Tuesday, April 04, 2006

An abnormal beach

A beach is beautiful place to be in.

who doesn’t love to be in a beach ?

The children loves it, the grown ups enjoys the bliss, and couples adores to be there in pairs, holding their hands at the shore.

A beach normally is a place of crowd with a variety of sounds, so one should be glad to go to seashore.
I know what you are thinking, Jac among bikini clad females ? Wow ! what a naughty thought in your mind. LOL

I too was eager to be in a beach, the fact remains that the place I visited, was a different kind of beach, a lonely stretch of sand, and to be frank, it was not completely deserted or lonely. It was in fact a beach not used by tourists.

It was a beach used by fishermen for drying fish.

Seagulls ruled this area but the sand was dark and lacked the lustre of a beach.

I spent almost two hours in solitude watching silently the seagulls, the crabs that were unmindful of my presence.

Well ! the waves and the wind ignored me.

The salty taste of the air gave a pleasant change to my lungs. The unadulterated fresh and cold air gave me a new energy. I didn’t know that it was dark until I felt the silence swallowing me, the sea gulls missing and the breeze was colder.

Though I was alone from the start…I had the feeling I was being watched and followed.

I felt an invisible presence, a sound of footsteps on the sand. Someone on my trail ?

A shadow on my back ?

Though lonely I felt my spirits simmering and warm.

I trod back hastily, sifting through the dark coloured sand…the feeling of some one’s presence still strong in my mind, which made me to turn around and look back often.


boo said...

an eerie imagery. too bad about the fishy smell in the air though.

Mindinside said...

Thank you

jac said...

Though smelly and saltish, I felt perfectly at ease at the end.

Wasn't that an achievement ?

GEL said...

I love the beach, too.

pink said...

I really miss the beach.I used to like walking along it and getting lost in my own thoughts watching the waves roll in.

Jay said...

I am almost as afraid of seagulls as I am of fish.

jac said...

You too love the beach ????

jac said...

What a nice way to ruminate over your thoughts...with the waves and the mystic blue ocean around you.

jac said...

miss jay
That is surprising...I feel perfectly at ease with both.

jac said...


Nan said...

Ahh the beach. How I long to be there. Soon, soon I''ll be there. 13 more days.

jac said...


OMG ! 13 more days and you are there too ?

Would you write about it, nan ?
I am eager to hear.

Mindinside said...

.... for sharing the sweet moments of your life in such details one feels present.

jac said...

Its for sharing.

November Rain said...

I was raised 30 minutes from the beach I love it but it doesnt love me

for a long time I was always sick until I came to germany

the dr says it is because I am allergic to Iodine and thus seafood and here we are in the moutians and they have to give it as supplements but when you live near the sea ocean or beach its in most the food and in the air and I was sick because I cant handel too much Iodine

However I have always love the beach

when I meditate I love the sound of the waves
also thunder, lightening and melodous rain

or mountian springs

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Have been very busy lately with school results and new session etc. Well you couldnt fool us with those mangoes.And thanks for info on April Fool.
I have never been near an ocean or sea...hope I get the beach experience sometimes.

jac said...

That is piece of bad news...the iodine problem.

If you have no problem in seeing pics, I would like to send you some pics.
Would you like that ?


jac said...

I been to your blog and I understood about the school sessions and the reason for not posting too.

I also know that you have now holidays for almost 2 months. I hope that you will give me a chance to read yours.

Thanks for coming and reading, though I regret that I couldn't make you an April fool. LOL

sophie said...

i wish
i was there
i was there
how nice an experience
an abandoned beach....
miss u badly jac...

Loveena said...

Beaches ... Serene and inspiring ... Got to see if I can find my way to the AUH beach ... someday *sigh*

November Rain said...

I would love it always :) I still visit Florida and beaches I just cant stay too long

November Rain said...

I would love it always :) I still visit Florida and beaches I just cant stay too long

thequeen said...

I love the beach. makes me think of a dream I had about you at a beach and we were visiting.. weird.

love ya jac, sorry I haven't been around much,I have just been so busy with everything going on and all. I miss you.

jac said...


The beach remains a favorite relaxing spot for many.
For me it is like a place for meditation… the deep breathing exercises.

It is not a totally abandoned beach, the place is used by fishermen for drying fish

jac said...

As always, after a break, you are here again.

I been there thrice at AUH beach, at the beautiful shoreline where I saw people lined up with fishing hooks, where I also saw children playing in the parks.

It was some back in 2002.
I am sure that the place must be different now.

Are you so busy that you can't spare an evening there ?

jac said...


I am sorry that you can't stay much time in the beach.

There must be many beautiful places in there that can compete with a beach...which gives you peace of mind and inner joy.

jac said...

Yes, the beach if it is lone, is a place for me for dreaming. I did exactly that.

How ever busy, I am sure that you will find your time to visit old friends.
Neverthless being busy, I know that you like to read and write.

Do come again :)

Dotm said...

You explain things so clearly that it is almost like walking that beach with you. You make me wish I was back in the state of New Hampshire laying on the warm sand at Hampton Beach. Spent a couple weekends there in a couple different summers with a Daughter and her family the first time and with two Daughters the last time. Even with the crowd it felt so peaceful and quiet.
We found a space not too crowded to just lay and loaf and also went walking along through the water in the high waves. Lots of seagulls flying around the beach looking for food. Those were some good times. I also loved watching all the little ones giggling and playing in the sand and some building high piles and shapes in the sand. What wonderful memories your beach walking brought to mind.

jac said...

Am so happy to hear about the recall of your beautiful memories; the serenity you felt and closeness of the members of your family… also the missing of Walt, like a tracer light coming to you, flashing in your mind at times.

I liked the part you mentioned about kids making castles with the wet sand and others running around it shrieking with pleasure.