Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yes, it is Pineapple !!!!

It is a tender Pineapple !!!!
My young reader Shine has done it with ease. Unfotunately, she doesn't have a link though I know who she is. She scraps her blogs as easy as changing clothes and comes up with another.

I never thought that she is as clever as that, but then facts are facts and I truly believe that it is not a wild guess.

There is story too, behind that pic.

I have lived most of my life among pineapple growing area. Yet I have never noticed this cute colour in pineapple until I have spend 2/3 rd of my life.

In the month of December, I was attending a function away for my home, an area so green with thickly growing rubber trees. I had my breakfast at home and I was out for a little stroll when I happened to notice a growing Pineapple cluster and this beautiful tender pineapple… that too the beauty in it for the very first time.

Here is the nearby one which is about to be ripe. The colour changes from green-grey to deep yellow when it is ripe.

Congrats to shine and thanks to all who participated, till next week when you will have another of my ‘grey cells’ quiz.

As I told you in the post and as usual, our quiz winner Shine is back again with a new blog and she is linked now. Take a look at her reason for naming her new blog as 'larkspur'.


Newsandseduction said...

great blog. excellent pics.

Mindinside said...


Nan said...

Wow, I never knew that. We can't grow pineapples here, too cold.

sophie said...

i thought it would be a pineapple...but those lilac things ditched

MoodsAndColors said...

Exploration continues till the last breath...we just need a perceptive and receptive mind. Nice.

jac said...


Jay said...

That's cool - I've never seen a pineapple growing before! I only see them in supermarkets.

jac said...

I am equally inquisitive about your country but when I think about the cold over there, I am finicky.
You see, I dont like the cold.

Thanks for the visits.

Walker said...

There you go.
I had never seen one like that before. I have seen the full grown ones and the supermarket but I do prefer the ones the grow in a can lol
Have a nice weekend Jac

jac said...

Well ! I gave you more than 24 hours.

Next week will bring you all the luck with your little grey cells.
Thanks, Doctor.

jac said...


The fact remains that even if you have a receptive and preceptive mind, some one will simply not acknowledge it, or some other lack the it a minute.

Thanks for sharing that wonderful narration with your mind on that subject.

jac said...

miss jay

I consider it a compliment, as I am one of them, who never found the time to watch the beauty though it was right under my nose.

I am happy to hear that I have shown you some thing you haven't seen, though you have seen a ripe one.

gem said...

The beauty is hidden inside us

jac said...

There again, I have the credit of showing some thing you haven't seen before. The colour was just wonderful.

A nice weekend to you too.

jac said...

I have the satisfaction that I have shown you some thing you haven't seen before.

Thanks for the visit.

jac said...


I have no doubt about it.

Lorna said...

this was fun, and I'm glad I was right.......

Mindinside said...

Lovely music! :)

Dotm said...

So, I learned something more today. I had never seen what a pineapple plant looked like when in blossom. Another question-- Is there always just one pineapple that grows on a single plant? The colors beforeit turns into the pineapple are beautiful.
One more question-- What is the Title of the music now playing? Peaceful sounding. Bet it would be a good one to use when trying to fall asleep.

jac said...


Yeah, that was fun.:)

Each one who join the quiz is a winner... be it a correct or wrong answer, because its a sharing of fun by people around the globe with out colour or creed.

I love it.

jac said...

Well appreciated... seems you have good taste for music.


fritz said...

yippee! now where's my price jac? ;))

jac said...

Am so happy to know that I gave you a nice present... a visual of some thing you haven't seen before.
You are welcome anytime to come to my country and see it in live.

Yea, there is only one fruit from one plant and the plant grows in clusters.
In the old times when you pluck out a Pineapple, you remove the new bud that you see at the tip of the fruit and plant it on have the next generation coming up from there.
Nowadays the case is different with the commercial hybrid tissue cultured varieties. I personally prefer the old local varieties, which are small but tastier.

So glad you like the music. It is Francisco Garcia, with the mellow tunes.

jac said...

You are back again.
Yes, you are the winner.

Your price is for asking and I owe you for my blog setup and music too.

I have to link you before you scrap it. Read my blog again.

June said...

Never even thought of a pineapple.That was a good one

jac said...

yea, I know that it was good one, but you know, some body beat me to it.

fritz said...

yeah i'm back jac! looks like it..and don't know 'til when..hehehe :p

jac said...

You better be there atleast until my next post.

I know that you won't scrap again.