Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Toyota Prado, I am about to loose. :(

I have been asked questions by many about my Car that I have been using for quite some time now. Last week when I was about to prepare my report for my previous 28 days on duty, I was asked by the transportation department to furnish the details about my Prado including an inventory on the missing parts from the vehicle. That request for the inventory means that by submitting it, I am forced to nail the coffin for my long time companion Prado which will go as scrap in a huge hydraulic press soon.

I have memories passing through my mind about my vehicle which was a companion for me for the past 2 years. I have helped some poor people with this… carrying them on emergencies like on an instance, a young woman who was about to deliver a baby who needed immediate transportation to a hospital or an injured old man who was hit by a truck, but left abandoned beside the road.
I have even injured my thumb once intentionally, inserting the tip of my thumb and banging the front door shut, when I was angry. LOL

Here are some pictures of my Toyota Prado for Dotm.

How about you loosing some material things like my Prado, that you have to give up after remaining as your long time companion?
Do you feel an anticipation of a brand new replacement or a tinge of sorrow like me?


gem said...

and I know how your Toyota Prado feels about you.

fritz said...

jac, doesn't mean you have to let go of those sweet memories that are worth remembering and to cherish for..keep it safe with you..treasure it..and at the same time enjoy what the new technologies has to offer ;))

jac said...

If my Prado could speak...You will have a novel and if it could cry...its a cupful of tears too.

I hope that you know what it means.

jac said...

Thanks for that words, I would remember it.

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Can see that you love 'her'.But I guess with a process of rebirth she can rediscover herself and come out as a shinning new self. Of course I mean your Prada.

Mindinside said...

I enjoy diposing and giving away unwanted old objects.
Let's hope you will replace the car with a better one.
Much easier floating with the currents than swimming against.

jac said...

:) Of course I see a point in your words.

Yes, I do love her but if they insist, I don't have a choice.

Mriganayanii said...

yes, that must be sad. i've never really had that happen to me, i must confess.
It's amazing how a vehicle becomes a part of you with such ease. it's almost as if it's carried a person through all that life has thrown at him/her.
nice post.

jac said...

It is true that I have to float with the current rather than struggling in vain.

Thanks for the advice.

meetu said...

jac u promised me a are about to break it.... :(
no way you cant do this....

hey chill buddy

Lorna said...

For thirty years, I wore about 50 silver bracelets on my arm---then I got arthritis and had to take them off; I shared them with my daughters and neices and my granddaughter, but one by one, I have been buying new ones, and I guess I won't stop till it hurts.

jac said...

That may be just a vehicle for all and perhaps for me too, but it carries memories of many of my small little happenings.

I may get over things when it is gone, yet the memories will linger for some time.

jac said...

It is still not gone. I am on my vacation and I will know only when I am back on my desk.

A ride for you as promised...still stands in a new one.

Can't you agree ????

jac said...


That is something wonderful.

Please keep on buying lorna, this is yuur life.

kat said...

oh {{jac}} I once had to say goodbye to a car I had for years but I couldn't bear to send it to the scrapyard so I gave it to my brother. Within weeks my new car broke down and my brother had to come and rescue me in my old car. :-(

jac said...

I don't have that chance of giving it to somebody because this is a company car.

The moment it is taken from it goes to the yard where it will be torn apart in minutes for salvageable spares and the rest goes in the press.

Walker said...

I had a car I used to race with that I couldn't give up. After I stopped driving it I still kept is for 5 years refusing to sell it and give up the memories that I had with it.
I was finally convinced to sell it and the young guy that bought it crashed the car into a bridge a month later :(

jac said...

OMG, the car was just waiting to be owned by somebody else to make a mischief ?

Did anybody get hurt ? I hope not.

pink said...

Sometimes i think we feel more comfortable with the old and familiar.

Nan said...

Will they give y ou a new vehicle to replace this one?

jac said...

It is truly said.

I prefer that at times.

jac said...

Oh Sure! a better one may be. I will know only when I have it.

No doubt that I will miss my Prado !

Jay said...

I really don't get attached to "things." Then again, I also don't deliberately slam car doors on my thumb...maybe I'm just weird.

sophie said...

some things living /non livng are close to the heart
cant let them go...

jac said...

Miss jay

Some people do not care about small meterial things like I do, but in no way way can I say that they are weird...just because I slammed my thumb on the door. LOL

jac said...


True, but not for all.
The human chemistry is so delicate at times.

Dotm said...

Thanks Jac. I see it is a Toyota Land Cruiser. Is that red sand I see on the tires? Wish I had those sunshades on ny car. That is whats in the back and side windows isn`t it? I am sure they help a lot when the sun is shining brightly.
Got my comp back this afternoon. I am not completely back on this one yet as there is still more I need to put back in. Too tired tonight, so will have to finish adding everything tomorrow.
Thanks for the pictures. I can tell it has had a lot of use. Know how connected you can get to a car. Had the last one for 10 years without a mark till one day my husband borrowed it to head to the filling station where some woman backed into it and broke the back bumper on one side. I was able to fix it and then a few years later some truck speeding fellow hit me and totaled it. Many thought I had a new car- one fellow even said he wished he could afford a new car like mine. His was only 2 years old, mine was 10 years old. I babied that car and kept it looking like new. Oh How I missed that car. Was brand new when my hubby bought it for me. He said to make up for all the birthdays and christmases when he wasn`t able to afford much. My only brand new car.
My next car was about 5 yrs old when I bought it and only 50600 miles on it. It is now a 15 year old car and with the touch up a few months ago, it now looks like a brand new car. I thought of buying a new car, but decided to have this one touched up instead. It`s a standard, but I am too connected to it and know every little move it makes and every little sound. Like you Jac, I hate to part with it. Hoping it lasts as long as I am able to drive it. It 15 yrs old now- I`ve owned it for ten years so far.
Sorry this got so long. Thanks again for posting the pictures.

jac said...

Yes it is a cruiser named Prado. The sunshades are some thing specially installed, helps to keep cool eyes.

It is red sand that you see there on the tires...African red sand.

Thanks for opening your mind about your car.

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