Friday, March 03, 2006

Photo Quiz 1

Give your little grey cells, a run. Tell me what it is ??

Sorry ! I can't give you a clue.
I also know that I have a pending tag...I will do it later.


Mindinside said...

?!?!?!?!?!?! :)

jac said...


Your grey cells please !!!

June said...

Looks like part of a plant

jac said...


So it seems.

Mindinside said...

hmmm .. my gray cells
Lost with wind, i dare say,
need 2 download & install new ones!

November Rain said...

its a flower but at first I wanted to say crab claws I have no idea why

jac said...

When you download, make sure that they are young and fresh.

Old cells are shrunken and doesn't last long, like the ones I have.

jac said...


For me too, it looks like the claws of something.

kat said...

It's a cactus flower of some kind.

jac said...

How did you know at one look ? I am amazed ?

Monicaatje said...

(Haven't read the other comments, don't want to get biased)
A zoom of a flower... A thingy from under the sea... A zoom of some weird ice cream...

Lorna said...

It is a hat that used to belong to Princess Margaret.

Nan said...

A flower of some kind.

Dotm said...

Jac, I have never seen a plant like that. Seen coleus leaves red like that, but it never has flowers.I have no idea. Never saw blossoms like that. Does it grow in Africa?

sophie said...

have i ever seen this before...??

shine said...

jac..i don't need to make a wild guess of this said mystery of my fave fruits every time we go to Hawaii..not only taste good when its fresh hand picked but also smells nice! hehehe

when this t-w-e-e-t fruit called "pineapple" is at its bloom..hehehe..the stem elongates and enlarges near the apex..puts forth an inflorescence of small purple or red flowers..b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! :p

is it? ;;):p

marybishop said...

HI Jac...great idea to do a photo quiz. A succulent...the blossoms look waxy. Spiny red leaves and white what? Almost looks like spider eggs.

jac said...

Anything under the sky is possible.

Yes, It is.

It is indeed.

Africa is the biggest Producer in my knowledge.

Yes, you have, right under your nose.

No comment to your comment.

After a longtime, you are here. Thanks.