Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Sigh !

In March when stars are like pearls, jeez !!
Harsh winds give way to a romantic

I am lying down lazing and if hearing too is sharing
A sheer thought,
Comes out as a sigh, to all who knows ‘am a

If this world is at end; a timeout you dare amend
Our wealth is no more
no fun’ frolic any more

If you care, you can save
if you dare, you can have
Your time is out so save just one and no one

Who will you save dear? Who will you keep clear?


Dotm said...

Leaves a lot of room for thinking.
Does anyone trully know what they would do at the last moment?
We would hope that we would save our loved ones, but just one? I wouldn`t ever want to have to choose just one to save as I couldn`t ever choose just one.
See how you got my mind going with that poem.:):):)

boo said...

my birth month has pearls & romance, how nice, thanks jac :)

SCHOOL BAG said...

Everyday will be a SUNday in March summer? Goodaaa

jac said...

Yes, I understand the way your thinking goes.
Most of us do not like to think about our end, but it is worth some thing to think about, that is if you are given a chance to choose just one...a pretty formidable task. LOL

That made me write those in verses !!!

jac said...


Which day ? Can I send you a card ?

Then of course, the pearls and romance are yours.

jac said...


Every day is a SUNday for me as it is... be it summer or rain.

pink said...

Nice words Jac.Its shows its people that matter in the end not things.

jac said...

Yes, it is very true that it is people that matters. But who will you save if that happens and you have to choose just one ?

Colleen said...

This post poses an interesting question. I'd save the person that has the most compassion.

Beautiful picture jac! Your photographs inspire me artistically.

I'm sending you warm wishes and a big hug.

jac said...

A very interesting answer too and when your list narrows to a few, you will have a very difficult task in front of you.

Thanks for that inspiring compliment and I am looking forward to seeing one of your art pieces soon. :)


Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Lovely words with a deep philosophical twist.
To have to choose "just one to save" is the heartache of anyone who has ever thought of this dilemna; I have thought of what I would do; "who" depends on the situation. I would always wish I could save more than one.

jac said...

After a long time, welcome !

Yes, it is a big dilemma and when you shorten the list, you have delicate thoughts in your mind with judgment, hanging on threads.

No, you can save just one. LOL

SCHOOL BAG said...

jac, du u heard about Mr.Drome huck, Mr.Peter hugson & Mr.Daniel grabstenburg. They are very popular in writings but can u tell me in which stream they are famous?
As u r living in Nigeria u may know them...

November Rain said...

Who will you save dear? Who will you keep clear?

Save a poet so we can love and have sorrow
save a child so we can have innocence and hope for tommroow
save the dawn for new light
save the stars for dreams to take flight

excellant poem jac truely your best

Mz Rachel said...

This poem is written as if the end is drawing to quickly near!!!! Oh, I hope that not to be so!

jac said...

It does not mean that but it is always better to think ahead because,

'the future is not ours to see,
che sera sera'

It is after all a worthy thought with a lot of deep meanings.

jac said...

A poet is just a poet, may be some of his verses count.

But a child is future and
dawn means a new hope, a tomorrow

and stars,
yes... I, for a fact like to have one of my own.
An impossible wish. LOL

Your rating of my poem flatters me.
yes, it is a very serious thought that came to my mind.

jac said...

They are not Nigerian names. For sure one of them, Peter Hodgson (not Hogson) who is an eminent research Physicist. Do you mean him, or Peter C Hodgson, the theologist who has written ‘God’s Wisdom’?

Any way, that is way off the subject and other readers may not appreciate our encyclopedic quest.

You are welcome to try my email ID?

Anonymous said...

I'll send it through email Jac.


MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Very difficult question...cannot answer this one.
In the last post one of the Cheetahs is smiling.:):).

jac said...

I know it that it is a difficult question but you see it is a very thoughtful question.

Yea, I told him to smile but the poor fella was so scared with me that he presented me with a smirk.

Chickadee said...

Hmmm, interesting poems...I especially liked the lines

If you care, you can save
if you dare, you can have

Those 2 lines can apply to so many things in life.

jac said...


In my openion too those are the two lines I liked most.

Thank you for the encouragement

Mindinside said...

I care ... I care
and I'm born for two
I'd save my rabbits both
a lifeboat I am
having place for two.

jac said...

Seems that you are kind and broad-minded

honey said...

Hey Jac,

That was easy. It would be the person who is capable of giving me all the love in the world put together!! It would be my mom.

Nobody can ever come close. Nobody would stay awake till 3 in the morning to warn me about the wet paint on the main gate when I entered my abode(Yep, she did that).

jac said...


I think all moms are made that way. Though, I am sure that you will say that it is just your mom. LOL