said...

Thanks for the compliment.

jac said...

You were out of circuit.

Thanks for the compliments. The butterfly is part of bringing this blog alive again.

Hope to see one like this, there too.

sophie said...


jac said...

Serenity unblemished !!

November Rain said...

dont sell yourself short Jac :)
you write so much better than you think

jac said...

I don't plan to publish and I won't short sell, novy ! :)

Thanks... I am delighted.

jarvenpa said...

so beautiful, these flowers. I tried to grow these once, but here in the forest they just put out long leaves and never flowered; I think they like bright sun & heat.

jac said...


Yes, it does .