Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In an eggshell

Thinking of life in just an eggshell
Musing over thoughts I know
so well
A knock, a crack, you are out of that dwell
But with faith and destiny playing
a ball
Just enough to breath, the space so small
With hands in a knot; a life is void
and null
With love in mind, and a heart that
I know, I know so well, a mind is in hell


gem said...

Sounds sweet in my ears
closing my eyes
puts me to sleep
This is like an angel lullaby

boo said...

wow. where/what is that?

jac said...

You were missing for some time. Where did you come up now from ?

If this is, angel's lulluby
when time passes, by and by
you better be, coming with a name
not as a gem, who is just a dame.
lie down & sleep on this post
let me be, this day, a host

'Behrouz' wrote in her post that bloggers sometimes get addicted to anonymous visitors. :):):)


I think I am one of them.

jac said...


The pic is taken by me and it is about a life which is trapped in an eggshell.

You can see the squeezed-in effect of the tree.
I hope that my expression is apt. Don't you agree ?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jac, really beautiful!! I just read again your previous posts, looked at the pictures - and liked a lot what I saw! You are a great poet and writer ... and have an eye for beauty! That's a not-to-frequent and very precious combination!! GREAT JOB indeed!!
BTW ... I am thinking of opening an own blog .. like you suggested!

Dotm said...

Jac, what did you use to get the egg effect in front of the tree?Nice photography work.
One little crack can change the whole course of our lives. Me, I would like to crack the shell effect wide open to set free for happier feelings.

Lorna said...

Lovely imagery, two ways. Kudos!

jac said...

Welcome back again, thought I lost you.
Overjoyed to know that you are planning your own blog and I hope to write the first comment in there, if you don't mind.

That is a lot of compliments there in your comment and have to agree that I am flattered.
I wonder if I deserve that all... yet this is to say that I thank you for all the encouragement.
Come again.

jac said...

That is a bit of photoshop in there.

Yes, a small nudge is enough to break the shell but you can't do it with tied up hands and legs.
So let my imagination grow.

jac said...

That was a real yummy comment. Thanks, Lorna!

sophie said...


hellbunny said...

sounds like someone wanting to break free.
Great photo effects

Mindinside said...

Am I the one who is trapped in an eggshell??!!

jac said...

The poem or the pic ?

jac said...

Exactly... pressed for breath.

Sarah said...

jac: Inside the egg shell there is life..waiting to be free..to exhale..
Much as it is comfortble inside the egg shell, there is more outside..yes faith and destiny decides wht you get here..but i rather face tht than stay inside, not ever knowing wht is outside..

jac said...

Are you ?

jac said...

Immigrant in Canada

You dissected it so well.

I could not have derived it better but with an exception that here, faith and destiny are the culprits that prevent an escape and with the hands tied, the life inside can only sigh. I can hear it. You too can, if you would just listen.

Thanks and welcome to my blog.

Anonymous said...

Jac - you're a great philosopher!!

jac said...

@ Annon
I can even be mistaken for Plato or Socrates.LOL

Jack's Shack said...

Very nice.

sophie said...

the poem is sweet
the pic is morbid

Anonymous said...

Jac - no chance!! ha-ha ...

Sophia, I wonder why you find this picture morbid? On looking carefully again at all the details, I can't see anything morbid - isn't it interesting? Mysterious? Startling? Most beautiful? That's how I perceive it ...

Anonymous said...

Jac - a question: under the clock and the number, there's a Media Player (or how ever you call that). I am supposed to hear something once I press the PLAY, right? - but I don't! Is there something wrong on MY computer ... or doesn't it function? I just want to understand ...

Gavriel said...

Wow, truly astonishing stuff here. I love the photos and the evocative writing. Well done.

jac said...

I have to agree with karin.
It is never meant as morbid, as the cause and the reality are marked here.
The pain and helplessness when you are tied up and bottled in are scribbled and imaginable.

In fact the picture truly reflects the poem in my humble view.

My readers like you, should be the judges here. Don't you think so?

m.reza said...

Hi Jac, thanks for your comment. i am not gonna leave any comment here yet cuz i havnt read any of yours, but so happy to discover it. by the look of it it seems very interesting. till later. regrads.

jac said...

Thank you for visiting here and that analysis of my pic.

