Thursday, March 23, 2006

A funny pic

When all the streams are dry
When my throat too became
Out I came, from my hole
To drink a bottle of cola
I can't find any cola,
Bits of popcorn
for a change


gem said...

Oh baby

sophie said...

this snap looks like in India??

jac said...

Yes, Is it not cute ???

jac said...


Yes, It is your own city.

Can you tell me where ?

Anonymous said...

All your posts very very nice. I dont know how to comment about your post.Very very good. All the best. I require a help.... can any of your net friends can suggest a baby girl's name with the
meaning as butterfly

Battai from Ponnurunni

pink said...

A friendly little animal.I bet he gets lots of treats.

Nan said...

Cute picture.

jac said...


Thanks for coming here. I will circlate your request and lets see what feed back I have.

Give me a bit of time.

jac said...


Too friendly in fact. It even takes what ever eatables you have, even direct from your hands

In fact it is the star attraction in that area.

jac said...


It sure is.

Thanks for being regular

Colleen said...

jac, that picture is so incredibly adorable. I am envious of that lady. I'd love to be that close to such a beautiful deer.

I'd also like to dress like her (or any Indian woman for that matter - they're all so pretty).... so this pic was taken in India? Wow.

Mindinside said...

My wild deer
wandering over there?

jac said...


I have you address you have given me willingly and your wish you have expressed once, to own a silk saree.

I have that in my memory and now your wish to be dressed in a 'Churidhar' worn by Indian females.

You will have it. Make no mistake about it, my friend !

jac said...

The wandering wild deer just want to be adopted by any pretty woman it seems.

You can have it as your own if you wish and if you are pretty.


Dotm said...

I love seeing such friendly animals like this deer.
Now, how did you get that butterfly to fly around like that?

jac said...

They are so friendly and by God, it was eating popcorns.

IF you need a butterfly like that, please send me a mail

Mindinside said...

There are a large crowd of pretty women in india.

jac said...

No harm in trying your charm.LOL