Monday, April 10, 2006

Ill luck or bad luck ?

I have of long time friend from India named Manirajan who is known as simply Mani.
He is dare devil at times but has done me some favors too in the past. He is aware of my blog but seldom reads it. A few days ago, this was in my Inbox.
Dear jac,
I don’t read your shit nor do I look at the pictures you post but I do know that there are some crazies reading your stuff.
I have attached some thing here if you want to use it in your blog. This photograph was published in some Indian newspapers.

And it goes on like......blah blah blah.

The above lines are to show you how he treats me.
He is a nice guy and this is the way he writes and talks to all.

I owe him this post.

As per him; this poor but huge python, out of sheer thrill has decided to take a nap in the warm asphalt road in the middle of the night when traffic was practically zero.

The poor fella had no chance to think of an escape, as his destiny came in the shape of a 24 wheeled trailer, exactly at that odd time.
I too was amazed at the hugeness of it.
Check it out yourself.


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kat said...

Oh Jac. I don't particularly like snakes but I would be upset if I saw that on the road.

It's massive isn't it?

jac said...

As you can see, it is so large.
I wonder about the facial expression of the driver when he was about to crush over the snake. LOL

Mindinside said...

You know what...
Watching the pic before reading the post i thought it a giraffe cut in half.
OMG ... I'm scared

jac said...

That was what I thought too...I thought that he wants to play a joke on me, and then I looked closely and there it was, huge and unbelievable.

Scared for what?

hellbunny said...

I was going to say did anyone eat the snake meat,but then thats a little tasteless.He was a big python though.

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
I loved the pics of your previous post...
I pity the poor python who became victim of human technology...I am sure the driver must have missed seeing him in the darkness of the night.

jac said...

Snake meat is a Chinese delicacy. So how do you say that it is tasteless?

Yes, it is huge.
Seeing in a way, is believing.

jac said...

Thanks for the compliment.

It was sheer bad luck for the poor thing to be out on the road.

With such huge body, the truck must have skidded.
It is true that he might not have seen the Python till it rode over it.

Jay said...

I'll try to remember not to take naps on busy roads!

joy said...

I have never seen a snake so large. I'm speechless! But it's funny how you set it up about your not-so-kind friend. It is funny. At first I didn't really get it but as I fell to sleep last night (I really was speech/writeless...-;) I realized the juxtaposition and its symbolism. It did make me chuckle and I wanted to tell my Honey but I didn't (sometimes he thinks my blogging life is a little bit funky). Maybe I will show it to him.

jac said...

miss jay
Even if you take a nap on the road, I don't think you are heavy as that to prevent agility.
You can move away easily unlike that poor fella. LOL

boo said...


jac said...

I am happy that you liked the way I presented the core of the subject.

I could have presented it in 7 straight words too, but then I won’t be a writer.

Your chuckle makes me smile too...let us call it a writer's contentment when he realizes that he is able to achieve his intentions with out a quizzical look from one who read it.

Thanks and please show it to him.

jac said...

That was not my intention.

I simply wanted to show you the size, which was quite amazing to me.

No offence meant, plz.

aklanta said...

April 13

Hi Jac

Many Many happy returns of the day...!

November Rain said...


but wow he is big

looks like he could swallow a man

jac said...

Thank you very much.

But some body beat you to it.LOL

jac said...

Yes, it is huge.

Yes, it can eat a man.
For that matter he might not be can eat a woman too.LOL

sophie said...

i didnt see this in the news paper??

crestfallendespairacy said...

poor snake. Great writing keep it up

Walker said...

POOR FELLA!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky is the fella that monster did eat. LOL

jac said...

It has happened in your place.LOL

jac said...

I am wondering about the trailer driver.LOL

jac said...


Mangled too. LOL

Dotm said...

That poor driver. It must have scared him when his tire drove over it as it must have caused the vehicle to tilt like it was starting to tip over. Had to have been scarry.
Never saw a true python. Seeing a rattler standing on end and hearing his rattle noise was enough for me I was young and froze solid. Couldn`t speak or move until an older brother started tossing rocks at it. He moved the entire rock pile covering the rattler entirely. it was when one rock hit another rock that the loud noise broke my spell. Only saw one rattler since that time and the last one was a much smaller one and as soon as I was getting closer it darted under the shed out of sight and we never saw it again after that. Had a scout show up with a snake once and while I was getting a book to tell what kind it was it escaped from the scouts hand and went up inside the wood siding on my house. I told him it would be ok and would come out after dark when it felt safe. Never saw that one again either. Really not crazy over snakes.

Weary Hag said...

Ew. A little bit gross, but quite the picture just the same. Very impressive snake.

I am making a mental note not to take any midnite naps on the roads in India. :)

jac said...

The driver it seems havn't seen the snake prior to this ride over or else there sure might have been a mafor accident by sudden reflex breaking right on top of the snake.

As a matter of fact snakes are harmless as it is unless it is mating or with it's tiny tots.

jac said...

And if at all you decide to take a nap, use some fluorescent clothing that will save the driver. LOL

Jack's Shack said...

Whoa, that is one big snake.

jac said...

Jack's shack

Isn't it ????