Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An old Tag

tagged ...for fours
I have been tagged for fours by Sophia before some time.

Here it is Four jobs I have had:

1)Trainee supervisor :- Right after my Graduation, my first in the lot involving asking a lot of questions like; what is this and what is that. The job in the Petrochemical complex was campus recruitment. It lasted two and half years.
2) Field Inspector: - Which involved a lot of travel in the oil field, inspecting and keeping an eye on oil samples colleted from different oil fields and entering the data in a spread sheet. I liked it as it involved a lot of travel and meeting many new faces.
3) Asst. Production Supervisor: - My first job with Production of Oil involving hardship that I never faced before. Tough and demanding, it made me face obstacles and ways to cross it alone. It taught me the basics of diplomacy and to smile when you are sure of being insulted. To plan attacks on your opponents when they are unaware.
4) Production Supervisor: - A chance to show my true self, my ability and to implement what I have studied, where I have learned to be impartial with the subordinates and to be merciless to them when the need arise.
Actually I liked the job and the returns, but it was making a monster out of me. I quit that soon.

Four movies I can watch over and over:

Just one movie;
Forest Gump (English)

Four places I have lived in:


Four TV shows I love:

I don’t watch TV except for the news

Four places I have vacationed:


Four of my favorite dishes:

Squid fry
Nigerian hot pepper soup
Gary (African national food) made from tapioca.
Ginger pickles (Indian)

Four sites I visit daily:

Nigeria online
My mail

Four places I would rather be right now:

On my back in my lawn watching the stars
To be with some one I love
Sailing the ocean
in my back yard also called as my garden

Four bloggers I am tagging:



Mindinside said...

Thanks to Sophia for tagging,
and thank you for sharing
and It's a joy reading.

sophie said...

hey jac...Forest Gump is my favourite too
the way Tom Hanks does it
its awesome...
squids...my fav
vacationing when next in India...i am waiting...

jac said...

Is it not plain facts that I wrote and meant ? Is it not aspirations that I share ?

As a regular reader, you are the judge.

jac said...

You thought that I gave up that tag ?

I don't see much movies nor have I enough time to, but I liked that one.

I am almost a veg now.

Nan said...

Oh you must tell me about your visit to Dubai. I hear it is absolutely beautiful.

Lorna said...

to a snowbound stick-in-the-mud, it all sounds so exotic

jac said...

I plan to write soon about Dubai.

jac said...


LOL, I think you are right

aklanta said...

So you too are one one of those crazy about Forest Gump!

jac said...

Yep, I am.