I am looking forward to reading your blog and commenting when it is ready.

Yes, you are right that it is media player, capable of playing audio and video, and at this moment it is playing the famous but sad tune of “dying young”…the reasons for that sad music you will read.
The player is set to play automatically & repeatedly when ever you open the page until you exit.

At times the player doesn’t play in mine too. The reason is not just one. What country are you in, by the way?

To play properly, a media player needs a specific connection speed and that is unattainable at peak times in many net connections or, a fire wall on the server can prevent it, as they do for me at times. It can also be the type of player that your PC is loaded with.

That was about the player; the music being another side of the issue, is uploaded in another site (probably a free site) where it will be downloaded automatically at the opening of the blog. The free sites being overloaded will just refuse to download until the load reduces to manageable level.
So the reason can be anyone of these, and I am sure that you got it clear.
You see, I am in some sort of teaching profession and it is my job to take a feed back of my work.
Is it clear Mr/Mrs/Ma`am/Master/Miss? LOL

jac said...

That was an astoundingly flattering compliment you presented me with and no doubt, that I am immensely delighted.

Thank you and welcoming you to my window again.

jac said...

There is no written rule which says that one should comment in a blog.
The comments are a writer's feed back from his/her readers.

This is a window that expresses my soul that you can comment freely if need be...brickbats included; unlike some, who claims that a blog is their sole property.
I believe that I have a responsibility towards my readers to listen out their views as they have patiently read mine.

I trust that you will read me out when you have time.

Thanks for the visit.

Sarah said...

"faith and destiny are the culprits that prevent an escape and with the hands tied, the life inside can only sigh. I can hear it. You too can, if you would just listen....."
your hands are only tied, when you want to go the way faith and destiny doens't wants you to go...You are getting it tied..release your aspirations and dreams and accept..what ever happend is for the good.. whatever didn't happen is also for the good..then you are truly free..

jac said...

immigrant in canada
That was a lovely advice with sincerity. Thanks.
Sarah :
I said a mind but I didn't say my mind.
I said a life but I didn't say my life
I said a heart but I didn't say my heart
I wrote about thoughts but I said thoughts I know
I wrote 'you' but never said it is me

jac said...

jack's shack

I missed you the first time.

Thank you very much for the compliment.

Sarah said...

don't you see the me in you and you in me??

Nan said...

Hey, when are you going to write about Dubai?

jac said...

immigrant in canada

Yes, now you see it in my way, Sarah!

jac said...

I will, I will.
Welcome back from your holidays.

Colleen said...

jac, this is beautifully poetic. But the end of it... makes me wonder. I'm afraid I don't quite understand.

sophie said...

@karin n jac

should a pic and peom relect the same meaning to everybody?
i personnaly feel it refelcts each persons state of mind...
relection of ones self...??

Walker said...

Loved the poem Jac and the picture was cool
The branches of the tree look like cracks on an egg

Sujay Sukumar said...

Nice poem jac.

I liked the butterfly thats wandering around your blog.

And just a little clarification: I havent written a poem about Sophia Prakash, no that wasnt what it was. It was a poem writeen for her. (Its like I didnt paint her potrait, but I painted it for her)

jac said...

If a mind is tied up and squeezed in with just breathing space for so many reasons, who wouldn't be in hell ?

Afterall it is just imagination that a poem reflects.

jac said...

I agree that meaning of a poem differs from person to person. What I intended to clarify is the word morbid.
Morbid in my view is a very severe word for that state of mind and thats all I implied.
I refrain from anymore comment on this and leave it to you.

jac said...

Thank you for that delicious comment.

jac said...

sujay sukumar
Thank you for your visit.
The butterfly says 'dont touch me' :)

Your clarification is well acknowledged. After all, I too write verses.

m.reza said...

to forget or to forgive? its a gift alright, but there is no giver. glad to know you. hope to make an acquaintance. cheers.

Karin said...

YES SIR ... you make me laugh!

jac said...


The plesure is mine. Welcome again to the window to my soul.

jac said...


A laugh can be teasing too ! :)

but if it is not, then there should be a link.

LOL, I bet that you don't sleep :))

Anonymous said...

My opinion regarding your poetry has never changed...you are so talented and if you ever write a book of poems I will be one of the first to buy it.